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family locator

Sprint Family Locator
Application that displays the approximate location of a family member's approved iDEN or CDMA phone on a real-time map either on the Parent phone, or on the website by finding its GPS location.

Specialist: All specialists

Customers: All Consumer and Individual-Liable (IL) customers

Effective Date: 2/15/06 - Internal Launch; 4/13/06 - Commercial Launch; updated 2/5/07


Sprint Family Locator (SFL) uses GPS technology to determine the location of authorized mobile phones, which it displays on an interactive map.
Upon enrolling, customers have access to a complete web-based and phone support system managed for Sprint by the application partner, WaveMarket.
Features include an intuitive interface for text-message communication and account management.
Parent (Locator) Phones
Parent phones are used to find ‘child’ phones using the SFL mobile application.
Parent phone account holders must give their consent for anyone to track a subscriber to the account; no one can be tracked without the account holders knowledge or permission.
See 'Qualifications' for a list of parent-compatible phones.
Child (Locatable) Phones
Child phones are the phones that Sprint Family Locator account-holders (parent) add as contacts and are then able to locate.
Child phones do not need to download an application in order to be locatable, and are not charged a service fee beyond the monthly fee, which allows up to 4 locatable phones.
Child phone features:
Locate family members' phones using street-level and satellite maps
Display public points of interest, such as schools and parks
Get ‘location checks’ to tell the account holder if a family member arrived at or left a certain location at a specified time
The family member is notified via SMS every time their location is provided to the account holder.
When the owner of a child phone activates their phone, they are granting their consent for the parent account to locate them.
For security, the family member (child phone) must enter a unique smart word created by the account holder (parent phone) to enable authentication on their phone.
See 'Qualifications' for a list of child-compatible phones.
Effective 1/20/07, phones with a corporate liable designation CAN be added as child/locatable phones. The IT administrator will need to opt in the phone before it can be tracked.
SFL can be purchased online at via the Manage page, or at
The service costs $9.99 per month, which allows the account holder (parent) to track up to 4 phones (child).
Monthly charge added to the customer's bill.

Customers with a Corporate-Liable account cannot purchase the service or use it to track others..
A Corporate-Liable number can be tracked by others with the Sprint Family Locator service.

Messaging. The table below explains messaging plan requirements.
Platform Parent Phone Child Phone
iDEN SMS plan is required for notification messages sent from the application. Two-way messaging from the phone is pay-as-you-go or standard rate.
Service comes with 100 free mobile-terminated SMS messages per contact phone.
Additional SMS plans not required, but recommended if contact is member of several SFL user accounts and could exceed the limit per month.
Two-way messages are billed at standard rate.

Data plan required for using the phone application.
PDSIP data plan is required (no cost).

CDMA SMS plan not required.
Service comes with unlimited free mobile-terminated SMS messages per contact phone, but only for messages from the SFL application.
Additional SMS plans not required; 2-way messages are billed at standard rate.

Data plan required for using the phone application.
Unlimited data plan recommended if frequent use is expected.
Effective 1/14/07, I P Basic is not required for location service on the CDMA network .

Parent- and Child-Compatible Phones . The table below provides all parent- and child-compatible Sprint Nextel phones.
Platform Parent Phones
Manufacturer Phone
iDEN Motorola i710, i730, i760, i830, i836, i850, i860, i870
CDMA Sanyo 5600, 7400, 7500, 8300, 8400, 9000
Samsung a700, a790, a800, a880, a900, a920, a94

LG 550, LX 350
Motorola C290, ic402
Platform Child Phones
Manufacturer Phone
iDEN Motorola i58, i88, i265, i275, i285, i325, i355, i415, i450, i455, i530 (Black and Yellow), i560, i580, i605, i615, i670, i710, i730, i760, i830, i835, i836, i850, i855, i860, i870, i875, i920, i930
BlackBerry 7100, 7520
CDMA Sanyo 2300, 2400, 3100, 4900, 4920, 4930, 5300, 5400, 5500, 5600, 6400, 6600, 7000, 7200, 7400, 7500, 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400, 9000
Audiovox 8912, 8920, 9950
Samsung A580, A620, A640, A840, A900, A920, A940, i600, M500
LG 150, 225, 325, 550, LX 350
Motorola C290, ic402, ic502, KRZR, RAZR, SLVR
Nokia 3155, 6165i, 6225
PDA/Smart Devices Palm One Treo 650, Palm One Treo 700wx, Palm One Treo 700p, Sprint PocketPC 6600, Sprint PocketPC 6601, Sprint PocketPC 6700, BlackBerry 7130, BlackBerry 7250, BlackBerry 8703e


