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Old 02-20-2010, 01:05 PM   #1
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Have you had problems getting your rebate money from Sprint?

Greetings, if you have had problems getting Sprint to send you your rebate check, please give me your stories. Did Sprint take too long or promise to send it by a certain date and then fail to do so and or move back the date? Did they decline your check without a good reason or without refunding your money that you paid up front for your phone hoping to get a rebate to cover the money you shelled out for the phone?
If you have had problems like this or anything else related to problems getting your money back, or problems with Sprint employees while trying to get your money back please give me your stories.
I have had nothing but lies and run-arounds from Sprint and I need your stories to help to put a stop to their unfair practices. With enough complaints from Sprint customers I can force Sprint to change their tactics or force them to give you your rebate either instantly like Best Buy and Radio Shack does or credited to you second phone bill (After 30 days). But I can't help future Sprint customers or possibly get something for the people who have already had problems, something back for their troubles unless I have enough complaints from Sprint customers to use their complaints as power against Sprint.
So please give me your stories and see if we can change this rebate nightmare!
Now here is my Sprint rebate Nightmare.

Thank you,

I myself first mailed in for a $50 rebate for the first phone I bought from Sprint a Sanyo 3810 which I decided to exchange within the 30 day grace period for a LG LX370 which had GPS built into it and the Sanyo phone didn't.
When I exchanged the phones I didn't get a refund because both phone were Free after $50 mail-in rebate. The LG phone having a retail price of $299 and the Sanyo $249 actually made it so that I had to shell out $2.88 more to cover the difference in tax for the LG phone. I also added the Data package to my plan which added another $10 a month to my bill. That's because Sprint told me you can't have the GPS service unless you have a Data plan. ( Come to find out that the GPS systems that are built into all of the phone on the market work by default and Sprint reprograms them so that they will only work with their software they install after they get them (Why does this not surprise me!))
The very next day after doing this exchange I was having problems with the LG getting onto and staying on the Internet. If I was able to get it to boot up the web it would freeze up and or crash the phone. I contacted Tech support at least 2 or three times to see if they knew what was wrong. The first two times they had me pull the battery and wait a minute and put it back and reboot. This did virtually nothing to solve the problem. Then I had one tech have me pull the battery and also send my phone a software update. This only fix the problem about 10% but it still would keep getting error messages.
So after a couple of weeks of this I read on a Cell phone review website that this LG did not work very well on the Internet when they tested it for their review. They said it's design did not have enough memory and processing speed to smoothly navigate the web. So after reading this I decided that I better just pony-up the extra money and get a Blackberry if I didn't want to be stuck with this LG hunk of junk for the next two years.
So I brought it back within the 30 days that I had it, to the Sprint store in my area and told the clerk that I wanted to exchange the LG for a Blackberry 8330 and I would pay the extra cost of $150 - $100 rebate. I told her that the LG was crashing and freezing about 90% of the time when I would try to use the Internet. I told her that the phone is poorly designed and either she take it back with no restock fee or I wanted to cancel my Data service because I was not going to pay for a service that the phone that Sprint sold me can't work properly on. She agreed and I asked her about refunding my money I paid for the LG / Sanyo phone and she said since I was exchanging the phone and I had already mailed in a rebate form, I could not get a refund but would be getting the $50 rebate. So told her OK but I better get my rebate money! So I paid for the Blackberry had it activated and off I went. About a week later I sent in the $100 rebate form for the Blackberry and a few days later I went to the Sprint rebates web page to check on my $50 rebate. The page showed that my $50 rebate had been approved and was in the final stage of processing.
a couple of weeks later when I took a look at my new service bill I see this $35 fee for equipment and I get right on the phone to Sprint. They told me I was being charged a $35 restock fee. I couldn't get anyone I called at Sprint to remove this charge. So I sent an email to the email address that is supposed to help you if you can't get the normal morons at Sprint CS to help you.
I explained what was happening to me and a couple of days latter this woman from Sprint called me and I explained my situation and she said she would investigate and get back to me.
Well the next day I went to the Rebates web page to check on the status of my money getting back to me. You can imagine how pissed off I was when I saw that the page that said it was almost completed processing to your rebate was declined! I contacted this Tamara B. that was supposed to be helping me get the restock fee resolved and after another day she emailed me and stated that my $50 for the Sanyo phone I purchased was declined because I was only allowed 1 rebate refund per phone number. So to save you all of the Gory details and speed up this letter a bit. Sprint still will not either refund my money for the Sanyo phone or send me the $50 for the rebate and they still will not remove the restocking fee and my $100 rebate has been listed on the rebate tracking site as issued and mailed out on the 9th of Jan and I will get it in 7-10 days but that 10 day due date has come and gone 4 times now with them setting a new delivery date every time I doesn't show up. The last email Sprint sent stated that if I didn't get my rebate check by now that it must have been lost in the mail and they will have to issue a new one which will take another 45 days to process. Does this sound familiar to you?
What I would like you to do Mr. Mike if you would help me out by giving me a statement emailed back to me with your experience you had trying to get Sprint to give you your rebate check. give me the rough dates and how long it was before you finally got paid and what Sprint did each time as an excuse to delay paying you.
The reason why I am asking for your help is I am sure there are many more Sprint customers who have been lied to and either had their rebates declined or took far too long to get paid out to them. I want to know what kind of deceptive tactics they would try to pull to hold onto you money a little longer each month.
If I can find enough Sprint customers with similar tactics and situations as both of us have experienced, then I may be able to go after them hard and make them stop pulling this crap with the public. If I can do this they will either be banned from doing rebates for a period of time or may be ordered to refund customers rebates within 30 days which is what the FTC ordered the IOMEGA Company to do a few years ago for doing the almost exact same thing that Sprint is doing to us.
If there turns out to be probable cause to pursue this would you be willing to give your affidavit to support a case against Sprint? If so I can’t promise that it will ever get that far or if it did if you would or I for that matter ever see any money out of it. But we might have a good chance to force Sprint to stop scamming the public and it might be fun to watch them sweat and squirm.

