Sprint Airave successor Revealed by FCC

By: Mark Tiedemann April 7th, 2010

One of the key features that the current Airave lacks, which is currently manufactured by Samsung is that it only supports 1x data and not EVDO (3G) data.  AT&T already has the 3G MicroCell and Verizon is getting an updated model later this year.    But look no more, the FCC has revealed plans for the forthcoming successor to the current Sprint Airave to be manufactured by Airvana.
In addition to supporting EVDO data, one of the interesting features is that there’s a VoIP routed land line connection in the back, it’ll be interesting to see what Sprint does with this.

Sprint has not officially announced the new Airave model at this time.

Source: Engdaget, FCC

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One Response to “Sprint Airave successor Revealed by FCC”

  1. eric_cartman on April 11th, 2010 11:35 pm

    Few pointers and questions.

    Reading thru the document, it is nice to see that Sprint implemented some router functionality, so people dont have to buy their own router to split their internet connection. You can hook up 2 computers behind the femtocell when its hooked up to the modem.

    Also, there is a port to hook up a landline phone for voice service. Does this mean sprint is getting back into the voip/landline game? Or is this a setup where you can use your landline phone to make calls thru your cell? (like a bt headset)

    Also, seems the femtocell is pretty big. But thats my observation.

    Just a quip, since the 4g evo is coming out, it would have been nice if this was a 4g femtocell. Sprint could have owned the game then.

    I like the fact that you can ‘log in’ to the femtocell to make adjustments.

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