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NASCAR fan!!
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Sprint Cup Mobile RANT

NOT a Kyle or Kurt Busch fan!

Ok, here is my Sprint story,

After seeing the simply everything commercial in the middle of a race earlier this year, I wondered what would happen if I sent an e-mail to Dan Hesse. I knew no one in upper management would ever see my e-mail but I sent it anyway. Please read the whole post.

Dan and Sprint Cup Mobile executives,

The new Sprint television commercial touting all the great new applications and phones is great advertisement, however I unfortunately will not be enjoying any applications or a new phone either. Please allow me to explain why.

I have been a loyal Sprint customer since 1999, (Sprint is the only carrier I have ever had.) and last year after numerous invitations by mail, e-mail, and text message to upgrade my phone I found an application that would be useful to me. NASCAR Fan Scan. I went to the Sprint store, upgraded from a very old Nokia to the Katana II, bought the required data pack and enjoyed Fan Scan. Had a great experience with the Fan Scan once setup and questions dealt with. After the 2007 NASCAR season ended I received a postcard from Sprint stating the Fan Scan will no longer be available and that Sprint Cup Mobile will become available in February 2008.

Much to my chagrin I realized after I loaded the application that I was not able to receive the one feature I wanted the most which was the in car race audio. Knowing I could not get the TV feature I was genuinely surprised that the feature I once could use, I could no longer receive. I was also impressed by the additions made to the NASCAR application and thought that I will get a new phone, buy the add ons required to receive all components of the NASCAR application.

I picked the Katana DLX model and noted that it was listed $99.00 after rebates for a new line of service. Well since I am not a new customer I clicked to upgrade and was not real happy when I saw that it would cost me $329.00 to get this particular phone. I read the guidelines on upgrades and also inquired at the Sprint store. I was told that Sprint has strict guidelines regarding upgrades and the most the representative could give me off that new phone was $75.00.

First off I can appreciate incentives for new customers. A business has to attract new customers. However shouldnít it be an even better incentive to be a long term customer? How is it possible that I should have to pay almost full price to upgrade my phone to use an application that Sprint chose to change and I can no longer use on my existing phone? The in car race audio was the whole reason I upgraded in the first place and because I did, I am not eligible for a discount upgrade to be able to use an application that Sprint decided to change.

Letís look at how this is detrimental to both myself and Sprint:

I canít get a new phone at discounted price.
I canít use the entire application on my old phone.
Sprint loses long term revenue from all the add ons I would have purchased had I been able to upgrade my phone.
Sprint immediately loses additional revenue when I cancel existing add ons since it isnít useful to me any longer.

I sincerely hope that Sprint executives will review the existing upgrade guidelines. I know I am just one customer in millions but Iím sure other people have found the upgrade guidelines a reason to not get a new phone or more importantly purchase additional add ons.

Until this situation arose I have been a loyal customer of Sprint, genuinely satisfied with my phone service and pleased with great customer service. (Kudos and many thanks to some of the wonderful people in the customer service division.) Also, I was proud that it was the sponsor of the nationís largest motor sports division. Now I will spend race days disappointed that I canít get in car audio from my living room and be upset every time I see a Sprint logo during a race.

I again have what I started out withÖjust a phone.

Well, shortly thereafter I received the standard auto reply, no surprise.
Then I received a phone call and e-mail from a Sprint customer service rep, again no surprise.
I was only given a general 800 number to contact and while I was explaining the situation to another rep, was disconnected, again no surprise.
I gave up.
Three days later I received a phone call and an e-mail from another customer service rep who made a point she was upset that the previous rep had not left me specific contact information. This girl honestly wanted to make the customer (me) happy and I got a new phone at an agreeable price that supports the entire NASCAR application a few days later. Setup and all questions taken care ofÖ..

Race day is miserable, I hear my favorite driver and crew generally anywhere from a lap to two laps down of whatís on tv. Previously the Fan Scan was real time just like I was at the track with my scanner. I understand tv has a few seconds delay for content editing but why such an extreme delay with the new in car audio? And why does it suddenly close or pause for no apparent reason? May as well listen to Larry, Darryl and Mike!

(If somebody tells me the Katana II did get the in car audio Iím gonna scream!)

Trying to find out why I then registered with Buzz About Wireless to see if I could find out something there, never got to post anything, I could never log in, saying user blocked, contact administrator. Sprint chat got me the standard ĎWeíre updating the system to better serve youí blah,blah,blah, if so why canít I log in a week later? And why does Sprint always act like everything is such a big secret? There is hardly any Cup Mobile info on the web site.

So here I am, if anyone has any insight about the in car audio or needs to tell me Iím an idiot who canít work a phone, please reply.

In the meantime, I did also get fed up with the local internet service and bought a Sprint broadband card. Setup and questions done, I love it!! No problems there!
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