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Wallpaper sizes of various cell phones. Note: not all models are listed, check your phone manual for more information.

Wallpaper sizes of various cell phones

Nokia 3100 (128x128)
Nokia 3120 (128x128)
Nokia 3200 (128x128)
Nokia 3220 (128x128)
Nokia 3300 (128x128)
Nokia 3650 (174x132)
Nokia 3660 (174x132)
Nokia 5100 (128x128)
Nokia 5140 (128x128)
Nokia 6010 (96x65)
Nokia 6019i (95x95)
Nokia 6100 (128x128)
Nokia 6230 (128x128)
Nokia 6225 (128x128)
Nokia 6600 (174x132)
Nokia 6610 (128x128)
Nokia 6620 (176x208)
Nokia 6650 (128x160)
Nokia 6800 (128x128)
Nokia 6810 (128x128)
Nokia 6820 (128x128)
Nokia 7200 (128x128)
Nokia 7210 (128x128)
Nokia 7250 (128x128)
Nokia 7250i (128x128)
Nokia 7600 (128x160)
Nokia 7650 (174x132)
Nokia N-GAGE (174x132)
Nokia Shorty (95x65)
Nokia 30 series phones (96x65)

Panasonic GD67 (101x80)

Philips 530 (128x128)

Sagem myG-5 (101x80)
Sagem myX-5 (101x80)
Sagem myX-5d (101x80)
Sagem myX-5m (101x80)
Sagem myX-6 (128x160)
Sagem myV-65 (128x160)

Samsung a560 (128x160)
Samsung a570 (128x160)
Samsung a650 (128x160)
Samsung a670 (128x160)
Sasmung a680 (128x160)
Samsung a790 (176x220)
Samsung a800 (240x320)
Samsung a840 (128x160)
Samsung a880 (172x220)
Samsung a890 (176x220)
Samsung C100 (128x128)
Samsung c207 (128x128)
Samsung D410 (240x320)
Samsung E100 (128x160)
Samsung e317 (128x160)
Samsung e335 (128x160)
Samsung e635 (128x160)
Samsung E700 (128x160)
Samsung i600 (176x220)
Samsung i730 (240x320)
Samsung n330 (128x160)
Samsung p207 (176x220)
Samsung P400 (128x160)
Samsung p735 (176x220)
Samsung S100 (128x160)
Samsung S300 (128x128)
Samsung S300m (128x128)
Samsung T100 (128x160)
Samsung T200 (128x160)
Samsung V200 (128x160)
Samsumg X100 (128x128)
Samsung X400 (128x160)
Samsung x495 (128x160)
Samsung X497 (128x160)
Samsung x475 (128x160)
Samsung X600 (128x128)

Sanyo 200 (128x128)
Sanyo 2300 (128x128)
Sanyo 4920 (128x112)
Sanyo 5600 (240x320)
Sanyo 7400 (176x220)
Sanyo 8200 (132x160)
Sanyo 8300 (176x220)

Sharp GX10 (128x160)
Sharp GX10i (128x160)
Sharp GX10m (128x160)

Siemens CF62T (130x130)
Siemens C60 (101x80)
Siemens C66 (130x130)
Siemens M55 (101x80)
Siemens MC60 (101x80)
Siemens SL55 (101x80)
Siemens S55 (101x80)
Siemens S66 (132x176)
Siemens SX66 (240x320)

Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson P900 (174x132)
Sony Ericsson S710a (240x320)
Sony Ericsson T68 (101x80)
Sony Ericsson T68i (101x80)
Sony Ericsson T237 (101x80)
Sony Ericsson T300 (101x80)
Sony Ericsson T610 (128x128)
Sony Ericsson T630 (128x160)
Sony Ericsson Z600 (128x128)

Toshiba TS21i (101x80)

Treo 270/300 (160x160)
Treo 600 (160x160)
Treo 650 (320x320)

Trium Eclipse (128x128)
Trium M320 (128x128)

XE Z500 (128x160)

Alcatel One Touch 332 (96x65)
Alcatel 531 (128x128)
Alcatel 535 (128x128)
Alcatel 735 (128x128)

Audiovox 5600 (176x220)
Audiovox 8910 (128x160)
Audiovox 8940 (172x220)
Audiovox Flasher (128x160)
Audiovox PPC 6600 (240x320)
Audiovox Vox (128x160)

Blackberry 7100 (240x260)

Danger Sidekick II (240x160)

Kyocera Dorado (128x128)
Kyocera Engeri (104x108)
Kyocera Koi (132x176)
Kyocera KX424 (104x80)
Kyocera KX440 (104x80)
Kyocera KX444 (104x80)
Kyocera Milan (128x128)
Kyocera Royale (104x80)
Kyocera SE44 (128x128)
Kyocera Slider (128x128)
Kyocera SoHo (128x128)

LG 225 (128x160)
LG 535 (176x220)
LG 1400 (128x160)
LG 5300 (128x128)
LG 7000 (128x128)
LG 7020 (128x128)
LG A7110 (128x160)
LG AX 4750 (128x128)
LG AX5000 (128x160)
LG c1300 (128x128)
LG C1500 (128x125)
LG C2000 (128x160)
LG F9100 (128x160)
LG G4050 (240x320)
LG G5300i (128x128)
LG G5310 (128x128)
LG G5400 (240x320)
LG G5410 (128x160)
LG G5450 (240x320)
LG G5500 (240x320)
LG G7000 (240x320)
LG G7000A (240x320)
LG G7020 (240x320)
LG G7030 (240x320)
LG G7050 (240x320)
LG G7070 (240x320)
LG G7100 (240x320)
LG G7110 (128x160)
LG G8000 (240x320)
LG G8100 (240x320)
LG G8150 (240x320)
LG MM-535 (176x220)
LG PM325 (128x160)
LG W7000 (240x320)
LG W7020 (240x320)
LG UX4750 (128x128)
LG VI-125 (128x160)
LG VX 3200 (128x128)
LG VX-3300 (128x128)
LG VX-5200 (128x160)
LG VX6100 (128x160)
LG VX-7000 (176x220)
LG VX-8100 (176x220)

Motorola RAZR (176x220)
Motorola RAZR V3 (172x220)
Motorola A830 (240x320)
Motorola A835 (240x320)
Motorola A840 (176x220)
Motorola A920 (240x320)
Motorola A1000 (240x320)
Motorola c350 (96x65)
Motorola E365 (128x160)
Motorola E390 (240x320)
Motorola E680 (240x320)
Motorola E815 (176x220)
Motorola E1000 (240x320)
Motorola i265 (128x128)
Motorola i275 (128x128)
Motorola i325 (96x64)
Motorola i355 (130x130)
Motorola i550 (176x220)
Motorola i560 (130x130)
Motorola i605 (176x220)
Motorola i680 (176x220)
Motorola i730 (130x130)
Motorola i760 (176x220)
Motorola i830 (130x130)
Motorola T720 (128x160)
Motorola T720i (128x160)
Motorola T725 (128x160)
Motorola v180 (128x128)
Motorola V188 (128x128)
Motorola v220 (128x128)
Motorola v262 (128x128)
Motorola v265 (128x128)
Motorola v266 (128x128)
Motorola V300 (240x320)
Motorola V330 (176x220)
Motorola V400 (240x320)
Motorola V500 (240x320)
Motorola V525 (240x320)
Motorola v540 (176x220)
Motorola v551 (176x220)
Motorola V600 (240x320)
Motorola V690 (240x320)
Motorola v710 (176x220)
Motorola V1000 (240x320)

NEC N21i (128x128)
NEC N22i (128x128)

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