CES: Gorilla Glass

By: Daniel Lichterman January 12th, 2011

At CES, Corning(yes, the same Corning that makes Pyrex) had a large booth displaying their latest product, Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is a new product that has been released on a number of smartphones and other electronic devices instead of the standard glass or polycarbonate screens. It is extremely hard to break and scratch, which makes it perfect for touchscreens. In their demo at CES, they were repeatedly knocking it with a metal ball.

Gorilla Glass is present on Samsung Epic 4G and the Samsung Galaxy Tab; a full list of devices can be found on their website.

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CES: Swiftkey Demo

By: Daniel Lichterman January 10th, 2011

While at CES we were lucky enough to get a demo of Swiftkey by Joe Braidwood.

For more information about Swiftkey you can visit their website or check out a free trial.

Side note: more videos are on the way…I have just started the editing process so stay tuned throughout the week as I try to complete a video each night.

CES: Day 2 wrap up

By: Daniel Lichterman January 7th, 2011

As our second day of CES draws to a close,  I thought it might be a good idea to post some pictures that we have yet to discuss in a blog post.  I will also leave a link to the flickr account we have set up.

The Galaxy Tab:

Galaxy Tab

Kris unboxing an Evo Shift:

unboxing a shift

Powermat prototype built into a Chevy Volt:

chevy volt powermat

Jeff and I at the Sprint tent:

sprint tent

Oh, did we mention we got to play with a RIM Playbook? It will be available in a 4G variant on the Sprint network, however no additional information was available at this time.

Rim Playbook

A Tesla Roadster at the Panasonic booth:

tesla roadster

Mad Mike from Pimp My Ride:

mad mike

Last but not least, here is a link to our flickr account. We have been uploading pictures at the end of the day, so keep tuned.  We will try to post as much as we can. but the posts will lag a bit to the processing of the pictures.

Mobile-apps Contest – are you game?

By: Juan November 6th, 2009

Make sure to head on over to www.mobileappsshowdown.com/ and take a look at a new contest for developers of Mobile apps being held on Jan 9, 2010 at the CES in Las Vegas, NV.  Encourage any developer you think should be there to enter their app for consideration.

SU Blogger Jeff Estep is the expert judge on behalf of SprintUsers.com!