If you are a VIP customer, you can pre-order your Evo 3D today!

By: t-marco June 21st, 2011

Sprint Premier customers, can now Pre-order the new Evo 3D 3 days ahead without waiting in line and the possibility of getting : SOLD OUT as an answer. Sprint will offer it for 199 with 2 new years contract or upgrade.

HTC EVO 3D, America’s first 4G smartphone with a 4.3-inch 3D qHD display. Create and stream HD video, view it in 3D and share it easily. Quickly download movies and enjoy a Flash®-enabled web browsing experience that takes advantage of the speed of the Sprint 3G or 4G network and the power of a 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon® processor.



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The Green Hornet 3D will be loaded on the Evo 3D

By: t-marco June 1st, 2011

We know you are waiting for the EVO 3D, but, do you have movies in 3D to watch on your phone?. that is not a problem. Sprint just announced that the EVO 3D will be loaded with The Green Hornet in 3D and Drive Angry” with Nicolas Cage . The EVO 3D will also come with the HTC Watch app, which gives you access to 2D and 3D movies, as well as on-demand television programs. You can buy or rent and download movies, and you can save as many as five on HTC’s service for watching on other HTC devices with the HTC Watch app.