Sprint To Charge New ASL Fee!!

By: Chico December 16th, 2009


  •  Effective 1/10/10, spending limit accounts are subject to a fee of $4.99/mo per account. Existing and new customers in the Spending Limit Program will be subject to the fee.


  •  The Fee is per account, not per line and will appear as ‘Spending Limit Program Charge’ on the bill.
  •  The fee is waived for accounts set up with recurring automatic payments.
  •  Existing customers received a letter from Sprint Customer Finance Services letting them know about
    the change and new charge associated with the Spending Limit Program.

  •  For the small group of legacy Nextel Partner subscribers that were receiving a Spending Limit Charge,
    the old charge will be discontinued. These customers will be subject to the new fee.


  •  Is there a charge for the Spending Limit Program?
    o Yes, effective January 10, 2010, spending limit accounts are subject to a fee of $4.99/mo per account.
    The fee is waived for accounts that are set up with recurring automatic payments.
    o If recurring automatic payments are canceled, the fee will be applied to your account.


  •  Why am I being charged this fee?
    o The Spending Limit Program Charge is $4.99 per account; this provides you with additional benefits
    and support to help you monitor your account and your bill with the following tools.
    * Download the Account Balance Monitor to your phone to check your limit. Just access the
    Web on your phone, keyword search ABM, click the line and then click “Get it now.” (Only
    available on select phones.)
    * Manage your account on the Web by going to www.sprint.com and signing into My Account.
    * Receive text messages from Sprint when your account approaches your preset spending limit
    and when you have reached your spending preset limit.
    * Dial *4 (or *5 for Spanish) to check minutes or *2 to check usage, balance or find the nearest
    store. Dial *3 to make a payment.
    * One time credit concession for overage protection if you agree to a plan that matches your
    o After 18 months of service and responsible payment, Sprint may remove your spending limit
    and send an account notification letter.


  •  I didn’t know I had an account Spending Limit.
    o The decision to place you on the Sprint ASL program was made at the time you originally applied for
    service with Sprint and was based, in whole or in part, on a review of your credit history as reported by
    various consumer reporting agencies. At the time, Sprint provided you with notice of your particular
    spending limit and details of the Account Spending Limit program.


  •  Did I receive notice for the charge?
    o Yes. Existing customers received a bill message in December 2009 invoices, January 2010 invoices
    and February 2010 invoices. Additionally, customers received a direct mail letter in late December 2009
    explaining the new charge.
    o Point-of-sale collateral is being updated to reflect the Spending Limit Program Charge as well.


  •  I already receive a Spending Limit Charge, is this in addition to my current Charge?
    o No. For the small group of customers (legacy Nextel Partners) that currently receive a per line
    Spending Limit Charge of $4.99, that charge will be stopped with January 2010 invoice cycles.
    Beginning with bills after 1-10-10, you will see the new per account charge of $4.99 on your invoice.


  •  I don’t want to pay this charge.
    o If you set up your account with recurring automatic payments, we will waive the fee.
    o If you wish to enroll in automatic payments, you can either enroll through sprint.com/myaccount, which
    is the quickest and easiest way if you have Internet access, or contact Sprint Customer Service by
    dialing *2 from your phone, and customer service will send you an enrollment form for you to fill out and
    o If recurring automatic payments are canceled, the fee will be applied to your account


  •  If I cancel my recurring automatic payment, will I start receiving the charge?
    o Yes. If you cancel your automatic payments, the fee will be re-applied to your account.


  •  How do I sign up for automatic payment?
    o The fee is waived for accounts set up with recurring automatic payments. To set automatic payments,
    go to www.sprint.com/myaccount or contact customer care (*2) to request an automatic payment form.
    o If recurring automatic payments are canceled, the fee will be applied to your account


  •  I don’t want to be on the Spending Limit Program.
    o The decision to place you on the Sprint ASL program was made at the time you originally applied for
    service with Sprint and was based, in whole or in part, on a review of your credit history as reported by
    various consumer reporting agencies.
    o After 18 months of service and responsible payment, Sprint may remove your spending limit and send
    an account notification letter.


  •  I want to cancel my account because of the new Spending Limit Program Charge.
    o Educate the customer on the new charge and remind customers that written notice was sent to them in
    o Customers were notified via bill message in the December 2009 & January 2010 bills.


  •  Spending Limit Program Charge Effective 01/10/10, Sprint will begin charging a monthly
    recurring fee of $4.99 on all accounts subject to a spending limit. The charge will be imposed
    on the account only and not on each subscriber. For details on fees and your rights, see Terms
    & Conditions at sprint.com/termsandconditions.

    o Customers also received a letter regarding the change from Sprint Customer Finance Services.
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72 Responses to “Sprint To Charge New ASL Fee!!”

  1. fatboy on December 16th, 2009 6:19 pm

    This is your chance to get out ETF free if you wish

    Edited by:
    bigchico68- You will not be able to get out of ETF, because of this. Read the entire posting and then read sprints contract guidelines you sign when sign up with them. There is a link on the main article about it.

  2. bigchico68 on December 16th, 2009 11:16 pm

    For details on fees and your rights, see Terms
    & Conditions at sprint.com/termsandconditions.

  3. Max on December 16th, 2009 11:32 pm

    so let me get this straight
    sprint losses millions of customers because of stuff like this, but they dont stop, i believe this is a problem, and a dumb one at that. And then when the customer says they want to cancel there account and there best argument is they were already notified, that will make the customer more angry… good job, fool proof, i dont think so.

  4. swaneyguy on December 17th, 2009 9:26 am

    Damn, really wish I could drop my Sprint account with Google about to announce its own phone and service.

  5. CallDon on December 17th, 2009 4:22 pm

    I do not understand why the charge. I think my 7 year old account has a spending limit. But I have a high credit score. I am not going to pay an extra $5/mo just to have Sprint. This is caca.

  6. Dunpeal on December 17th, 2009 5:12 pm

    I think the fee is for those customers who have a $150 ASL.

    All Individual new accounts have an ASL.

  7. fatboy on December 17th, 2009 5:31 pm

  8. Jen on December 29th, 2009 9:51 am

    You WILL be able to get out of the ETF!! I just called Sprint customer service and I was told that I will have to wait until I am actually billed for having an Account Spending Limit. As soon as that happens I can call Sprint back and end my contract without the fee!!!

    Even though I was stuck with a slider phone (no touchscreen) for another year, I did like Sprint until now. Now I’m going to get a smartphone from AT&T or Verizon!! :)

  9. Dave Ferrigno on December 30th, 2009 4:58 pm

    I find this funny that just 2 weeks ago Sprint went on a marketing blitz to get their customers on cheaper plans and then they come out with this ASL fee to recoup their costs. Guess they had too many customers downgrade their plans?

    Anyway – this is a horrible customer service policy. It’s a shame that Sprint just doesn’t get it when it comes to retaining their customers. If you are affected by this ASL fee, call Sprint, let them know you’re not agreeing to it. Additionally, this qualifies as a materially adverse contract change which allows you to escape Sprint’s ETF fee. If they tell you otherwise and charge you an ETF, be sure to collect and send all correspendonce to your state’s attorney general office and consumer affairs bureau.

    I’m seriously curious why they’d rather collect their $60 bucks a year from this fee or lose customers paying up to $1200 (simply unlimited plan at $99/month) per year in regular service fees?

