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Can I have 2 phones on 1 Line?


But somebody told me I could....

technically it is possible, but it is called 'cloning.' According to wikipedia cloning is defined as:

Phone cloning involves placing a computer chip into the target mobile telephone, allowing the Electronic Serial Number of the mobile phone to be modified. The ESN is normally transmitted to the cellular company in order to ascertain whether the mobile phone user is the legitimate owner of that phone. Modifying this, as well as the phone number itself (known as the Mobile Identification Number, or MIN) paves the way for fraudulent calls, as the target telephone is now a clone of the telephone from which the original ESN and MIN numbers were obtained.

Cloning has been shown to be successful on the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), one of the more widely used mobile telephone communication systems[1]. There are various methods used to obtain ESN and MIN, the most common are to hack the cellular company, or 'sniff' the cellular network.
Cool! So I could clone a phone to my account and have 2 phones on a single line?! hax0rz!

Absolutely NOT. Cell phone cloning is very illegal. A federal offense actually. It is not a parking ticket where if you get caught you get a small fine. In fact, because cloning allows you to make fradulent calls there are VERY stiff penaltys. What would happen if terrorists cloned a phone to your account? The most recent legislation that deals with cell phone cloning (again, thanks to wiki) states:

Phone cloning is outlawed by the Wireless Telephone Protection Act of 1998, which prohibits:

knowingly using, producing, trafficking in, having control or custody of, or possessing hardware or software knowing that it has been configured to insert or modify telecommunication identifying information associated with or contained in a telecommunications instrument so that such instrument may be used to obtain telecommunications service without authorization.[2]

The effectiveness of phone cloning is limited. Every mobile phone contains a radio fingerprint in its transmission signal which remains unique to that mobile despite changes to the phones ESN or MIN. Thus, cellular companies are often able to catch cloned phones when there are discrepancies between the fingerprint and the ESN or MIN.
But d0od, i am an l33t hax0r and i dont care about no federal offense...just tell me how to do it

no. because it is very illegal, SU does not allow discussion on how to do it to be posted on this board. your thread will be locked. A federal offense is NOT a parking ticket. the risk is not worth the reward

What if i PM you?

no. please dont PM me. i wont tell you anything, but send you a link to this post.

* There is a service called grandcentral, which you set up a Voip number with them, and when people call it, it will ring all the phones linked to your grandcentral number. wikipedia is an amazing tool, here is what wikipedia has to say about it:

GrandCentral is a Google-owned internet service that uses VoIP to link customers' phone numbers together. Currently the service is in private beta and is accessible by invitation only; invitations can be obtained from existing members. Customers can create an account on the service's website and choose a central phone number. During the private beta the service is free, before the Google acquisition there were plans to launch a $15 a month premium service (no advertisements, more outgoing calls, more voicemail storage, and up to six unified numbers).[1]

Whenever the customer's GrandCentral number is called, the chosen phone or phones ring, allowing the customer to answer her chosen phone. The phones can be chosen based on time of day; for example, the home phone can be turned off during business hours, and based on groups (Family, Friends, Work, Web Button, Others) or personalized based on an address book.

The site also offers centralized voicemail, which can be checked from the website or through a phone, as well as numerous other services, including call screening and name-based caller ID from a customer's contact list, blocking of numbers (including automatic blocking of telemarketer numbers in their database), call recording, ability to forward calls to Gizmo Project SIP number, the ability to switch lines during a call, and different voicemail greetings based on the caller. The service only has phone numbers located in the U.S.A.

The service was founded in 2005 by Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet and was purchased by Google on July 2, 2007.
while this option will allow you to have 2 cell phones linked to 2 numbers, you will have to have 2 lines with sprint to make this happen. i find grandcentral to be an extremely useful service. here is a link to a thread discussing grandcentral, and people sharing invites:
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