SU Podcast Episode 2

By: Mark Tiedemann March 7th, 2010
We had some slight technical problems with this week’s episode where the first minute did not get recorded, and also some slight audio issues (my microphone was way too quiet).  We are working on getting this all corrected so it won’t happen again.

Host:  pdx77
Panel:  FloorMatt, dlichterman, bigchico68.


WebOS 1.4.0 OTA update is out for Palm Pre, Pixi
First 4g phone coming to Sprint by end of June. Will the network be ready?

Adobe says no to Flash 10.1 on WM 6.5 and on 1st Gen Android devices.

Sprint says it will accept devices from other carriers under broadened phone trade-in program

Sprint announces TEP open enrollment throughout March.

Sprint says our $69.99 plan offers more then yours in a new TV campaign that features Sprint CEO Dan Hesse

Apple sues HTC

Sprint to Implement Green Guidelines for Suppliers

The SU Podcast listener line is open 24/7, feel free to leave a text message or voice mail to 260-SU-CHAT-1 (260-782-4281).  We welcome all comments or questions.


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2 Responses to “SU Podcast Episode 2”

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  2. EmeraldReporter on March 7th, 2010 10:35 pm

    Thanks for the Podcast. Keep them comin’!

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