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Old 09-21-2008, 11:30 AM   #1
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Angry Replacement Phone Nightmare

Here's what I've been through the past week, just wanted to share with you all and hope no one else has to go through it. I sent this to ecare. Help!

Unacceptable Phone Replacement Service

I accidentally dropped my phone (Palm Centro) on 9/13 which caused
the screen to break thereby rendering the phone unusable. I then went to
my local Sprint store in an attempt to have my phone repaired or
replaced. Upon arrival to my local store (Store #297 Round Rock TX) a
female store representative assisted me. I explained my situation and
asked for a repair or replacement. She rudely responded that they "don't
do that anymore" and handed me an Assurion replacement card and
instructed me to call the 800 number in which to order my replacement
and pay a $50 deductible. So I left the store disappointed that I would
have to wait for a replacement to be delivered as well as pay a $50
deductible on the phone in which I'm already paying a $7 TEP plan fee.
Why should I have to pay extra for something that should be covered in
TEP? Why should I have to wait for a new phone? Why should I have to
deal with a rude service representative?

I then attempted to contact Assurion that night Saturday 9/13 ~9:30PM and was prompted by a voice message that they were closed and to call back during normal business hours. Now, shouldn't I be able to order a replacement phone right away? Should I really have to wait to speak to someone to order my replacement? Absolutely not!

So I waited until the following morning Sunday 9/14 and called
Assurion in which a friendly representative assisted in ordering my
replacement phone. A $50 deductible plus $7 for rush shipping was
charged to my Sprint account. I received the replacement phone on
Tuesday 9/16 at 9PM via UPS and proceeded to activate the phone. I
called Sprint and spoke to a female representative whom I was unable to
hear clearly. After having to have her repeat several of her questions
she became rude and agitated. After gathering my account information and
attempting to activate the phone she encountered an error with the
activation and transferred me to tech support at which the called was
dropped by sprint tech support. I then called Sprint support again and
spoke to another lady, this time a courteous representative who
proceeded to activate the phone. She also encountered an error with the
activation of the phone. After an hour of waiting on the line with her,
she found that the replacement phone that was sent by Assurion had a bad
ESN number. The phones ESN number was attached to another person’s
account that was delinquent and they were unable to release the ESN. She
apologized for the delay and the inconvenience and said I would have to
contact Assurion the following day and have them send another phone.
Again… a total disappointment.

Since it was late evening and Assurion was already closed, I again
had to wait till the following morning and contact them. I contacted
them on the morning of Wednesday 9/17 again a friendly rep assisted me
with my problem in which I explained the bad ESN number situation and
she promptly ordered a “new” Palm Centro so that we would not have this
issue again.

Now it is Saturday 9/20 and I still do not have a working phone and
I have no idea when I’ll have a working phone. After a week of
disappointment from Sprint and Assurion, is this what I have to look
forward to? Please, someone reassure me that it’s not. I actually like
Sprint as a carrier and would truly hate to switch to another. However
if I don’t receive a phone “soon” I may have no choice but to do just

Please forgive me for my frustration, but if I took away your
phone for a week just imagine how you would feel about that. Maybe it’s
just a bit of bad luck with a company I usually have 0 problems.

Sincerely Your Customer,

Here's the reply from Sprint for the email I sent to them.

Thank you for contacting Sprint.

First of all, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have

Under no circumstances do we allow or endorse a rude behavior from our
specialists. It is certainly not appropriate on any level.

I understand how frustrated you must be at this point of time. Although
we cannot change the damaging impression made. We hope that you'll be
able to give us another chance.

I have forwarded your concern to the appropriate department so that
appropriate steps can be taken.

I want to thank you for taking the time to write in and to point out our
error, and for your incredible patience with us.

I understand your concern about the phone. I would like to inform you
that a $50.00 non-refundable deductible is required when you going to
file a claim, and Asurion presents the payment options to you at the
time you call Asurion to file the claim. This charge is billed to
every customer.

I am sorry to inform you that we do not have the update about the
replacement phone. Please call Asurion toll free number (800-584-3666),
for additional questions and the equipment order status.

We appreciate your relationship with us and look forward to serve you in

Please be assured that this will be resolved to the best of your

Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

Jeremy S.
Customer Service Specialist

Here's what I sent them this morning

Thank you Jeremy for your help and for the reply to my email. I spoke with Asurion this morning and inquired about the phones order/shipment status. They are not able to give me a firm date other than up to 15 days. The delay is said to be due to hurricane Ike and there was nothing else they could do.

I contacted Sprint shortly after and explained that I cannot be another possible 2 weeks without my phone. I explained to them about the 1st replacement phone having a bad ESN number and they are currently working on trying to release that ESN so the phone can be used. This could take anywhere from a few hours to several days. If Sprint is unable to release the ESN and I'm forced to wait up to another 2 weeks to receive another replacement I would like to then receive another phone with similar features (Palm 800w or HTC Diamond) or be forced to move onto another carrier.

Again thanks for your help.

Its a lot to read but if anyone has suggestions please feel free to post.
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Old 09-21-2008, 01:39 PM   #2
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I would demand that they give you a credit for the deductible and the rush delivery fee. If they tell you it's not possible, call BS. I've personally had it done on my account.

