Sprint Wins Femtocell Industry Award for AIRAVE from Femto Forum

By: Juan July 28th, 2009

Award given to Sprint for world’s first commercial launch of femtocell, allowing customers to get enhanced wireless coverage at home.

Sprint announced it has received a Femtocell Industry Award for its August 2008 launch of the world’s first commercially available femtocell, AIRAVE by Samsung. AIRAVE acts like a mini cell tower that works with any Sprint phone and a broadband Internet connection to provide enhanced in-home wireless coverage.1 Given by the Femto Forum, a global organization founded in 2007 to promote femtocell deployment worldwide, the Femtocell Industry Awards recognize outstanding achievement within, and contributions to, the femtocell industry.

“Customers are using their wireless phones at home more than ever, and with AIRAVE, Sprint has made it even more convenient for customers to rely on their Sprint phone as their only phone,” said Mathew Oommen, vice president of device and technology development for Sprint. “We’re proud to have received the Femto Forum Award, which represents global recognition of Sprint’s leadership in providing our customers with a femtocell solution for enhanced wireless coverage in their home or office.”

“The Femtocell Industry Awards judges were extremely impressed by the high quality and number of award submissions, reflecting the health and innovation of the femtocell industry,” said Simon Saunders, chairman of the Femto Forum. “When Sprint deployed the first femtocell service in 2008, it was a bold statement to the industry that the technology had moved beyond theory and was now delivering improved mobile services out in the real world. The Commercial Launch by a Large Carrier Award recognizes Sprint’s pioneering achievement in this exciting new market.”

Sprint AIRAVE acts like a mini cell tower by creating a licensed spectrum CDMA network signal within the customer’s home or small office, providing enhanced wireless coverage up to 5,000 square feet. With AIRAVE, Sprint customers can:

* Take advantage of enhanced coverage without having to purchase a new phone.
* Use their existing Sprint phone, with the option to upgrade to the latest phones at any time. All Sprint phones are compatible with the AIRAVE.
* Easily install the device using their existing broadband Internet connection and AC power outlet. The AIRAVE is ready to use straight out of the box, with no configuration changes required.
* Take their call with them. Calls initiated on the AIRAVE will transfer automatically to the Nationwide Sprint Network when leaving the AIRAVE coverage area.
* Talk all they want when subscribed to the optional unlimited AIRAVE calling plan. With the plan, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and nationwide long distance are included when using the AIRAVE.

The technology behind AIRAVE has received several additional awards, including the 2008 PC World 25 Most Innovative Products Award, Best of Innovations at CES 2008, Emerging Technologies Award – 1st Place: Network Infrastructure Category at CTIA 2008, and Best of CTIA 2007 “Best Cell Phone Accessory” Award from LAPTOP Magazine.

Sprint customers can purchase AIRAVE at Sprint stores across the country for $99.99 (excluding taxes). Customers are required to subscribe to the AIRAVE enhanced coverage plan for just $4.99 per month in addition to the customer’s regular wireless voice plan. Customers who do not have one of Sprint’s unlimited voice plans, such as Simply Everything, can get unlimited in-home calling by subscribing to the optional AIRAVE Unlimited Voice plan for an additional $10 per month for individuals or $20 per month for families. For more information, customers can visit www.sprint.com/airave.

About the Femto Forum awards

The Femto Forum Femtocell Industry Awards recognize outstanding achievement within, and contributions to, femtocell technology.

Entries were invited from everyone involved in femtocell development and operation, from organizations of all sizes, representing all continents and whether members of Femto Forum or otherwise.

The judging process was independent of the Femto Forum, the panel comprising well-known industry figures selected for their experience and impartiality and chaired by Prof. William Webb, head of R&D for UK regulator Ofcom.

The inaugural award ceremony took place at a gala dinner at the Femtocell World Summit in London on June 24.

Source: http://newsreleases.sprint.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=127149&p=irol-newsArticle_newsroom&ID=1312197&highlight=

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5 Responses to “Sprint Wins Femtocell Industry Award for AIRAVE from Femto Forum”

  1. Dan Hill on November 6th, 2009 1:37 pm

    Virgin Mobile subscribers who are on the Sprint network get a “within range of a Sprint private network” error when within range of an Airave.

    It is un-freaking-believable that a device that stops your neighbors from using their cell phones could win an award. Or that Sprint would not have fixed this problem more than a year later.

  2. Tari on March 7th, 2010 3:37 pm

    I live in a townhouse and have been a satisfied Virgin Mobile customer for over five years. Within the past few weeks, one of my neighbors installed an Airave, and now my Virgin Mobile cell phone is completely unusable in my own home. I cannot make or receive calls. I don’t know if 911 is impacted. This is so absurd – how can Sprint sell a product that blocks other people’s cell phone use? Is this legal? And I would think the liability issue could be enormous. I’ve contacted Sprint – they tell me that they don’t think an Airave can block a Virgin Mobile phone, and that I should complain at the local Sprint store. I’ve contacted Virgin Mobile – their solution is that I should leave my home to make my phone calls. That doesn’t address emergencies or incoming calls. I’m waiting to hear from the FCC and local authorities, as I simply can’t believe a device that blocks other people’s phones can be legal.

  3. Elaine on June 4th, 2010 6:50 pm

    I too have had Virgin Mobile phone for several years and started getting the “Sprint private network” message a few months ago. VM had no clue. Only after looking on the Internet did I find the cause. Only in the last couple of weeks when I mentioned Airave does VM admit that a neighbor’s Airave must be the problem. I live in a house and have no clue which neighbor has it but as mentioned above, VM suggests I leave home to make calls. Needless to say, I have terminated 2 VM accounts in the last week. Maybe if VM loses enough customers they will take it seriously. And this is should be illegal.

  4. CRICH999 on June 16th, 2010 11:14 am

    Hey, I had the same problem with the Airave. My next door neighbor started having problems with my Airave. I got rid of the unit and got a zBoost-One device from
    wi-ex. Plus I have no monthly fees and I didn’t have to use my internet connection for the unit. Funny thing. As soon as I got the new zBoost unit. My neighbor asked if I finally got the Airave fixed. LOL I just told him I bought a new device! LOL

  5. AeroRoy on October 10th, 2012 4:02 am

    I have a condo in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and it would really be great if the Airave would operate at this home as it does here in Florida. I’m planning on taking it with me next month when I go there. I curious if anyone else has experience with this “out of the country” idea?

    I love my Airave. I quit my AT&T iPhone service because I couldn’t receive a signal in 2/3 of my home including my office. I bought a EVO 4G and a second service to my wife’s Sprint contract, but still had bad coverage at home. I was told about the Airave box and bought it.

    Now both EVO 4G phones get five bars of connection strength anywhere near our home.

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