    Sounds like someone had some “stinkin’ thinkin'” over there at Sprint all for an extra $60.

  10. Frank on December 30th, 2009 8:00 pm

    I am already pissed off with the ammount of money I am paying to Sprint. I am terminating my contract with them ASAP. I don’t even care about the ETF but I am going to fight about it because this is a breach of contract from their side

  11. Matt on December 30th, 2009 9:27 pm

    As soon as I got this letter I called to terminate. They WILL try to charge you an ETF but if you yell and threaten enough they will waive it.

  12. April on December 31st, 2009 11:29 am

    I am so very upset about this. We are looking forward to upgrading our phones tomorrow…but this stupid fee sucks. Unfortunately we are gonna get this bulls**t treatment from EVERY provider. I’ve been with others…ugh…why don’t they just ask for $160 loan from each of their 2 yr contract holders???

  13. vato38loco on December 31st, 2009 2:48 pm

    this is some bulls#$t, i have been paying my phonebill on time every single month. im already paying 80$ a month and now another 5$. fuck that. im ending my contract asap. i dont care about the ETF

  14. Just Pissed on January 2nd, 2010 2:35 pm

    @Dunpeal…this fee is for anyone who has an ASL account; it doesn’t matter what limit you have.

    This ASL crap is BS!!

  15. Roger on January 3rd, 2010 5:03 pm

    That is it, well done Sprint. I dropped you 10 years ago in favor of the superb customer service at T-Mobile.

    Then you loured me back with a nextel that I have at $90.00 per month, but 4.99 extra just BECAUSE they feel like it, will put the nail in the coffin for me. I will be GLAD to save the $90.00 on a spotty service (at best) and horrible customer support.

    And we will see about the ETF… I don’t think so. You are changing the terms of the original contract, therefore you are voiding it. So take your ETF and stick it… good bye, wont miss you a tinny bit.

  16. Gigi on January 4th, 2010 2:26 pm

    I just called about the ridiculous ASL charges that Sprint will be starting. I want to let everyone know that they did give me the option to cancel my service without facing a termination fee. I will seriously consider this option. This is pretty stupid to lose a customer over $5.00.

  17. Shameka on January 4th, 2010 3:05 pm

    I am too very upset about this ASL program fee charge. I just think it is unfair for them to charge a fee for a program I didn’t ask for. I pay my bill on time and I don’t think I should be forced to sign up for Auto Pay if I don’t want to. Sprint sucks and I’m also terminating my contract.

  18. HATES SPRINT on January 4th, 2010 5:45 pm

    I just called sprint and mentioned to them about what I saw on the internet about the ‘material charges’ and they let me cancel my contract on all 3 lines with no ETF’s!!! I refuse to pay Sprint $4.99 a month because I don’t like to have automatic payments. Why should I be punished because I don’t have a choice but to be on their ASL program and then they wanna make me pay them because I don’t want my payments automatically deducted. I hope they lose a TON of customers for this and those greedy A**holes will be kicking themselves for it later!

  19. TXtwister on January 5th, 2010 10:22 am

    I am pissed! I was just on the phone with customer service. I refuse to be extorted by this company. I am filing a complaint with the FCC and the Better Business Bureau today! Join me in this!!

  20. MaeveAlleine on January 5th, 2010 12:15 pm

    I just called Sprint about the ASL fee letter I just received. I told them that I have been a loyal customer for almost 10 years and have told many people how great Sprint was all that time.

    After being escalated 3 times finally to some person named “steve’s” voicemail I had to hang up.

    One rep told me it was a “Government mandate,” but the rest basically told me to pay the fee or give them my bank account info to avoid the fee. My ONLY other choice was to leave without fees for breaking my contract.

    I am SO UPSET over this. NOT ONCE did they thank me for being a good customer. NOT ONCE did they apologize for blatantly taking advantage of me.

    I had no choice but to leave a teary, crying voicemail to some faceless manager.

    This is the thanks I get for being so loyal a customer. Yeah I may have paid late but I also paid late fees and they did get their money all these years.

    They know a lot of us have no choice but to stay because we can’t afford to change providers.

  21. Courtney on January 5th, 2010 4:02 pm

    I am also an angry 5 yr sprint customer. How can they say it is based partly on credit. My credit scores did not reflect this at the time I opened my account and my ability to obtain a mortgage at a good rate does not reflect this. Seriously how can my phone service compare? In the 5yrs I have had my sprint service I cant say I stayed because of their excellent customer service NOT, nor can I say I stayed for how excellent their phones or networks are but more out of convience. It is time I looked for another provider because without fail whenever I deal with sprint there is confusion (ex I spoke with a lady in the sprint financial services department she had 2 put me hold 2 find out what letter I was talking about. How can I trust them to go into my checking account every month and deduct money without messing up. I work hard for my money, and I will continue to pay my bills, if im late charge me a late fee. Sprint is trying to get over on their customers!!

  22. dinky on January 5th, 2010 7:08 pm

    we really wanna leave sprint and we did never receive anything about a new fee. Is there anyway we can get out of our contract without paying ETF???
    I dont want to seem like I dont know anything infront of sprint, so Im hoping for some help here. :)
    Should you wait till you actually get an ASL Fee charged? Or can we try to get out of it before?
    Any tips/hellp are very appreciated.

  23. NaNic on January 7th, 2010 9:16 pm

    You will be able to get out of the ETF if you cancel between 1/10/2010 – 2/10/2010. According to the Sprint contract if there is a change in contract terms you have 30 days from inception to cancel without ETF.

    You can go to the Sprint website or contact customer service. Trust me I have been researching all day.

  24. rianne on January 7th, 2010 9:33 pm

    well, i called in sprint today and the customer rep was very patient though i was yelling at her at the top of my lungs. This $5 additional is very upsetting and seems like cheating. and i’ve been with sprint for more than 5 years yet i was ready to cancel my account and do some more yelling but the rep was so helpful and got me to graduate from the asl program in less than 10 minutes! she called some department to have my account upgraded and they took off my asl. never need to pay no $5 no more.

  25. Keith on January 8th, 2010 8:32 am

    I just got my letter from Sprint about this ASL fee!!! This is BULLSHIT!!!!! I got my clients to switch over their entire office from AT&T andthis is the Fucking THANKS I GET!!!! I have been so dissatisfied with Sprint’s so called customer service and this piece of shit Instinct phone. They should have called the phone “It Stinks!” I bought three of these damn things when they first came out..early release. Now I get this fucking news. Sprint has been nothing but a problem since I have been with them. I am not going to pay ETF and I am switching providers. When Sprint goes out of business I will be part of the national celebration!!!!

  26. dthomas on January 9th, 2010 4:28 pm

    When it looks like and smells like a pig, chances are it is a pig!

    First off, I want to express that the supervisor I spoke with on the phone was courteous and helpful and made every attempt, given by corporate Sprint, to address and resolve my concern.

    Unfortunately, corporate Sprint had made questionable limits on what could or could not be provide by its supervisors to resolve my concerns.

    Corporate Sprint believes, and has instructed its employees, that this letter and $4.99 monthly fee outlines a customer benefit. However, it is obvious that a benefit would offer a customer a discount to create a desired action rather than impose a fee otherwise.

