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Post Account Spending Limit FAQ's

I have seen several threads and replys about spending limits and how mad some people get. Here is some hopefully helpful information.

SPCS only allows 1 account per person, No if's ands or but's about it!

If you are on an ASL, you may not be able to have more than one line no matter what. (exceptions listed below.)

Yes, other companies may allow up to 4 or 5 lines, but try paying their deposits of up to $1000.00 or more!
With SPCS, the most you will pay for deposit is $250.00 and in most cases only $125.00.

Account Spending Limits (ASL) are determined by your credit class when you begin an account w/ SPCS.
Additionally, the credit result may include the notation "no credit card payments permitted" based on credit history.

SPCS uses a credit bureau company that determines what type of credit you have and doesn't determine this themselves. Do not be mad at SPCS for your limit. You actually determine what type of acct you will have!

I know, I know. Some of you are worth millions and are on an ASL! Don't reply w/ your rants and raves, I am just trying to give info!

A few reasons for ASL:

1) No credit (Usually young people)
2) Not much credit
3) Good Credit...but not much of it!
4) Bad Credit

If you are assigned an ASL acct. You are not limited to what plan you can have. ( I know you have been told you cannot go over $125.00 month w/ taxes, but you can...if you pay prior to your billing cycle end!) Example to follow.

Types of ASL:

$0.00 deposit, $125.00 limit on acct. Only allows 1 line. (Not everyone will qualify!)

$125.00 deposit, $125.00 limit on acct.
Only allows 1 line. (Most common..little or no credit)

$250.00 deposit, $125.00 limit on acct.
Only allows 1 line. (Usually for previous write off acct or really bad credit!)

$250.00 deposit $250.00 limit w/ 1 phone allowed on acct. (remember...Good credit...not much of it)

$250.00 deposit $250.00 limit w/ 2 phones allowed on acct. (Good credit...a little bit more of it.)
A customer that qualifies 1 line/$125 may also qualify for 2 line/$250 under this program.

There are other ASL's but usually only temp and don't hear much b*tchin about them!

The amount of $125.00 or $250.00 is not a monthly amount. That means that anytime your acct reaches the set limit, your phone WILL be turned off. No questions asked.

You do not have to be over on your minutes to be turned are a few examples of what causes you to go over your spending limit.

Using 411 = $1.25 per use

Calling LD w/o it in your plan = $.25 per minute.

Roaming w/o it in your plan = up to $.69 per minute, depends on plan.

International calls = up to $3.00 per minute, depends on where you call. (Must be pre-approved to call internationally)

Calling 800 #'s that turn into 900 sex / chat lines once connected. (Love people who try to deny this one!) (Yes you can do this if you know how!) Up to $5.00 per minute.

Here is one example to make ASL more understandable!

You have a $65.00 monthly plan w/ insurance = $4, Roadside rescue = $4, Unlimited Vision = $10-$15, Unlimited PCS 2 PCS = $5. This alone = $88 - $93 w/o taxes.

You call info 5 times = $ 7.25 w/o taxes.

You do go over on your minutes by 40 minutes = $16.

Now you are already up to $116.25 w/o taxes. YOU WILL BE TURNED OFF when your taxes post, even before you get your bill!

If you have a bigger plan, you will reach your limit quicker.

Now, here is how to have a bigger plan w/o getting cut off!

You have a $100.00 monthly plan, along w/ Insurance, Roadside rescue and unlimted vision. Your total is already going to be over $125.00 w/o taxes.

What you do is pay your monthly MRC's = $100.00 + $4.00 ERP + $4 RR + ECT.
upfront and then you will only owe for taxes when your bill posts. The catch here is you need to pay the MRC part asap, then pay the rest of the bill that next week. This will allow you 1-2 weeks to pay your MRC again before your bill posts. As long as you do not go over on minutes, you will not be turned off.

A big issue is that people don't pay their whole bill when due. They carry over a balance from last month of $40.00 and their monthly plan is $65.00. So, when the bill posts w/ taxes, they are cut off and call in b*tchin at reps who try to explain.

One last thing! (I know!)

Do not try to keep a cheap plan if you are always going over on your minutes. Upgrade and pay a bigger MRC as you will save money in the long run.


You pay $40.00 for 400 minutes and $.40 for each minute over that limit.

You talk an average of 500 minutes per month. You just paid $40.00 for that 100 extra minutes @ $.40 per minute. That is a total mrc of $80.00 for just 400 minutes.

You can get up to double 400 minutes for that price, so why not upgrade your plan? Or go w/ the Area Wide Plan that may be available in your area.


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