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iPhone 5

Official Sprintusers Review
Reviewed by: Gary Little
Edited by: Juan M
Lightning connector, Audio connector same end as the data/power cable, NO YOUTUBE!!! 4Ē screen, but same width as the 4S. OS updates available on the day the next version of iOS is released. Outstanding battery life.
Problems getting some icons to activate - possibly due to my large fingers. Fixed,unremovable, battery. If the battery fails, you are more than likely looking at a complete replacement.
Great phone that continues to use Apple's ingenuity and design. The phone works well and the battery lasts me an entire day. Some features I don't use but hey, nothing is perfect.
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Editor's Review
iPhone 5 Review

There is nothing startling or innovative in the physical design of the 5. Mine is a black rectangle with round corners, and a top and bottom bezeled edge. It is thinner, lighter, and longer than the 4S, but it is still a simple rectangle. There is nothing wrong with that at all. The same form factor for every smartphone I have had since 2002 has been a rectangle, except for a Samsung Windows smartphone, which was a flip phone. I give the iPhone 5 a 9 in design points because of the Lightning connector and the audio connector on the same end. That improves cable management for me, and deserves extra points. I also like that it has a 4Ē display, but stayed the same width.


Durability is admittedly a bit of an unknown, and one that I do not want to test. Within 24 hours of receiving the 5, I had ZAGG shields on both the front and the back. I also carry it in a holster, not in a shirt pocket, and absolutely never in my pants pocket, whether front or back. If and when Mophie sells a Juice Pack for the 5, Iíll get it and their holster. The black anodized aluminum sides will, over time, show wear. Brushed aluminum could alleviate the scratches that will happen, but the black sides are not bad.

I have had problems getting some of the icons to activate. The most aggravating one is getting AirPlay to work from my Audible app, but I tend to think that is a fat-finger problem. The following picture is of the Audible app with the AirPlay icon down at the bottom of the display. That is almost impossible for me to use to activate Airplay, at least I have as yet to find the sweet spot.


Number one feature for me is the Lightning connector. The 30-pin connector always impressed me as fragile, simply an accident waiting to happen. On the 4S I opted for a Mophie Juice Pack case which changed the connector to a USB mini, but even that
failed, and required the first Juice Pack to be replaced. The Lightning connector appears to be solidly built, but only time and usage will prove how susceptible it is to failure. The biggest plus for the new connector is that it does not require a specific orientation, eaning you can plug it in, in the dark, and not have to fumble and fool around, or turn on a light.

I also like the placement of the audio connector. When I use the audio connector while the data connector is in use, itís easier to manage both cables than the juxtaposition that has been used in the past.

OS updates: Itís an Apple product and any OS update is available when Apple releases the next iOS update. You donít have to wait for the carrierís blessings, and or mangling of the OS.

4Ē display: Yes, this has been a subject of ridicule, but I like it. The width of the display is perfect for my sexagenarian, that means over 60, arthritic thumbs. Any wider and I would have to use both hands to get to all of the icons, and one handed operation is rather handy.

Passbook: I havenít used it as yet, but I like the possibility it presents for boarding passes.

Maps: I like what I see, and have had no problems, but I have really only played with it, and have not used it for major navigation.

YouTube: Itís GONE!!! Thank god!! The 5 is not wasting resources on something I seldom, if ever use. I did install the free YouTube app from the app store and find that meets my needs; mainly that I can remove it if I want. Now if I could just get rid of Stocks.

Weather: Still from Yahoo and still a piece of crap.

Folders: Drag an icon onto another icon and drop it. Tap that folder and rename it. I donít think this is new to iOS 6, but I have been using it to group icons on my 5.

iOS: The 5 arrives with 6 already installed. Iíve been using 6 since beta 3 was released to developers and I find it solid it a solid operating system.

I had little trouble moving from an HTC 4G EVO to an iPhone 4S a year ago and out of the box, the 5 was up and running in a few minutes. Within an hour it was completely up to date with all of my apps, music, audio and e-books. I find the integration and use of
the iCloud to be excellent, as well as the use of iTunes for syncing with my MacBook.

Battery life is probably the single most outstanding feature of the iPhone and it continues in the iPhone 5. The Windows and Android phones I have had, were best described as power hogs. I can easily get an entire day on a single charge with the 5, and not have to
worry about carrying extra batteries or battery chargers. As of right now, the battery is at 82% with 1 hour 2 minutes in usage and 7 hours and 48 minutes on standby.

I donít live in a 4G/LTE area so I cannot review the 5ís use on the higher speed networks. My area does have good 3G, however, and I have had no performance issues using 3G where I live or where I work. I nearly always keep the phone on WiFi, thanks to the battery life, and get excellent response when connected to my home network or to public hotspots such as Panera or small businesses in my community.

I did do some comparison testing between the 5 and a new iPad, both 64GB, and both on iOS 6. The 5 opened all apps faster and loaded web pages, both using WiFi, faster than the new iPad. Not surprising, and most likely due to the A6 processor.

Also, keep in mind that as of this writing there is no jailbreak. Any jailbreak released for 6.0 will more than likely be obviated by 6.x which is just round the corner. However, I donít jailbreak, and really donít care about that.

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