    As I do not see how using auto pay to make monthly payments rather than my current payment method would provide Sprint with any cost savings, Sprint has assessed a penalty as a result of my decision. I presently have the freedom to use the sprint.com website to pay my bill a number of ways including credit card, debit card, checking account, and savings account. Corporate Sprint has decided this freedom is worth a fee of $4.99 per month.

    As a result of Sprint’s decision:

    * I will not be renewing my subscription at the end of my contract date.
    * I will not provide any word of mouth marketing to promote Sprint.
    * I will actively support any sprint customer discontent legally available including Internet websites, chat rooms, and consumer support groups.
    * I will pursue, support and advocate any class action suits that result from Sprint’s decision.
    * I will enjoy seeing how AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, and other competitors will capitalize on Sprint’s lack of insight with this decision.

    If any Sprint employees are part of this group, I understand that you do not have direct voice in corporate matters. My hope is to teach you the difference between a benefit and a penalty. And to help you understand that if a company is attempting to generate immediate cash flow by imposing a penalty to its customers when that penalty does not justify a company expenses, the stability of the company is in question.

    For all others, the Internet is a strong voice. We consumers have much more power over the success and failure of a business than in the past.

  27. JustoutofRange on January 10th, 2010 11:49 am

    This Is A real Reason to Switch to another carrier. Sprint has pulled B/S on and off over the last 10 years I have been with them! I will join any Class action suit that will ensue from this. I pay my bill Every month. I have moved family over to sprint even though service is somewhat spotty around here.Its still a bit better than one of the other service providers but the lack luster customer services and now this B/s is more than enuff to CHANGE!

    We All Should File a complaint With the FCC over load their e-mail with our grievances and the unfair practices of SPRINT. If you pay your bill late you get a late payment. That’s My Fault, But to make ME sign up for AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL. That basically a gun in their hand holding you up and Granting them unlimited access to my Bank account.
    That’s STRONG ARMED ROBBERY and a FEDERAL OFFENSE any other time this would result in a stiff jail term.

    Only In AMERICA Can BIG business Get away with this B/S.

    Look out FCC, BBB, Attorney General for Each State, and The Attorney general For The USA. We are sending you our Complaints.

    And Best of All The Internet. Sprint This is a Grave ERROR in your part and I stand By my Beliefs to Make you less profitable in the coming months, years with My unlimited power of the Internet!

    “For all others, the Internet is a strong voice. We consumers have much more power over the success and failure of a business than in the past.” Credit to previous post.

  28. TXtwister on January 11th, 2010 12:29 pm

    What this is, is extortion. Plain and simple. I WILL NOT give anyone access to my bank account. I am canceling. I will NOT pay an EFT. They have to PROVE what is on my credit report as an excuse to extort any additional funds from me.

  29. Heidi on January 11th, 2010 5:47 pm

    I am so mad at this its not worth it so in few months they can think of another fee to charge people I just got off phone with them for this spoke literally to 5 different people to be told that they can change my contract but I cant. How is this legal they can add weird reasons to take more money. But we get charged way more money to cancel or change our contracts. I’m done come one more month I will cancel my contract and pay the 180 per phone to do so. And then verison here I come. Sprint you just lost another loyal customer. And lost out on 180.00 a month from me: (

    p.s. I use to love Sprint!!!

  30. Heidi on January 11th, 2010 5:55 pm

    And you know what is even more awful about this is the economy is hurting so bad they take this opportunity to damage us even worse both me and hubby have been laid off and yet we have managed to keep our bill paid just for this: ( I am balancing groceries, electric, gas, water, and garbage/sewer, and Sprint for them to do this to me after I have spoke so well about them I hope the greedy people that thought of this get some of what they are giving may they be charged even more in life to come!!

  31. nicole on January 12th, 2010 12:43 am

    I filed a complaint with the FCC at http://www.fcc.gov !!!!!!!

  32. nicole on January 12th, 2010 12:48 am

    Everyone please file a complaint at with the FCC. I have been with sprint for over 8 years and my credit has greatly improved since then. I was never taken off the ASL, they just raised it up almost $300 more. I am very displeased with sprint and I’m considering switching companies after this long. They are losing some great customers.

  33. Christian Babcock on January 12th, 2010 5:59 pm

    I came across this website as I was on chat about this BS with a customer rep. Basically she told me tough shit and gave me the same uneducated response over and over and then told me to talk to Cancellation if I had the balls. I told her I’d do that and be filing a report with the BBB of CT. I will also join you guys in filling a complaint with the FCC. I am also going to be as vocal as I can with everyone I know who is a sprint customer. 6 months ago I changed from Verizon to Sprint because of the cost savings offered via my employer. What a mistake! In the 6 years I was with Verizon I never had an issue with customer service and always had great service. Both are untrue of my experience with sprint. Below is the transcript of my “chat” with the customer service. Have fun reading if you want.

    01/12/2010 07:11:44PM Agent (Shana H): “Hi Christian! How may I assist you?”
    01/12/2010 07:12:27PM Christian Babcock: “i just received a notification about a change to the ASL?”
    01/12/2010 07:12:41PM Christian Babcock: “where I’m going to get charged ********** bucks a month even though I always pay my bill on time”
    01/12/2010 07:12:52PM Christian Babcock: “Is this a change in contract?”
    01/12/2010 07:13:20PM Agent (Shana H): “The spending limit is made up of your total account balance including:
    * Charges incurred on your most recent calls
    * Prorated charges
    * Monthly charges
    * Roaming charges which are often billed up to ********** days after the call date
    * Outstanding payments t”
    &nbsp hat may not have not posted to your account

    As you approach your account spending limit, a text message will be sent to your phone to inform you of the need to make a payment in order to prevent a service interruption.After ********** months of service and a res
    &nbsp ponsible payment history, Sprint may ???graduate??? you from the program, which removes your preset spending limit and monthly charge. This will happen automatically; we???ll notify you when you qualify.Our Account Spending Limit program allows Sprint to offer
    &nbsp a full range of phones, plans and advanced services to qualified customers the need help managing their wireless budget.

    Your spending limit is the monthly maximum amount of spending per phone on your account. This amount may be adjusted when you add or
    &nbsp remove devices. As long as your account is current and you don’t go over your limit, you may continue to use your phone.I see that your account participates in our Account Spending Limit program. To avoid surprises, I want to remind you that spending lim
    &nbsp it accounts are now subject to a $**********.********** per month charge.

