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Welcome to SprintUsers ... Please read before posting


While you may not be successful every time, do your best to search before posting a new topic. It is quite possible that someone else has already posted it!

Where are my posts?
Our spam filter sends posts of new users into a "moderation queue" where they need to be approved by the moderation staff. Once they are approved, they will appear in the thread you posted, or your new thread will appear in the appropriate section. After you've gotten some posts under your belt, they will not be sent to the moderation queue.

Why cant I send a Private Message?

Due to an increase in spam activities on this site, we have imposed a minimum post requirement to be able to send site PM's. Once you have had some posts approved by the site moderators you will be able to send site PM's.

If a member sends you a PM that contains Spam or other banned content, use the "report message" button and we will take care of it right away!

Devices, new phones, can I use a phone I got on ebay for Sprint / Nextel service?

If it doesn't say sprint on the inside or outside of the phone SPRINT WILL NOT ACTIVATE IT. This includes phones from there MVNO's such as virigin mobile and Helio(there are more out there) So before you even ask, the answer is NO. No Verizon phones, nothing Cricket or MetroPCS sells. It has to be a Sprint phone. Having the unlock code means nothing as Sprint is not required to activate it, and they will not.

ESN related questions

Sprint uses the phone's Electronic Serial Number, more commonly known as an ESN, to restrict certain devices from being activated. You can not activate a device with an ESN that is not in the Sprint database. This means, if it doesn't say "Sprint" on it, you can not activate it!
In addition, you can not activate a device that was lost or stolen, nor a device that is tied to an account with an unpaid balance.

Where should I put my thread?

If sprint has messed up your account, CS has treated you wrong, or you just have some other kind of problem with sprint that you are ranting or complaining about it belongs in the Rants, Debates, & Comparisons section found Here.
This "General" section is for general questions and information about sprint and its phones, products, and services that do not otherwise have a specific section within the forum. So please help us keep this section clean by using the proper section for your Threads.

Specific phone questions please post in the subforum for that specific phone.

All posts that are off topic belong in the "Watercooler." You will also find sections for other gadgets, sports, and non-Sprint related news articles. Since this is a large community of diverse members, we have provided quite a few other areas discuss things among yourselves.

If you have any questions about Sprint Users, suggestions for the site or wish to complain -- yeah, we know this happens! -- please post in "Site News and Feedback."

Buying or selling items on this site

Members Who Wish To Buy, Sell or Trade In The Trading Post Are Required To Have 100 Posts, have a Premium Membership And Be A Member For One Month. No Exceptions! If you can not see anything on posted in the "trading post" you are ineligible to use it. Posting offers to buy or sell / trade items outside of the "trading post" is a serious violation of the rules.

Please do not post SERO threads in this forum
There is a wealth of information on SERO in the topic-specific subforum for these plans. This area includes the newer "everything plan referral program" plans, AKA the "new" SERO.

This subforum can be found here:

Rumored "new" phones or devices

If you have seen an internet rumor about Sprint getting a newer version of a current device, post it in the appropriate manufacturers area.
If you have seen a rumor about the iPhone (i.e. Apple is looking at opening it up to carriers other than at&t) or other products that Sprint does not currently carry, post it in "Other Carriers and Phones"

Do not start another iPhone thread in here, we close them constantly. If Apple announces the iPhone or another product for Sprint, that is when it will become appropriate to post a thread about it in the general discussion!

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please send a private message to a moderator before posting. We will happily answer to the best of our ability as quickly as we can.
I'm a mom, so, I got eyes in the back of my head which means I can keep y'all from flaming each other to death while simultaneously ensuring my kiddo doesn't burn the house down. Enjoy your visit.
If you see a post that violates our forum guidelines, click the button to let us know!
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