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Sanyo 5600 FAQs w/ Answers

Due to some misinformation, and 10000 threads on the same exact topic, I've compiled a list of common questions and answers for the MM5600.

MM5600 includes, in a box: 16MB miniSD card, USB data cable, and phone.

Q. What video format is supported by the 5600, and where do I save it to view on the phone?

A. The phone supports .3gp and .mp4 video formats, and you need to save the files in the MEDIA folder. Just keep the memory card in the phone, connect the USB cable, and select MASS STORAGE from the menu.

Q. How do I put mp3 files on my phone to listen to on the mp3 player?

A. You have to connect the cable to the phone, then select "MASS STORAGE" as the option which shows up on the phone, then just drag and drop all your mp3 files into the MEDIA folder. Or, you can connect the miniSD card into the SD adaptor, then connect it to your PC's card reader, and save the mp3 files into the MEDIA folder.

Q. How do I get the video's on the phone?

A. Thats how

Q. How can I get my mp3s into ringers which I can play on the phone?

A. Going to this thread:

Q. Can I use the mp3s on the memory card as ringers?

A. No, but you can see the previous question and answer and it will show how to make them into ringers.

Q. How many speed dial locations does it have?

A. 9, just like all other Sanyo phones.

Q. How's the reception on it?

A. Works great in NJ Try it yourself because it differs from area to area.

Q. How is the earpiece?

A. Even more subjective, its based on how good your ears are. Sounds fine to me.

Q. How do I get files onto the phone?

A. Put the card into the phone, then goto Tools -> miniSD -> miniSD Settings -> Format. Once you do that, connect the cable, and select Mass Storage from the menu. Then, in My Computer, you can drag and drop files into the /MEDIA folder.

Q. Why do my ringers sound so low?

A. Make sure to remove the plastic over the speaker.

Q. What happened to my fun frames and fun tools on my camera?

A. Lower the resolution of the camera, and you can see the fun frames and color tones.

Q. How is the camera compared to other models?

A. It is comparable to other sanyo's. Obdviously the picture is bigger. The pics are good in high light. In low light it starts to get grainy.

Q. Can you use other headphones with the phone?

A. Yes, any that have a 2.5mm jack.

Q. How can I transfer my phonebook?

A. To be safe, wait for until the sprint stores get the software. Some people have used Bitpim with luck.

Q. Does BitPim work with it?

A. Supposedly, but not fully supported yet.

Q. Does Futuredial work with it?

A. No, and someone has claimed that they fried their phone using it. Wait until the 5600 is supported to use it.

Q. What drivers do I use?

A. People have said the 5500 drivers work, or the 7400, but again, use at your own risk.

Q. What happens when your playing an MP3 and you get a phonecall, does the mp3 pause then does the phone ring?

A. The mp3 does pause, and the phone will ring like normal. You will also see who it is from the screen. When you hang up, it goes back to the media player and you can start playing it again.

Q. Is there a limitation on web viewing like the 4050?

A. Nope, all sites work

Q. What web browser is on it?

A. Netfront 3.1

Q. Can I play games off the card?

A. No, only from internal memory

Q. What kind of card does it use?

A. miniSD

Q. How's the keypad? Is it evenly lit?

A. Yes

Q. How much internal memory does it have?

A. 3 MB

Q. Has anyone used the mp3 player enough to be able to tell how much it drains the battery?

A. I played MP3's at work through my headphones for 4 hours straight. Then used the phone throughout the day to make calls. Came home that night and uploaded two movies, and watched one. Still had full battery bars after that.

Q. Can you listen to songs while using vision or playing games etc.?

A. No

Q. Half or Full duplex Speakerphone?

A. Half

Q. Can you charge the phone using the usb data cable?

A. The cable that it comes with will not charge the phone.
Will calls come in while charging via usb?

Q. Can you take a video with the phone while its recorded directly to miniSD? Insted of recording to the phones internal memory then transfering?

A. Yes, there is a setting for that. Turn on your camcorder, then goto Options->Camcorder Settings->Video Quality->miniSD Rich

** Feel free to let me know what other questions/answers I can add to here, to helped reduce the clutter on the forum **
My replies and comments contain my opinion on the matters which have been posted, and do not represent the rules, policies and regulations of my employer and should not be taken as such.

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