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Handset Firmware Updates

This list contains the latest firmware update version information for all of Sprint's recent PCS handsets. All models are listed numerically and broken up alphabetically by company. The only way to update your firmware verison is by physically going inside a Sprint PCS store and giving your handset to a Sprint Store tech. The tech will take your phone in the back room, hook it up to a computer, and manually update the software version. This process normally takes ~30 minutes. It is always a good idea to call before going into the store because techs don't always work the same hours that the store is open.

If you notice that anything is out of date, please click here and notify us.

Latest PRL Update: 10037

EV-DO PRL: 20227

Treo 300: 1.0.1
Treo 600: 1.2
Treo 650: 1.13

G1000: 4.00E 10007-69
P300: S2A34

2255: JS1.0.17
2345: JY1.0.12

Lucky Goldstar (LG)
1010: SP31
1200: SP29
4NE1: DB23SP23
5200: D52SP018
5250: D525SP23
5350: LX535021
125: VI125V11
225: PM225V10
325: PM325V20
535: MM535V43
5225: LX540V08

V120c: 2100.03.1A
v60v: v60.1.20
StarTAC: 7058
Timeport: 7058

3585i: B130V0200
3588i: D125V1200
6016i: M125V0300
6225: VH125V1003

BlackBerry 7750:
BlackBerry 7250:

3500: VK05
8500: VJ24
A400: WA23
A460: WI19
A500: WD29
A600: XC31
A620/VGA1000: WL15
A660/VI660: XA28
A680: YG08
A700: YB15
A740: YG19
A760: YC30
A790: YA31
A800: YD11
A840: YH09
A880: YH19
A900: ZA06
I300: UJ12
I330: WK19
I500: XG23
I600: XK29
N200: VJ25
N240: VF17
N270: WD17
N300: VJ31
N400: WD12

200: 1.005SP
2300: 1.005SP
4500: 3.0036SP
4700: 1.113SP
4900: 1.059SP
5000: 1.031SP
5150: 1.109SP
5300: 1.038SP
5400/RL2500: 1.034SP
5500/VM4500: 1.011SP
5600: 1.010SP
6000: 1.029SP
6200: 1.018SP
6400: 1.032SP
7200/RL2000: 2.046SP
7300: 1.007SP
7400: 1.030SP
8100: 1.116SP
8200: 1.007SP
8300: 1.005SP
9000: 1.012SP
SCP-4000: 2.0033SP

T608: R1E

TP1100: P51LGP51
TP2100: FPC_05.01.02
TP2200: FPC_04.01.02
TP3000: SP130DA1

4050: 132.037

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