Jim O
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Last time I checked, when you return a phone, you do NOT get the rebate back for it, as that would basically be free money. You should have only gotten the rebate for the LAST phone, which is the BB if I read correctly. I am a bit confused about how you paid for each upgrade with your numbers. The mail in rebates should be ignored when switching phones.
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Re: Have you had problems getting your rebate money from Sprint?

Sorry let me clarify, when I exchanged the LG LX370 phone for the Blackberry 8330 at the Sprint store near me, they did not refund the $76.63 I paid for it or apply this amount to the purchase of the Blackberry. Instead they told me that they could not because I had already applied for a $50 rebate for the LG / Sanyo phone. So when I exchanged the LG for the Blackberry I paid the same price everyone else would pay $149.99 with a $100 mail-in rebate. Then about two weeks later Sprint rebates declined my $50 rebate I was suppose to get for the LG / Sanyo phone, stating that I was only allowed one rebate per phone number. This is fine with me but if they do not give me my $50 rebate for the phone then the law says that they must give me back the full amount I paid for the phone, Sprint has given me neither even after call after call and email after email showing proof of all of this. They keep saying that they won't refund my money for the LG / Sanyo phone because I exchanged it for the Blackberry and I keep showing them the receipt that has no $76.63 refunded to me, only LG LX370 $299.99 Exchange, -$299.99
Then the price for the Blackberry $569.99 -$420 instant rebate total $149.99 which is what I paid for the Blackberry. If they would have given me back the money I paid for the LG when I exchanged it my Price for the Blackberry would have been $73.36; now do you understand where I'm coming from?
That and they have emailed me 4 times now telling me I will have my $100 rebate in 7-10 days and then when the 10 days are up, they change it to be another 7-10 days 4 TIMES NOW!!!