    Sprint will waive this charge if you enroll in our recurring automatic payment program to automatically pay your bill using your bank account, debit card or credit card. Sign up at Sprint.com. Sign
    &nbsp into My Sprint and edit your billing preferences on the billing and payments tab. There is a $**********.********** monthly fee to participate in the Account Spending Limit program. Sprint will waive this charge if you enroll in our recurring automatic payment program to
    &nbsp automatically pay your bill using your bank account, debit card or credit card. In some instances, a deposit and initial prepayment may be required.
    01/12/2010 07:14:18PM Christian Babcock: “Yes that is basically what the letter says”
    01/12/2010 07:14:42PM Christian Babcock: “I’m contacting you to understand why I’m being charged”
    01/12/2010 07:14:47PM Christian Babcock: “and how to not be charged”
    01/12/2010 07:15:54PM Christian Babcock: “and i’m not giving you permission to automatically detect from my account”
    01/12/2010 07:17:00PM Agent (Shana H): “Sprint will waive this charge if you enroll in our recurring automatic payment program to automatically pay your bill using your bank account, debit card or credit card.”
    01/12/2010 07:18:15PM Christian Babcock: “ok well that doesn’t work for me”
    01/12/2010 07:18:33PM Christian Babcock: “so what are my options?”
    01/12/2010 07:20:00PM Agent (Shana H): “After ********** months of service and a responsible payment history, Sprint may ???graduate??? you from the program, which removes your preset spending limit and monthly charge.”
    01/12/2010 07:20:22PM Christian Babcock: “well that’s not acceptable”
    01/12/2010 07:20:30PM Christian Babcock: “i’ve never been dilinquent on my payment”
    01/12/2010 07:22:20PM Agent (Shana H): “We appreciate you being on time on your payment with us and being a value customer however I see that your start is **********-**********-**********, due to your account does not currently meet the ASL graduation requirements for the time you have to have an active Sprint accou”
    &nbsp nt. I am able to assist you with the information in setting in the automatic bill pay to avoid these options.
    01/12/2010 07:22:59PM Christian Babcock: “i guess you’re not understanding”
    01/12/2010 07:23:41PM Christian Babcock: “there is nothing in my contract that stipulates i will be charged ********** dollars for being in this program”
    01/12/2010 07:24:11PM Christian Babcock: “so then this would be a change in my contract”
    01/12/2010 07:27:04PM Christian Babcock: “the other option is for you to take me out of this program which I was automatically placed in when I changed service”
    01/12/2010 07:27:38PM Christian Babcock: “that I never indicated I wanted to be in”
    01/12/2010 07:27:51PM Agent (Shana H): “We may change any part of the Agreement at any time, including, but not limited to, rates, charges, how we calculate charges, or your terms of Service. We will provide you notice of material changes, and may provide you notice of non-material changes, in”
    &nbsp a manner consistent with this Agreement. If Services are terminated before the end of your invoicing cycle, we would not prorate charges to the date of termination and you would not receive a credit or refund for any unused Services. Regretfully, I mu
    &nbsp st inform you that we are not authorized to waive, alter, or negotiate early termination fees in any way as this is also directly related to canceling services and is handled by the account services department and I can direct you with the number to cal
    &nbsp l this department if you prefer.
    01/12/2010 07:27:52PM Christian Babcock: “I just throught it was what sprint did standard”
    01/12/2010 07:28:21PM Christian Babcock: “No”
    01/12/2010 07:28:30PM Christian Babcock: “I am not looking for a way out of my contract”
    01/12/2010 07:28:43PM Christian Babcock: “All I am looking for is a way to be taken out of this ASl program”
    01/12/2010 07:29:38PM Christian Babcock: “as I understand not all of your customers are in this ASl program”
    01/12/2010 07:29:47PM Christian Babcock: “and I see no benefit to being in it”
    01/12/2010 07:30:01PM Agent (Shana H): “After ********** months of service and a responsible payment history, Sprint may ???graduate??? you from the program, which removes your preset spending limit and monthly charge.”
    01/12/2010 07:30:13PM Christian Babcock: “yes you said that already”
    01/12/2010 07:30:49PM Christian Babcock: “in ********** months I plan on dropping my contract with sprint as my ********** year term will be over”
    01/12/2010 07:30:55PM Christian Babcock: “so that doesn’t really help me now does it”
    01/12/2010 07:31:11PM Agent (Shana H): “I understand.”
    01/12/2010 07:31:39PM Christian Babcock: “there is no reason why I need to give you my bank routing number or my credit card info to charge at your will”
    01/12/2010 07:32:23PM Agent (Shana H): “I understand you concern.”
    01/12/2010 07:32:39PM Christian Babcock: “and there is no reason for sprint to charge me for denying you access to my personal financial information”
    01/12/2010 07:34:31PM Christian Babcock: “now please help me get out of this ASL program that I was unwillingly enrolled in”
    01/12/2010 07:34:45PM Christian Babcock: “and enroll me in a regular payment program”
    01/12/2010 07:34:54PM Christian Babcock: “that I understand other sprint customers have”
    01/12/2010 07:35:02PM Christian Babcock: “and would like to have as well”
    01/12/2010 07:36:21PM Agent (Shana H): “I apologize however at this time you are unable to be remove from the ASL program, after ********** months of service and a responsible payment history, Sprint may ???graduate??? you from the program.”
    01/12/2010 07:36:57PM Christian Babcock: “Why cannot I be removed from the ASl program?”
    01/12/2010 07:37:04PM Christian Babcock: “Why am I enrolled in the ASL program?”
    01/12/2010 07:38:36PM Agent (Shana H): “You are unable to be removed from the ASL program due to your account does not currently meet the ASL graduation requirements for the time you have to have a regular Sprint account.”
    01/12/2010 07:39:02PM Christian Babcock: “What are the ASL graduation requirements”
    01/12/2010 07:39:07PM Christian Babcock: “?”
    01/12/2010 07:39:15PM Christian Babcock: “and don’t say paying bills on time for ********** months”
    01/12/2010 07:43:22PM Agent (Shana H): “The decision to place you on the Sprint ASL program was made at the time you originally applied for service with sprint and was based, in whole or in part, on a review of your credit history as reported by the various consumer reporting agencies. After **********”
    &nbsp months of service and responsible payment, Sprint may remove the spending limit and send an account notification letter.
    01/12/2010 07:44:30PM Christian Babcock: “Why don’t you give me that number to talk to someone about change in contract y ou were atalking about earlier”
    01/12/2010 07:44:51PM Agent (Shana H): “Are you referring to canceling your line of service?”
    01/12/2010 07:44:51PM Christian Babcock: “i will also be taking this to the better business bureau”
    01/12/2010 07:44:57PM Christian Babcock: “yes”
    01/12/2010 07:45:34PM Agent (Shana H): “In order to speak with our Account Service department please call (**********) **********-**********, select option ********** and option **********. A Sprint Specialist is standing by to assist you, may I assist you with anything else at this time/”
    01/12/2010 07:47:51PM Agent (Shana H): “May I assist you with anything else at this time>”
    01/12/2010 07:48:18PM Christian Babcock: “no”
    01/12/2010 07:48:50PM Agent (Shana H): “We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to chat with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again at Sprint.com/mysprint.”

    Sorry for the length.

  34. You wish on January 13th, 2010 2:09 am

    You people are funny when are you going to learn that it specifically states in the contract that the terms and conditions may change at anytime. when are you going to learn how to read. Next time read before you sign and stop blaming your financial issues at home on sprint!!!!

  35. kevin607 on January 13th, 2010 7:50 am

    Also just filed a report with FCC. (To POSTER YOU WISH)- Sprint added admin charge the prvious year now this bogus charge. I dont think its a financial issue really its how they operate and impose fraudulent charges.

  36. tammy on January 13th, 2010 6:00 pm

    You can indeed cancel your contract with Sprint over this issue. You may also cancel it because of the change in the regulatory charge…increased to .40. I have just spoke with customer service and I will not be charged the early cancellation fee. They have broken the terms of the contract and at that point you have 30 days to opt out. Dont tell them you are going to cancel because of crappy service or anything else. Just state that there is a material change in the contract and you wish to cancel.

