CES: HTC Evo Shift

By: Daniel Lichterman January 18th, 2011

While at CES we got to play with the HTC Evo Shift.  Here is the video we shot of Jeff playing with the phone:

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CES: Bodyguardz followup, installation video

By: Daniel Lichterman January 12th, 2011

We were lucky enough to have the first appointment of CES at the NLU Products booth! Fernando was gracious enough to install one of Bodyguardz new products, the Dry Apply protector, on my HTC Evo. Here is the promised video.

Also, as a followup, the screen protector has completely cured. The air bubbles are gone and the screen protector is very clear. I would actually rate this higher than the Zagg Invisible Shield products as the Zagg IS can sometimes have an orange peel effect, and is stickier.
At this point you might be asking yourself, “Why Daniel, where can I get one of those antimicrobial screen wipes that your phone is laying on?”. You can find them over at http://toddygear.com/; we ran into Todd Gabel, for which the product is named at our hotel and they were nice enough to hand out a few samples! The cloth has 2 sides, one for cleaning and another for polishing, with an antimicrobial coating.