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Trading Post Guidelines, Tips and "Wall Of Fraud"

Members Who Wish To Buy, Sell or Trade In The Trading Post Are Required To Have 100 Posts, have a Premium Membership And Be A Member For One Month. No Exceptions!

When conducting business over the internet - Please Use Caution. Whenever possible use a payment method that protects you from fraud (i.e., Paypal). As a seller make sure to get a delivery confirmation to protect you from a buyer charge back. Understand Sprint Users is providing the Trading Post as a courtesy and a FREE alternative to Ebay to the SU members.

Please list the following in your phone ad to help your items sale quickly and eliminate many potential buyer questions: Any phone being sold is required to have pictures and a price. No 'stock' photos please, they must be pictures of the actual phone. Additionally, please post current photos of the item for sale, preferably with a time stamp or some other proof that the photos are current. Refrain from using photos taken by a previous seller. Any thread without current, actual photos of the item in your possession will be removed immediately and without warning.

Here is a template for selling the item

Life Timer:
Used/Tested Networks:


Additional Details:


1. A 5 point warning will be issued for posting a Trading Post ad without meeting the minimum requirements and does not follow the rules.

2. Transactions done through PM or with a member who doesn't meet the requirements is at your own risk. Please do not contact any SU staff member for help if you take the RISK. Posting a thread after you have done a deal via PM will not get you mod support. If you want your deals to be official and fully supported then post your items for sale or trade FIRST.

3. Transactions between two eligible members that have a dispute will be mediated by the mod team to try to find a fair resolution. However if a member openly defrauds another member they are forever banned from SU and you will be added to the "Wall of Fraud."

4. No Thread Crapping. No Exceptions!! Don't congratulate people on a good deal. Don't talk about how you would buy an item if you hadn't just purchased item XYZ. If you think the price is too high DO NOT BUY IT and DO NOT COMMENT or you will be warned by a Moderator.

5. Thread Bumping is allowed once in a 24 hour period in Trading Post only.

6. The Trading Post is mainly for Sprint Nextel items but out of courtesy to members who have other providers, other providers' items will be allowed for sale. Non-Sprint Nextel items need to be clearly marked as such.

7. All for sale or for trade items posted in either TP section needs to have pictures. If the thread does not have pictures when it is posted (stock manufacturer pictures not accepted) will be removed immediately. It is NOT acceptable to post a thread and simply post "Will post pictures later..."..

8. All threads over 15 days old without a post can be closed and moved to the Trading Post Archive without notification. All threads posted SOLD will remain open for seven days or until the item(s) have been received by all parties in satisfactory condition. Then threads will be moved to Trading Post Archives.

9. Items are to be sold in the Trading Post forum area only. Do NOT post your item for sale or trade in your signature.

10. Please make sure to show respect when trading phones or selling items, we expect shipment of items to be within a reasonable timeframe. If you can not complete a trade within 7 days or ship your for sale items within 7 days, then please ask for a mod to remove your post until you are able to do so. However if both parties agree on a different timeframe that is acceptable. And please post within 24 hours or receiving your item so that the seller knows all is well in the world and the mods can archive the thread, thereby minimizing any confusion.

11. Low Balling will not be tolerated in the Trading Post, example ad set for $350 do not offer $200 unless OP says they are accepting all offers. Lowballing is a form of thread crapping and will earn points.

12. Limit of three (3) ads or items running concurrently (including multiple same model items and different items in multiple threads) No more 10 treo 700p phones for sale. This is to alleviate the possibility of fraud, business sales, etc.

13.Items posted in the Trading Post need to be in your possession, please do not post items you are going to receive or do not have.

14. Please do not use your Trader Ratings here to boost your credibility when doing deals on other sites as this can backfire and bring trouble here for you and SprintUsers.

Transfer of Liability (TOL) section:

Because this is different than selling goods we want you to be sure to follow these procedures to ensure a smooth transfer of a plan.

1. Please make sure the account that has the plan you are listing is current. Don't leave the other party holding the bag with your outstanding balance.
2. When listing a phone and plan in the TOL section they must be sold together and the price listed will be for both. If you wish to separate the items, post the plan in the TOL section and the phone in Phones For Sale, following the appropriate guidelines for the Trading Post as listed above.
3. You must show proof of plan details. This can be done through a screen shot of your account from A moderator can assist you with this, including blurring out sensitive personal information. Some Sprint phones can access this information as well and a photo of that can be posted.
4. Please note the length of time remaining on the contract so the person taking over the plan knows exactly what they are getting into.
5. These rules must be followed and all details of a transaction that are pertinent to public discussion must be posted in order to ensure mod support if necessary.

Goods For Sale:

Make sure to describe what you have, the condition, your location, the price and what the terms of sale and shipping will be. Don't forget to attach a picture. All items must have an asking price and it must appear within the post itself. Threads without this information will be removed without warning.

Goods Wanted:

Make sure to describe what you are looking for, the condition you are willing to accept, your location and the price range you would pay. If you have items available for trade, please post photos of these items.

Ebay links:
If you wish to post a link to your item on ebay, you may do so, but your thread must conform to the above guidelines. If it does not, it will be deleted. Please do not post more than one ebay link per thread.

There are three subforums for items:

Phones For Sale

Accessories For Sale/Misc Items For Sale

In Search of (Want to Buy)

Please make sure to post in the right sub forum.


This is the internet so please be cautious when dealing with members. Anything too good to be true normally is. Whenever possible use payment methods that protect you if you find yourself in a fraud situation as a buyer. Western Union and concealed cash does NOT protect you. As a seller make sure to ship to the confirmed address if you use Paypal as payment method also get a delivery confirmation.

SprintUsers will in no way be responsible or liable in any form or fashion should a Trading Post transaction go bad. offers a free "Trading Post" area for members meeting the minimum requirements stated above. Transactions done through PM or with a member who doesn't meet the requirements is at your own risk. Please do not contact any SU staff member for help if you take the RISK.

Transactions between two eligible members that have a dispute will be mediated by the mod team to try to find a fair resolution. However if a member openly defrauds another member they are forever banned from SU and you will be added to the "Wall of Fraud." Posting your disputes over a transaction in public areas is forbidden. If you are both eligible members, contact a moderator for assistance with the transaction.

Wall Of Fraud

The following Members of SU have ripped off, stolen, defrauded or taken advantage of another one of our Users.






















scottadiener, scottalanman, sprintrocksman/All The Same Person!

Unknown User







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Blessed to have my Mother as my guardian angel since 12/19/06..I love and miss you so much!!!!

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