Sprint iPhone 4S Pre-Order Starts Now!

By: t-marco October 7th, 2011

Starting today  you can pre-order you iPhone 4S from Sprint (if you are lucky). The iPhone 4S is priced the same way as the iPhone 4, which has been cut to $99 to clear inventory. The new phone costs $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64 GB, and will ship Oct. 14 in the U.S., U.K, Japan Australia, Canada, France, and Germany.

Aside from Sprint, Verizon promises to ship the 8GB iPhone 4 on October 13. AT&T isn’t providing availability time on the iPhone 4, but like its competitors, is offering pre-orders to customers.

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BestBuy leaked docs indicates iPhone 5 will arrive at Sprint on October

By: t-marco September 5th, 2011

BGR did it again and this time showing some valuable information for Sprint. The document indicates that Sprint will get the iPhone 5. Yes folks, the iPhone 5 and really soon!

BBYM: iPhone 5 product introduction expected, pre-sales begin for expected October week 1 launch/Sprint launches iPhone 5
(Apple product introduction/launch dates subject to change)

Additionally, some pre-orders could start this week getting ready for the launch by the first week of October.

Keep your fingers crossed. Stay tuned for more information