  37. sprinter954 on January 14th, 2010 12:49 am

    im not sure why everybody on asl is so upset about this??? i mean sure nobody likes additional charges but if your unwilling to sign up for autopay then your basically stating that you do not want to pay your bill on time in the first place..so your basically of no value to sprint to begin with if you enjoy your service all month long why shouldnt you be held to pay your bill on time??? and sprint offers payment arrangements extensions courtesy credits..all types of things to customers but yet everybody is so mad that these asl accounts have a 4.99 charge because they are unwilling to pay their bill on time…sign up for autobilly pay for 18 months then your off ASL and no more fee the second you enroll…and if you dont want to sign up then just pay the bill on time for 18 months and your off the asl…also for all you ASL account people check and see what your deposit was when you joined sprint. i bet it was lower than any other company would have offered you…did you ever think of that?? food for thought.

  38. purplebirdmagic1 on January 14th, 2010 9:25 am

    In response to sprinter954:

    In February I will have been a Sprint customer for 1 year and for the past 11 months I have no trouble paying my bill on time… without using autobill. Why should I allow Sprint (or any other company) direct acces to MY money? As long as they are recieving their payments ON TIME then they have no right to tell me how and when I should pay them. What if their security systems get hacked and all of sudden all my bank information, along with thousands of other customers, is floating around on the internet? Am I going to get a letter then saying ‘because of our silly policy now you have to cancel cards, change accounts, etc…sorry there’s nothing we can do to help.’ It’s an unnescessary risk in my opinion. If people aren’t paying their bills on time (ASL account or not) Sprint should take it up with them individually (why not just turn off their phones??) instead of trying to weasel more money out of the rest of us.

  39. Chad on January 14th, 2010 3:37 pm

    All I have to say to sprint is “EFF YOU!” Next month will be makr 4 years with sprint. When I started, I had a awesome plan, good phone and I was happy. Such phone died, business was booming, I changed phones, and went to unlimited. I had unlimted for one and a half years, that is a lot of money to be spending on a freaking phone. I decided to move out of country, sold the fancy instinct, and went back to basics with a crap plan. Couldn’t get my first plan back because it didn’t exist any more. The last 6 months, I feel like I have been rapped on a monthly basis. So after switching phones and SELLING my instinct, the new owner found the internet part to be working, and surfed away. One month later I got the bill, it was 300 and some change! That was Sprints mistake! If 300 was taken from my account, I would be FUBAR’ed. Not happening sprint. I WILL be switching to Verizon. My contract ends in February, to bad I cant rub more in their face. Thanks for listening, I had to vent.

  40. BOB on January 14th, 2010 5:13 pm


    (copy of contract from website)
    When You Don’t Have To Pay An Early Termination Fee
    You aren’t responsible for paying an Early Termination Fee when terminating Services:(a) provided on a month-to-month basis; (b) consistent with our published trial period return policy; or (c) in response to a materially adverse change we make to the Agreement as described directly below.

    Our Right To Change The Agreement & Your Related Rights
    We may change any part of the Agreement at any time, including, but not limited to, rates, charges, how we calculate charges, or your terms of Service. We will provide you notice of material changes, and may provide you notice of non-material changes, in a manner consistent with this Agreement (see “Providing Notice To Each Other Under The Agreement” section). If a change we make to the Agreement is material and has a material adverse effect on Services under your Term Commitment, you may terminate each line of Service materially affected without incurring an Early Termination Fee only if you:(a) call us within 30 days after the effective date of the change; and (b) specifically advise us that you wish to cancel Services because of a material change to the Agreement that we have made. If you do not cancel Service within 30 days of the change, an Early Termination Fee will apply if you terminate Services before the end of any applicable Term Commitment.
    When I called to cancel my contract with Sprint they told me they would give me a $10 credit to cover two months of this new charge while they reviewed my account to see if my ASL spending limit could be removed. The problem with their offer was that in the event my ASL spending limit was not removed I would be past my 30 day window to terminate my contract based on this material change. I went ahead and terminated without paying any fees.

    You can terminate your contract with Sprint within 30 days of receipt of the letter, but they may give you a hard time making you jump thru hoops. However, reading them the contract and being firm will yield results.
    The contract in layman terms reads:
    We can change your monthly rate (they did this by charging us an additional $4.99 per month)
    If we do we will send you a letter (They did)
    You can terminate your contract without paying an ETF within 30 days of receiving our letter (In contract law the date they put on the letter is irrelevant; the 30 days begins to run on the date you receive this letter).

  41. Hailey Family on January 15th, 2010 11:26 am

    I see that this is another attempt for sprint to move forward 1 step with the all you can eat data family and individual plan, to 3 steps back to I have to charge you additionally 5 bucks a month because I want to post another critical loss in subscriptions as was done in the second Quarter of 2009. Nice job sprint you definatly lost a MILITARY Family and a soldier deployed fighting for your right to prosper and grow. Will definatly be advising others to cancel as well as this is a blatent attemp to collect additional monies from the consumer with lies and falshoods….

  42. NCO's lead the way on January 16th, 2010 11:10 am

    I am with the hailey family. I came aboard sprint because they where offering the military discounts. There’s no discount bill just keeps climbing with extras just like the ASL. I did call an complain about the ASL. Long of the short they said they where going to knock 15% off the monthly bill, but couldn’t remove the ASL. i still will not stay with them, just for the shear fact of how they are operating and i know what they are doing is to hope i go outside the 30days and i will be stuck with them once again.
    food for thought! –most likely Sprint is playing on how bad the economy is and anyone that has less then perfect credit, will be stuck with sprint and not be able to reastablish a account with another cell company if they terminate the account with them. Hence they get stuck with the 5.00 dollar fee. Nice move sprint.
    You lost another military member and will pass the word on to others to terminate the account with you

  43. nailfr0g on January 16th, 2010 12:08 pm

    This is a out rage, five years of service and they subject me to this act of arbitrary bullshit. How can this be allowed. BOYCOTT!

  44. 10 years plus on January 16th, 2010 1:40 pm

    After having and multiple plans and the account for over 10 years, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I just cancelled the account.

    It’s all about how can we get more money without any effort.

  45. OnStrike on January 16th, 2010 6:42 pm

    I DON’T HAVE A PHONE….I HAVE AN AIRCARD FOR THE INTERNET…and I am going to be charged this fee because “I may go over my limit for using the internet”….What?!!!!!!….I was never told of a limit for using the internet…she rattled off the megabytes I used last month and told me I almost went over by 432347 megabytes…I WILL FIGHT THIS…

  46. OnStrike on January 16th, 2010 6:46 pm

    Check out http://www.straighttalk.com …metro pcs…and boost mobile….for a cell phone…I purchased a samsung slide for 99 bucks and $45 each month for unlimited everything. I have a blackberry on a metro service account for 50 a month unlimited everything.