Enrollment . Customers can buy SFL online at via the Manage page, or at Provisioning can take up to 24 hours.
If a customer requests help enrolling in SFL, walk them through the following enrollment process:
Ask the customer to go to and log on to their My PCS or My Nextel account.
On the right-hand side of the window, click Sprint Family Locator under My Online Tools.
On the right-hand side of the Sprint Family Locator page, click Sign Up .
On the Manage tab, a list of your phones that can be located displays. Click Continue.
Review the Terms and Conditions. If you accept them, click Continue.
Complete the fields on the Sprint Family Locator Registration page and click Continue .
To select the phones on your account you would like to track (i.e., the 'child' phones), add a check mark in the box to the left of the phone number of each phone.
Click Continue.
Review the information in the Confirmation window.
If there is any incorrect information, use the Back button to correct.
If everything is correct, click Buy.
An email is sent to the address provided in the enrollment process and the charge is added to the indicated subscriber account.
Each child phone selected receives an SMS message with a link.
The person with the child phone must click the link, agree to the privacy consent, and enter the safety word.
The child phone can be located within 24-48 hours after responding to the SMS message.
Customers can log in to the application with the link on the page or by entering in their browser.
Parents can choose to download a mobile version of the application to their compatible phone by clicking the button labeled Get SFL on my mobile phone and following the instructions.
Account Holder Consent . The account holder must give consent for anyone to track a subscriber on their account. To do so, tell them to:
Go to
Under Manage My Account, in the Select Account Type drop-down list, select MyNextel.
In the Member Name and Password boxes, enter the account admin / service admin login name and password.
If the account holder does not remember their password, advise them to click Forgot your member name and password.
Under My Online Tools click Sprint Family Locator.
If customer says the link is missing, open a trouble ticket in CTMS.
If the account holder has Admin privileges , they see the Sprint Family Locator Consent page where they can change the password, locate a device, add a child device, and so on.
If it does not list the devices, warm transfer to WaveMarket.
If the account holder does not have Admin privileges , the following error message displays:
'We’re sorry. You do not have the required authorization to access this page. Please contact the administrator for your Sprint-Nextel account.'
Advise the customer that they need to log in as Account or Service Admin.
Note: The contact phone must be turned on and within the Sprint PCS/Nextel network in order to be locatable.

Unsubscribe: If a customer asks how they can unsubscribe from SFL, determine if they signed up for SFL before or after 7/17/06 and tell them to:
Go into P2K / CSM and access the customer’s account.
Remove the Sprint Family Locator billing code.
This is the only way to prevent charges on the customer’s account for Sprint Family Locator.
WaveMarket cannot deactivate customer accounts. Do not transfer unsubscribe requests to the vendor.
Technical Issues: If a customer calls with any of the following error messages, perform the related task.
‘We're sorry. The service you requested is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later...'
Transfer the customer to WaveMarket.
This error indicates there are WaveMarket outages (scheduled or unscheduled).
'No compatible handsets were found connected to your account. Please try again later or contact Customer Care at 888-211-4727.’
Advise customer that only GPS-capable phones can use SFL
See ‘Qualifications’ above for a list of qualified phones.
‘We're sorry. You do not have the required authorization to access this page. Please contact the administrator for your Sprint-Nextel account...'
Advise the customer that SFL primarily targets consumers, not business customers with more than 15 devices on an account.
IMPORTANT: WaveMarket only troubleshoots Sprint Family Locator issues. Do no transfer other GPS/tracking applications issues to this group.
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