Also, if you are requesting a phone with similar features, they probably won't send you an 800w or Diamond. I think you're setting your hopes a little high with that demand

I hope they take care of you the right way, and get it all resolved quickly.
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I understand your pain I too had a broken phone and tried to get it replaced at a Sprint store. How stupid I was to think the insurance I had been paying for two and a half years would replace a broken phone. I found out I had to call the 800 number and pay a $50 deductable and because of hurricane Ike wait up to 15 days for a replacement that could possible a reconditioned phone not even a new phone. I went back to the Sprint store employee and explained there is no way I can wait that long for a phone. I live in a rual are of the desert and Sprint is my only phone service. Too bad for me if I wanted a phone sooner I would have to sign-up on a new two year contract agreement and pay more money for that phone and then pay another $17 for the new contract and privillage to be a Sprint customer. Well I felt cheated because the insurance I had been paying was good for nothing and I was forced into buying a new phone and signing a new contract. I of course was not stupid enough to get insurance on the new phone and cancelled the insurance I had on another phone. I have been a Sprint customer for several years and have 2 phones & a broadband. In the past I have recommended them to family and friends but after this incident I will no longer reccomend them and have only negitave comments for anyone who asks me about Sprint.
Sprint needs to understand what customer service is...not just say call an 800 number. I am their customer and they should be there to help and provide service. If a phone is going to take time to be replaced then they should have loaner phones, no one can do without their phone for days or weeks. I feel like it's a trap..oh you can't wait for up to 15 days will get out your bank card or credit card because it's going to cost you (ha! ha! Sprint's laughing because they just suckered me) and you are going to have to sign a contract for another two years.
Oh well just another middleclass American cheated by a crooked corporation.
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Wirelessly posted (BlackBeauty Centro-riffic: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; PalmSource/Palm-D062; Blazer/4.5) 16;320x320)

Good luck & God bless if you can get fastedious service.
I know change must happen but I do miss the OG SprintUsers. Has it really been 10 years?

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Yea I had to get a replacement phone for my Razr 2 not long ago and they said it would be shipped express and I will get it in a doy or 2, but 5 days passed and I had no word on it so I contacted asurion and they apolozid and siad that the phone was on hold for some reason but they ended up getting it overnighted and never charged my account for the shipping or the deductible so I know they can, I never even asked, But I was not happy with the rplacement, it was airbrushed a green color and the razr does not come in any other color besides gunmetal and the touch sensitve buttons dont always work.
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Old 09-21-2008, 08:45 PM   #6
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Send a message via AIM to JeffDTD
Yes , technically, if you reference the terms and conditions of ERP side of your insurance, you will see that cracked displays do not fall under a "free" replacement condition unless it was caused by "normal wear and tear"... this can be awfully subjective, but if you can look at the phone and clearly see its been dropped, its not the responsibility of the ERP program that enables a sprint store to replace your phone for free.
When Sprint merged with nextel and came out with the amended souped up insurance program we have now, it originally did just about cover cracked displays "in store" for free, unless the phone was badly abused. But with all things, sprint is trying to cut its losses. I'm very sure there are still some stores out there that will replace a cracked screen for free, but theres no "policy and procedure" to back that up or hold sprint to in your case.

Now, if your phone's software was to malfunction, if the keys stopped working, if something that was not caused by physical 'accident' or abuse was to occur, they would be responsible for replacing it for free.

In any regard, the experience you've had with a bad ESN is unforgivable.

i'd recommend calling this number 703-433-4401 (only during normal business hours) and explain your story, explain how terrible your experience has been and how ridiculous it is sprint can refurbish a phone and be so sloppy..don't be ugly... be educated, sincere, and needy. I'm positive they will do something for you.
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Old 09-22-2008, 01:17 PM   #7
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Hi all.
I have the same similar situation!
I requested replacement for my Treo 800w third time (800w misses calls, sms, battery issue still exist even after Palm's patch) and the sprint guy offer to me a replacement - HTC Touch Diamond - we're deal. 2 days later i got the diamond - it was FRI, 19 Sept. And since the last FRI i can't activate new device - activation system for somehow still upgrading (updating, ...) on my account and returns some kinda errors (sprint reps described as updates in process between warehouse and acc. system ...?)
I think, they got order to not activate HTC Touch Diamond's for some reason (maybe i wrong). Finally, supervisor (O.J.) is swear to me call back when they fixed this issue on my acc. and be able to activate my Diamond (yeah, right. LOL. they are never calls back to there customers). ETA fixing this issue still not available...
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Old 09-22-2008, 05:52 PM   #8
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wow thats horrible, good luck with everything.
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Next Steps
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I think between the new rules and the hurricane, Asurion is getting overloaded with claims. I have no idea why it would take 14 days to get a replacement though. I actually had a customer come in today because Ausurion sent them there. They told the customer that they were "out of Rumors". ***! BTW, phone claims for physical or liquid damage can be made online now @ The store should have filed the claim for you instead of telling you to call the 800 number.

I really feel bad for people who are getting direct to Asurion for things that 3 weeks ago would have been covered in store by a tech. It really sucks!

Now, we can repair a broken Centro LCD. We have Centro LCD's to replace the broken one with. It will cost $119. However, if you talk with the store manager, I bet they can work out something with you where they can repair your phone and not charge you the repair fee. Honestly, thats what I would have done. Although, since the broken phone was already swapped, it would have been kinda difficult to get around that.

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Wow, sorry to hear about your issue - what a nightmare!
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Originally Posted by alexjlouie View Post
Wow, sorry to hear about your issue - what a nightmare!
Did you notice that this thread is almost 3 years old?
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Originally Posted by cheezit

Did you notice that this thread is almost 3 years old?
Just another Post Whore

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Sprint wants me to make this absolutely clear: “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of Sprint.” I just WORK for Sprint. In no way does Duffman represent them!
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