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Old 09-19-2008, 01:08 PM   #1
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Sprint has Great Customer Service!! Just not when you call or email or chat lol

Hi let me tell you guys my story(kinda long, sorry). I have the Samsung Instinct and if any of you have it know of the bugs and lack of full java compliance and the lack of being about to run 3rd party apps(opera mini, google maps, etc.) Well I kept hearing and reading about that updates were coming to fix these issues, so I kept the phone past the 30 days which was my second mistake(the first buying this thing in the first place lol) Well we were told an update was coming on the 17th of September that would give us a new browser update that would make it better to use(the browser sucks!!!) so I thought great finally I can use the web on this phone. Well the 17th passes and no update so I'm finally fed up with this thing and decide to email Sprint through ecare(I try not to call and have had the most success with ecare) to voice my displeasure with the instinct and lack of updates and that I wasted my upgrade rebate on this phone hoping maybe that they would give me back the rebate. Well I get a response saying that they could swap the instinct for the phone of my choice and I just pay the difference in price so I told them I wanted the Diamond. Well I'm not going to into detail at this point I'll paste in the email I sent to that'll show what they told me and what not. Long story short, No Diamond and I'm beyond angry so I look up dan's email address here(thanks guys lol) and send him a very long email with copies of the emails I received pasted in here's a copy of that email:

Hello my name is Patrick Villars, I recently email sprint through your ecare to express my deep regret at purchasing the samsung instinct and that the reason I didn't return it within the 30 day period was because I was led to believe through various outlets that an update would be issued to fix the problems. So I waited, and waited, and waited and each time the update was push back again and again. Please understand I use the web on more than a daily basis and it is a very important issue with me so I decided to express the fact that I pretty much wasted my 2-year upgrade on a phone that I have been nothing but disappointed with. Well I received a response from one of your representatives that read as follows:
Dear Mr. Villars,

Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am happy to assist you about the
handset problem.

I apologize for the troubles and the inconvenience this issue has caused
you. The handset can be exchange within 30 day period of there purchase
under 30 day risk free guarantee. However the 30-day risk free
guarantee period was already expired.

As you are our long-term relationship and also considering the
inconvenience caused to you due to this issue, I have discussed your
case with my supervisor and convince him to exchange your Samsung
Instinct handset with any other handset. You are required to pay the
difference in the price of Samsung Instinct and any other handset of
your choice.

Please write back to us with the handset model you wish to exchange with
your Samsung Instinct handset and we will place the order for the
handset as well as the return kit for Samsung Instinct handset.

Please feel free to write back to us if you have any further concern. We
are here for you. Have a great day!

Bianca R.
Customer Service Specialist

Well I responded saying that I was interested in the Touch Diamond and this the response I got:
Dear Mr. Villars,

Thank you for your reply.

The current phone Samsung Instinct M800 costs $449.99 whereas the HTC
Touch Diamond cost $549.99. The difference amount will be $100.00. If
you want to order this handset please write back to us with the
confirmation and we will order the handset after applying the credit on
the account of the amount.

To avoid any interruption of the services we will also apply the
temporary credit of $100.00 for the next seven days so that the account
will not get suspended.

Please write back to us if you have any other concern.

Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

Harry P.
Customer Service Specialist

So I respond confirming that this is what I wanted to do and the next day I received this reply:

Dear Mr. Villars,

I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with our
previous interactions.

I am sorry, we from eCare can not process the order for phone. Please
visit your nearest Sprint Store to purchase a new phone. Please click
on the following hyperlink to find your nearest Store:

You can also purchase the phone by contacting our Telesales Department
at (866) 203-0952.

To help you, I have added a note on your account, this is to ensure that
your request will be processed on priority basis.

Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

Samson A.
Customer Service Specialist

So I replied asking if I went to a Sprint store did I turn the Instinct in there or would I still be receiving the return kit for the Instinct. to which I received the reply:
Dear Mr. Villars,

Thank you for your reply.

I am sorry to say that the current Instinct handset can not be returned
at the Sprint Store as the 30 day replacement period has passed by. I
have sent a return kit of Samsung Instinct and it will be delivered to
account mailing address within next three to five business days. You
can return the handset in the sent return kit.

Once the handset is delivered in our warehouse, appropriate credit will
be applied on the account.

At the Sprint Store, you will be required to pay the full price of HTC
Diamond. I sincerely apologize for the fact that due to system
restrictions, the handset can not be ordered from our end.

Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

Rebecca J.
Customer Service Specialist

So now I went from being offered a new phone and just paying the difference to now they not only want me to return my phone but go and pay full price for a phone I was offered at a discount. So I called to get transferred from one representative to another all while being told that my phone was past the 30 day trial period. Words cannot express the frustration and disappointment I am feeling for a company I have been with for the better part of 7 years. I didn't ask for a new phone or a free phone this was offered to me and I would like you to keep your word, or I am sad to say I will be looking to find another cel phone provider. Keep in mind that I have been up to this point a loyal happy customer, but I feel like I have been lied to and I cannot accept that.

Well I received a call from Sprint today and I got a diamond on the way so I'm a happy customer again but this is the problem with Sprint's customer service it takes me emailing the president of the damn company to get a simple issue like a broken phone resolved. So now I guess if there is anything major needing to be done not to call or chat or email ecare instead email dan because he's there best customer service specialist! lmao
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Old 09-19-2008, 04:47 PM   #2
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So it did kind of work out in the end. So I assume they gave you the discounted price as promised earlier?

Even with all the promises of making CS the top priority, the most frustrating thing can be the lack of following through with what was said or promised.

for me story-
I was excited to read about all the success people were having at getting a discounted HTC Diamond early and decided to try my luck today via ecare.

I have been with Sprint since 1999 with 2 lines. My renewal for a phone comes up in Nov 1st. They replied with "We appreciate your loyalty and I am glad to say that you are one of our most valued customers." But wouldn't budge.

Oh well, it was a minor thing for me but still kind of frustrating to read so many success stories and get shot down.
Call me a kid in a toy store

thanks for reading my mini rant.
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Old 09-19-2008, 06:09 PM   #3
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Again, it appears that Sprint wants to ultimately force everyone into an SEPr. It's cheaper for them to service plans that don't require service. And you will have fewer questions and complaints if everything is a flat rate. Of course they have to come down in price but that's another issue.
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I went through a very similar situation and they ended up charging my American Express card the full price of the new phone until I returned the old phone. Of course I returned the old phone with the label they sent me right away but I was so pissed about how they treated me that rather than wait for Sprint to credit my card, I just called American Express and disputed the charge. American Express immediately credited my card the full amount in dispute pending resolution. By the time the dispute was resolved we were all square again. It was a little thing but it made me feel better not to have the $592 on my card while I waited for the dolts at Sprint to do the right thing.
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