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I always got my rebates from nextel which is uncommon because a lot of other companies never sent me my checks or whatnot.
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Old 02-20-2010, 08:35 PM   #5
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If you don't get your rebates after the alloted time, call and ask customer service where they are. Over the last six or seven years I have done this several times and always received a credit on the account by cs.
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Old 02-20-2010, 08:56 PM   #6
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This is exactly why I only buy my phones from Best Buy and don't jack with rebates. Good luck! I hope you get it worked out.
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Old 03-05-2010, 01:29 PM   #7
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Every. Single. Time. Three in total. ALL eventually ended up credited to my account with some freebies added. All in all, Sprint LOST money on the rebate farce in my case. Go to Best Buy and buy/upgrade your phone from now on. I can't believe this rebate "issue" is still ongoing. Sad.
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Old 03-05-2010, 03:49 PM   #8
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Even as an employee, I had to repeatedly call about the rebate on my wife's phone. It was ridiculous. First they said I did not mail it in time (had the delivery notification to prove it). Then they tried to say I did not fill it out correctly (***). And so on. Each person I spoke to seemed to have a mandate to not give the rebate.
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Old 03-05-2010, 09:42 PM   #9
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Originally Posted by LoneStarATS View Post
Even as an employee, I had to repeatedly call about the rebate on my wife's phone. It was ridiculous. First they said I did not mail it in time (had the delivery notification to prove it). Then they tried to say I did not fill it out correctly (***). And so on. Each person I spoke to seemed to have a mandate to not give the rebate.
My best rebate experience was for a rebate on a purchase from tiger direct. The rebate form was going to a PO box in my city, at a post office I could have just walked into and handed it to the clerk for. It was mailed 3 weeks before the 'end date" and they claimed it was not received in time. When I wrote out a long email about it, explaining that I drive past the post office it was mailed to and obviously they had it within a day of mailing, they wanted me to send them all the rebate info again. I had saved all the photo copies of the forms and faxed it to them, and the check was mailed out the next week.

Many times, it is the company who handles the rebates who is trying to deny as many as possible. I believe they are paid more to process a denial then they are to process an accepted form, do them denying rebates as often as possible makes financial sense to the companies and to the entity that pays for the actual checks mailed.
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Mine took like 2 months.
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Well I just mailed mine in so I hope I get it...
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My last mail-in rebate with Sprint was many years ago. In fairness, I did receive the rebate, in full and towards the end of the promised period, about 6 weeks after mailing it.

Sprint should really stop with the stupidity of mail-in rebates. Yes, it's well known a good percentage of consumers never take the time to complete the rebate form and the forfeited rebate is kept by the company. But in Sprint's case, they always know when you activate a brand new phone, it goes thru an activation procedure Sprint owns and controls. There's no way around it. Yet, they require the consumer to jump through silly requirements to get back a rebate. I avoid these MIR situations by shopping at retailers that either offer instant rebate (and hence pay lower tax) or that offer significant discount in lieu of the MIR (ie. reduce the price by half or more of the MIR). Sorry for the rant, just can't help myself ranting about MIR.
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I HATE the mail in rebate with a passion only rivaled in Harlequin romance novels.
1) Many people do not get them and come to my store as if I am the one sending them out
2) Some customers assume that they will NOT get it and it hurts the chance of me making the sale. I can not guarantee that they will get them. Sprint "does not allow" me to fill out or mail in the rebate for the customer (of course so they can't blame me when they don't get it)
3) Stores that give Instant rebates offer pricing that I can't offer if I want to stay in business. I am also not allowed to give the rebate instantly and then do the rebate in my name. I understand that it would be to keep dealers from "stealing" rebates form customers.
4) They are EVIL
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Another thing... The rebate form does not give enough space for people with LONG addresses. How hard would it be to have a second line for the address?
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Old 04-10-2010, 09:49 AM   #15
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I was supposed to receive my $100 rebate on Feb 28th, and still nothing. When I call them they always say give it another week or 2, then when I call back same thing. As long as they still have intentions to send it I guess I'm ok.
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