  47. Need a better Wireless Carrier on January 17th, 2010 2:17 pm

    Just got off the phone with the customer service at Sprint PCS… They informed me that Sprint can change their customer’s plan/ contract at anytime. The recent change is the ASL…Which is suppose to “enhance” my service with Sprint… This is not enhancements… It is a burden. Sprint gave their customers two options… automatic payments or a fee. As a graduate assistant, my budget is tight because my income is below minimum wage. In the past, Sprint has charge me for services that I did not use. There is a possibility that I can still be overcharged in the future, which will cause overdraft charges to my account because of an item that was not budgeted. I see the two options that Sprint gave as an imposition. I am not an happy customer and I am against this sort of power that companies like Sprint hold. As of today, Sprint is on my list of companies not to do business with.

  48. WeighUrOptions on January 18th, 2010 8:32 am

    I have been a loyal customer with Sprint for 9 years, and I am outraged by this new fee, I have also filed a complaint with the FCC (thanks for the link above).

    Here are your options as a Sprint Customer faced with the ASL program charge of $4.99.

    1.) Call Customer Service (CS), if you have a minimum of 18 months of on time payments, you can request to be graduated from the ASL program. Sprint MAY graduate you from the program, at THEIR discretion and with sufficient history, which removes your preset spending limit and monthly charge of $4.99.
    2.) Eat the fee. After doing some price shopping I have come to the sad realization that even with an additional $4.99 a month, there is not another carrier that would be able to provide to same coverage at a comparable price.
    3.) Sign up for Automated Bill Payment. I really do not feel comfortable with giving Sprint the option to withdraw funds directly from my bank account, as they are a bunch of retards, and I know that this would only cause a headache of endless calls to recover unwarranted charges and such.
    4.) Cancel your Account/Contract without incurring an Early Termination Fee (ETF). Given that this fee will constitute a material change in your contract, you have the right to terminate your service and contract at no cost within 30 days of receipt of the notification letter or 30 days from the inception of the new fee, Sprint will waive the ETF.

    I guess the reality of it is that Sprint has put a lot of thought into this before making this decision. There may some back end gains that we are not seeing, that makes this a profitable move for Sprint. Just to name a few off the top of my head:

    Get rid of dead beet customers.
    Profit on additional fees and create immediate cash flow.
    Save time and money on late payment notification and labor cost associated with late payments

    Bottom line is you have to Weigh Your Options and figure out what is going to be best for you before you do anything.

    Me, im going to eat the $4.99 fee. There are no benefit for me to cancel me account/contract and switch to another carrier, unless just want a higher monthly bill. And I am damn sure not going to give Sprint the ability to ACH my bank accounts, as this would only end in hours of lost time on the phone trying to recover unwarranted charges that they would surely “MISTAKENLY” take over and over.

  49. medfordite on January 19th, 2010 11:58 am

    I have been able to achieve the following with Sprint on this…

    I am a Simply Everything customer with them and have been for the past 12 months. I declined lesser plan with them to save $40/month on their 450minutes/all data plan. (I use 1500 minutes monthly).

    After arguing with the rep (who by the way is VERY well versed and trained in this), we settled on the following:

    I find new carrier no later than 03/01/10 and request my number to be ported. At said time of porting, my service will cancel, and I WILL BE BILLED THE ETF, however, call Sprint upon receipt of ETF billing and refer to said reference number provided to me
    via rep and they will Zero out the ETF.

    Smells sort of fishy to me…

  50. juju2010 on January 19th, 2010 3:50 pm

    Just called sprint.Spent 35 mins trying to reach an agreement.
    Cancelled my 2 lines with NO ETF!!!!
    I used David Ferrigno advice(post december 30th 2009) and told them:
    “If you are affected by this ASL fee, call Sprint, let them know you’re not agreeing to it. Additionally, this qualifies as a materially adverse contract change which allows you to escape Sprint’s ETF fee. If they tell you otherwise and charge you an ETF, be sure to collect and send all correspendonce to your state’s attorney general office and consumer affairs bureau.”
    And it worked!!!
    They will try to give you $25,$50,$75 credits.Just keep saying NO!
    And tell them that you want to talk to their supervisor!!!
    Sprint?! Never again!!!!

  51. pissedatsprint on January 20th, 2010 8:03 pm

    Look at what I found on Sprints own Terms & conditions webite (www.sprint.com/termsandconditions) under the category labeled “Account Spending Limits (“ASL”)” ….

    “An ASL is for our benefit only and should not be relied on by you to manage usage.”

    How then can THEY charge US for something that was created for THEIR benefit!

  52. rand5190 on January 21st, 2010 4:49 pm

    This is a dangerous fee, and I think should be reviewed by the FCC and your State’s Attorney General because it can set a standard. What is your Electric company, cable company, auto lease company, landlord, etc. told you they must take your $$ right out of your account starting tomorrow.

    It gives you less control over your money and gives the advantage to the company if they mistakingly overcharge you or if you want to dispute a charge. They already have the $$, try getting it back….. Not so easy when they already moved $$$ from your account to theirs.

  53. rand5190 on January 21st, 2010 4:53 pm

    Can anybody post a link on how to put an inquiry to the FCC or state’s attorney general? Any suggestions on what government agency should look at this? I wonder how you get a class action suit started or what agency stopped T-Mobile from charging their recently disputed new fee.

  54. speakermark on January 21st, 2010 8:11 pm

    Received the letter today (1/21) and the letter is dated December 21st… what a joke! After reading online about the ASL, what it is, and what people were doing about it, I called customer care to try and get it removed from my account as there is no way I would pay an additional fee and I don’t want my bank/debit/credit card information stored with them.

    Customer care was very unwilling to help and was very knowledgeable about the ASL (stated your account needs to be 18 months old and in “good standing”), and she kept repeating there was nobody to contact to address the issue and that it was taken care of automatically (which is a lie, as it was still on my account). Before getting too frustrated, she mentioned I should try Sprint Chat.

    Sprint chat worked wonderfully for me once I stated everything above and the representative looked at my account. All it takes is getting them to run a credit check, but apparently customer care wouldn’t do this for me. Being polite on chat definitely helps as well.

    The $4.99 fee is ridiculous and shame on Sprint for charging more and trying to shove this as “helpful” for the customers.

    Also more ridiculous is the monthly fee they charge that is buried in the Regulatory Charge that is either $0.20 or $0.40 per line, per month.

    I’m still on Sprint due to the great plan I have, but I wouldn’t wish Sprint customer care on my worst enemy. My advice is to keep calling or try Sprint chat to try and get off of ASL, or use this as an excuse to get out of an ETF.

  55. michelle on January 23rd, 2010 1:50 pm

    unfortunately, i have been dealing with horrible coverage and service from sprint for quite some time. i did not cancel my service due to the ETF fees. however, using their “contract” terms, i cancelled without having to pay those fees. i will not pay an additional 4.99 a month because i choose to not have them deduct it from my bank account. this is total horse s&&t and i wont stand for it, why should i be penalized for a service i am not satisfied with! thanks sprint for the loophole! bastards!

  56. Molly on January 27th, 2010 9:05 am

    I just called to find out about my contract end date with Sprint because I knew it was coming up – when asked my reasons I let them know that I had moved and AT&T has better coverage and that I was pissed about the ASL fee. She told me I had to initiate the conversation but since I had she could tell me that I can cancel my contract now without penalty because of the change of contract. I was told that I should port my numbers to AT&T or whomever and when I receive a bill for the $200 contract cancellation to call Sprint and they would refund the bill. She made a note to my account – my contract is up in March Im not sure its worth the hassle to move sooner. She said if I didn’t want to port my number she could go ahead and cancel me right then with no fee and without the billing part. She told me I did have to wait to get a bill with the fee and that the fee posted to my account today so that I should wait until I get my bill to transfer service.

  57. Angela on January 29th, 2010 8:35 pm

    *WOW* how stupid can Sprint be? To even think for a moment that they can charge $4.99 all of a sudden like that. Did they forget about the SURCHARGES on top of the taxes that we also pay? what makes me even more mad is the fact that the only thing I have with Sprint is the wireless internet services. FORTUNATELY I DO NOT have my cell phone with them. At any rate I called the customer service dept about this and they said sorry your account is still ASL and unless you sign up for automatic payments there is nothing we can do. I explained to them that automatic payments is NOT an option. Not because I don’t have the means for direct payments it’s just that i have been down this road before with another company and it was a nightmare to cancel and my bank account was seriously overcharged and that just caused grief. and explained to them that I made a promise to myself to never ever be in that situation again. (I do learn from my mistakes sometimes) furthermore I made some very VALID POINTS like I don’t even have my cell phone with Sprint (THANK-GOD) so therefore the courtesy texts they supposedly send in regards to ASL DOES NOT help me where is the BENEFIT? Also I said how can I go over my limit if there is no such thing as downloads/games/ringtones/directory assistance calls/. Then I argued with the rep that with the services I have there is ONLY 1 Plan available and I couldn’t even change plans if I wanted to. so Sprint is not done hearing from me about this. I will make multiple calls in regards to this until someone actually does something about this. Also I will be making complaints to the attorney generals office as well as the BBB and the FCC. Sprint did you really think about this? I don’t think so.Actually I’m convinced the only thing sprint thinks about is going out of business.

  58. Talon1dude on February 1st, 2010 12:21 am

    Jan. 28, 2010
    Today I talked with Sprint Customer Care service about the $5 ASL fee. Anthony “account manager” in New Mexico call center, was extremely RUDE, AGGRESSIVE and OFFENSIVE! He went on with his “canned retention” speech and offering a plan of lesser value, and would NOT stop talking! He actually continued talking over our voice, and would NOT stop talking or listen! After asking to be escalated to a manager, he said he was the “account manager” and would not escalate the call. The ONLY way to get him to stop talking, was to YELL into the phone “HELLO” “HELLO” “HELLO” he would NOT stop talking or listen!
    Anthony said ” because this $4.99 ASL fee is NOT in our contract, the contract is now VOID and there are NO termination fees.” This is in direct conflict with Michael H. who in Sprint’s “on-line chat” told me yesterday Jan. 27th 2010 that there will be a $100 / line early termination fee. Who do you believe? The “account manager” who TOLD YOU no fee, or the first level customer service rep. who in WRITING said it’s $100 per line fee.

    I was finally escalated to “manager” James employee # 310664. James told us “If we notify Sprint that we want to CANCEL service, we have 30 days to port our numbers to another carrier WITHOUT having to pay the contract termination fees.” After asking James for Anthony’s employee #, he refused! James said he would escalate this call to his manager, and placed me on HOLD. A minute later, James said “his manager was busy and she would return our call in 24- 48 hours and HUNG-UP!

    So.. it appears, according to James, SPRINT BREACHED it’s contracts with its ASL customers. If you did not agree to $4.99 per month PENALTY as stated in your SPRINT CONTRACT, then SPRINT has BREACHED your contract.

    While in the middle of writing this post, a Sprint Customer Care SUPERVISOR called me. Ms. Sullivan was polite, courteous, LISTENED, and VERY professional. After hearing my issue, She, did explain that this new SPRINT policy was going into effect regardless, and it will be charged to all Sprint’s ASL customers who do NOT wish to enroll in the Automatic Payment Plan. She did admit, that if YOU agree to pay the $4.99 on your bill, then you ACCEPT the new terms of YOUR contract, and you will be billed the monthly charge. I was informed that Sprint is the only carrier that pro-rates your termination fee. (The longer in your contract the smaller the termination fee) Ms. Sullivan is aware many people are upset about this $4.99 ASL charge and will forward my issue up the line. When asked of my intentions, I told her I was in the middle of a post on COMPLAINTSBOARD.com and will be looking into switching to another carrier. (probably BOOST) $50 a month gets you… unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited web brouse, and using the same towers so I will get the same coverage.

    Cut my cell bill for 2 phones, from $200 plus, a month with a contract and (who knows how many more fees) to $100 per month, prepaid, NO contract. I won’t miss paying the additional $100 a month plus!

    Sprint must feel very confident about this new policy. Force you into give up your personal banking information and possible identity theft. (who is going to suffer that LITTLE problem) or PUNISH you by charging you $4.99 every month for 18 months IF your payment is NEVER late. (I did agree to a late fee in my contract)

    “Common Sense” for BIG business Give up a $200 /month account; for a stupid $5 /month PENALTY.

    Please tell everyone you know! Post your complaints on other sites. We will be contacting “8 on your side” local TV station in Las Vegas that helps consumers whenever possible. Contact your local news media and see if they will be willing to post or air your issue.

  59. Andy G on February 3rd, 2010 4:26 pm

    Thanks for all of the comments on this site. I was researching this topic online while I looked at my bill and noticed the additional charge, only to call into Sprint and get the same experience that most/all of you had with Sprint Customer Service.

    I haven’t seen anyone mention, or maybe someone has more knowledge than me (hopefully): Does this fee, and the way that they assess customers credit to determine the ASL – does this fee violate any Fair Credit, or Fair Consumer Act? Or maybe does it violate any State Laws? (I live in MA)

    Thanks in advance for your input.


  60. Tionka on February 6th, 2010 2:19 pm

    Really considering filing a class action law suit against sprint. If sprint wanted to do this they should of just put this fee on all NEW contracts that was signed not existing ones. I understand they are letting people out of their contracts with no cancelation fees but what about the future fees that people are going to get by signing new contracts; activation fees, buying a new phone because the sprint phone isn’t going to work, thats around 400 to 500 dollars that we wouldnt have to spend if sprint wouldnt have breeched the contract which they did. I refuse to let anyone into my account or let sprint force me to let them automatically withdraw funds from my account!!!! They must pay and Im going to make sure they due so!

  61. MadCustomer on February 8th, 2010 6:03 pm

    Call retentions 866-235-1185. Tell them your situation. I had the matter cleared up. The customer service reps will just anger you. They’re useless because they’re just listening to their superiors and the superiors just think about what will give them more money. In retentions they actually think logically and critically. If you’re unwilling to attempt to sign up for autopay I have no sympathy for you. However, I do feel the entire matter is complete bullshit.

    By the way, you do have until the 12th to cancel your contract without repercussion.

  62. Krauser98 on February 9th, 2010 3:45 pm

    I just got done chatting with a sprint rep. After about 30 minutes, I was removed from the program and will not be charged for it. I simply informed them that I’ve made all the payments and penalty fees which I agreed to when I signed the contract and that I did not agree to pay $5/mo to be in the program. I further stated that I did not want to be in the program and never asked to be in it. After that I was then removed from the “Spending Limit Program” by a supervisor.

  63. Txtwister on February 12th, 2010 10:17 am

    Yeah!! I cancelled my contract with Sprint yesterday with no problem. Went with Metro PCS with unlimited everything for only $50 amonth which includes taxes. See ya Sprint you rip off!!

  64. lital on February 13th, 2010 11:54 am

    I hear you, and I am very mad at these actions. again just another situation were people who actually need to save every penny and can’t do automatic payment are the ones who get charged.
    Well, obviously guys I will switch to another provider and so will many of you even if the other provider is worst, but don’t you guys wanna make the company feel the same way they made you feel? if every one of us switched and made sure every one in his or her family and all friends do the same don’t you think that will make this company think twice before they charge people additional charges out of the blue and make you feel better?
    Well I will. They say this is our term and conditions, This is my terms and conditions!

  65. Kathleen L. on February 19th, 2010 6:18 am

    After 4 and half years of being a loyal Sprint customer, I switched to AT&T several days ago. My decision was based ENTIRELY on the fact that my account was now subject to Sprint’s new 4.99 account spending limit fee (per month). I feel that this fee is just an additional way for Sprint to line it’s proverbial pockets at the expense of its loyal customers. While an article on the Sprint website attempts to make it seem like a customer would receive an additional benefit by paying this fee each month, I can see no benefit that justifies the cost. In fact, with the exception of an Account Balance Moniter (which you can download to ONLY select phones), Sprint appears not to be offering anything new for this fee. All the “benefits” that Sprint mentions, were previously available to every customer, even those without on ASL. Essentially, Sprint is tacking on an extra fee that benefits ONLY Sprint, not the customer.

    I feel that this fee just shows that Sprint is not loyal to its customers who have been loyal to Sprint. I have stuck by Sprint even when my friends were switching to other companies that offered nicer phones or better service. I have even convinced several people (who were not sprint customers at the time) to sign up for Sprint’s Simply Everything Plan ($99.00 per month). Obviously, I will no longer recommend Sprint at all. In fact, I will do quite the opposite; if anyone I know is even considering Sprint, I will make sure to tell them about the terrible experience I had with the company.

    SPRINT: Shame on you!! I hope the revenue from this fee is really worth losing loyal customers like myself. For what would of been an additional 5 dollars a month in your pockets, you just lost out on the almost $100 per month I paid for my phone service. As I said before, I hope it was worth it!!!!!!

    P.S. I would love to talk about this issue further with a Sprint rep. Contact me at my email address.

  66. Reggie on March 23rd, 2010 2:18 pm

    Sprint, Sprint, Sprint, what in the world are you doing? I have been a loyal customer with you for more than 10 years before leaving and going to AT&T. After being with AT&T for only 3 months, I decided their crappy network wasn’t worth the premium I was paying for the use of the iPhone. Now here I am 3 months later after paying a ETF to AT&T only to find out that Sprint is charging me $4.99 for some SLP charge. WTF is this? I don’t know what credit check you ran, however I have a very high credit score – I just checked myself. In my opinion Sprint you on the road to disaster. The one thing you don’t do is SCREW your customers. Things like this will leave a bad taste in our mouths and you will never recover. I can’t speak for others, however I am strong on priciples. I would rather pay more to another carrier that plays it straight than to give you one extra penny for trying to play us for a fool. If folks don’t pay their bill then cut their service off, simple as that. You don’t penalize the rest at the expense of others. See I am a phone junkie…I enjoy staying up on the lastest and greatest gadgets. I have a lot of friends that value my opinion on phone and carriers (yes I have used them all). No I don’t want to set up automatic payments – I enjoy sending you a check in the mail. Well Sprint, I am sorry to say, that I will no longer be able to speak highly of your company with this latest stunt you just pulled. Before, I was trying to send business your way in the hopes of moving you up to the number 2 carrier…with this fiasco you can drop to the bottom of the list as far as I am concerned. Mr. Hesse (spelling) I hope this gets forwarded to you because Sprint just failed Customer Service 101.

  67. Sweetlou on March 31st, 2010 12:49 pm

    It all worked out for me.. I just Changed my SMS messaging from unlimited $20/mo to 1000 for $10/mo and dropped my Sprint TV feature $9.99.. So by them adding this fee it actually is saving me $10/mo… Thanks Sprint.

  68. Sprint Monthly Fee for ASL? - Android Forums on May 3rd, 2010 10:46 pm

    […] Sprint Monthly Fee for ASL? So I stumbled across a site of extremely disgruntled loyal Sprint customers in regards to their decision to implement a $4.99/mo fee to ALL ASL accounts. Does anyone here know why they are applying this fee to ASL accounts? It just seems backwards from the direction Hesse is trying to take Sprint. Anyway just looking for some imput on this topic, thanks! Sprint To Charge New ASL Fee!! – Sprint News & Phone Reviews from SprintUsers […]

  69. really annoyed on May 11th, 2010 7:40 pm

    also been with sprint for more than 10 years. i am so disappointed over this $4.99 asl fee. i too may not pay on the due date but in turn i get a late fee charge added to my bill. now they want to do this unnesseary thing. something is not right at all. if we dont band together & get a class action lawsuit against sprint, then other companys will follow in sprints footsteps. i dont ever care for auto bill pay..i dont get an auto deposit to my bank account,therefore, why should i auto pay you.damn fools!

  70. TONY on June 28th, 2010 5:56 pm

    did u sign for a card or letter stating there are changes. well if not then they have no proof u received it. statue of fraud

  71. Caroline on April 26th, 2011 7:37 am

    Sprint are the worst. I have been a customer for over ten years. they imposed this 4.99 spending limit fee on me also in 2010, based on my credit report of 2000. When I noticed this, I called them and told them if I do not get credit for all the $4.99 charges, I will close my account. Yes there is the early termination fee but I was willing to suck that up on principle and told them so. Bear in mind, I had to be transferred to four different people in order for them to agree to this credit. Surely it is illegal for them to slap on a fee based on an old credit rating. My advice is eye-ball your sprint bill every month. This company are always looking for ways to screw their customers. As soon as my contract expires, I am moving to Verizon Wireless. My boss has been with verizon for over 5 years. Never a problem with them. Yes, it’s about $20 extra a month, but at last you don’t have to waste an hour of your time to get an answer on something and they don’t hit you with the hidden charges. In fact, if I won the lotto, I would use my personal time and money to sue them. It would be an all about media campaign.

  72. DQ on May 15th, 2011 4:37 pm

    I signed up for a sprint wireless 4g internet, and was never told about the 4.99 fee. In fact, I was told that my credit was “excellent”. I then signed up for the two year contract. A week later I received a letter notification of poor credit and the 4.99 fee. From this juncture, I reported this corrupt baiting business practice to the BBB and the FCC… I was still under my 30 day contract, and was planning to cancel at this point because Sprint had lost my trust with their policy of misiniformation and baiting/hooking customers. I was a couple days outside of my 30 day cancellation, and I called Sprint telling them I would like to cancel my service. I was then told explicitly by a Sprint representative that I could send auto-payments through my own bank, instead of Sprint auto-pay, and that Sprint would accept this and remove my 4.99 fees from that point forward. Guess what? Sprint lied to me. I called the next month and Sprint said that their customer service rep and/or credit department had made a mistake and that they would not be accountable anyway, and that I would still have to pay their $5 fee or what amounts to $120 over the life of the contract. Very deceptive business practices.

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