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The Official (Incomplete) LG-550 FAQ

Like the title says, this is incomplete. To help me finish it, post here:

Q: Is the 550 half- or full-duplex?
A: Well, frankly, I can't tell you because it's a cold day in Hell when I talk on the phone, much less use speakerphone. Phonescoop lists it as full-duplex. PM me your opinions and we'll see how it turns out.

Q: Is there a keypad lock for the outside buttons?
A: Yes. It is called Auto Keyguard and can be found in Menu/Settings/Setup&Others/Auto Keyguard; you can either disable or enable it. To unlock the keys, you must hold in the Play/Pause button; it takes maybe 2 seconds to unlock the keys.

Q: What is launched with the Play/Pause button on the outside of the phone?
A: Holding in the Play/Pause button will take you to a screen with the option to open the Music folder or the Media folder. The Music option will play anything you have in the Music directory through Sprint's Music Store player; this is where your Sprint Music Store-purchased songs are stored (in KOZ format) but you can put your own songs here as well. The Media option will play anything you have in the Media directory and will play through the Media Player; the Media Player supports video as well, so you can store your 3GP files here and they will play on the outer LCD.

Q: So what are the advantages of the 550's Media Player and Sprint's Music Store?
A: Well, it's pretty 50/50. If you have files you've purchased from the Music Store, they're pretty much stuck to the Music directory--it might only be more convenient to store all of your music files here so everything is in one place. Also consider that you can create playlists in the Music folder (playlists are not supported in the Media directory). If you place your audio files in the Media directory, you have an Equalizer that you did not have with Sprint's Music Store. You can create subdirectories in the Media folder as well. If you previously had a Power Vision Samsung, it might be a relief to know that you do NOT need a Vision signal to use the Music Store's player--you just can't view the store. Both Sprint's Music Store and Media Player have the FM Transmitter option.

Q: What is the FM Transmitter and how do I use it?
A: Why, I'm so glad you asked. This is the first phone to have this feature, did ya know that? Okay, to use the FM transmitter you first need to set up some channels for it. Go to Menu/Tools/Music Transmitter. You have 12 channel presets you can use, and I suggest trying to use all of them. This way you have plenty of pre-programmed alternatives if one channel goes sour. Go sit by your radio and scroll through for dead channels (i.e., ain't nothin' to it but static or dead air, though dead air usually means there will probably be a broadcast within a few hours); program these channels into your phone . Now, start either the Music Store or Media Player and get a song going; once the song starts, hit Options/Music Transmitter On and tune your radio to the same channel you selected in the Music Transmitter's settings. And yes, you have to get the song playing before you can turn on the FM transmitter.

Q: What Bluetooth profiles are supported?
A: According to the phone, it supports HSP (Headset Profile), HFP (Hands-Free Profile), DUN (Dial-Up Networking), OPP (Object Push Profile), A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile - e.g., stereo Bluetooth headsets), BPP (Basic Printing Profile) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Q: So what does all that basically mean?
A: Well basically it means you can use Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth stereo headsets, you can tether with Bluetooth, you can use car hands-free kits, you can push objects like business cards and pictures with other Bluetooth devices (including your computer, using a Bluetooth adapter if Bluetooth isn't factory-installed on your machine), you can access another device's file system to transfer files and you can print wirelessly. Basically. There are some catches. For example, you can't send pictures over Bluetooth with this phone. Not that I can tell. And that sticks in my craw. Also, you MUST have a PAM plan to tether with the LG-550.

Q: How can I send files to the phone with Bluetooth?
A: First, you have to think about what kind of file you want to send. Let's say I'm going to send a picture from my A900 to my LG-500. First, I have to make sure Bluetooth is turned on. If you see a little icon at the top of your phone then it's on. If not, it's off. Turn it on by going to Menu/Tools/Bluetooth/Settings/On&Off. Then, in the same menu, go to Exchange Folders. Since I'm sending a picture, I will click on Pictures and then In Phone (you can also choose Memory Card and it will save to the DCIM folder on your memory card). If I were sending an audio file, I would choose Media and it would save to the Media folder on my memory card. If I'm sending a video, I would choose Pictures and probably want to choose Memory Card. You also have a General option to "upload any type of file," according to the manual. Anyway, so now I have my Exchange Folder set to Pictures/In Phone. So I grab my A900 and select the picture I want to send. A dialog box will pop up and the transfer will begin; once it has finished, I will find the picture in Menu/Pictures/My Albums/In Phone.

Q: When pairing the phone with another device it asks me for a pass code. What the heck is that?
A: If you're pairing with a headset, the pass code is most likely 0000 but your headset's manual will tell you what to use. If you're pairing with another phone or a computer, the pass code is whatever you make it; you just have to enter the same pass code on each device but you can choose whatever you want.

Q: Can I tether with Bluetooth?
A: Sure, if you have a PAM (Phone-As-Modem) plan. You must download the drivers first.

Q: Can I tether with the included data cable?
A: See above.

Q: So I can use stereo headphones, since the phone supports A2DP, right?
A: You sure can. Now remember, A2DP is one profile and HSP (Headset Profile) is another, so once you've paired the headset with the phone you have to connect twice: once to route calls and other notifications to the headset and another to route music to the headset.

Q: What are all the bells and whistles of the camera?
A: The camera is 1.3MP. There are a number of ways to get to it. You can press the camera button on the right side of the phone and it will start the camera. You can hit the shortcut in the keypad, which will take you to the Pictures menu, and then select the first option OR press the camera shortcut button again to start the camera. Orrrr you can go to Menu/Pictures/Camera. The camera takes pictures in portrait mode (i.e., not landscape like the A900) but if you need to take a landscape shot just hold the camera sideways. Once the camera is started you can turn on the flash by pushing the VoiceDial button on the right side of the phone (beneath the Volume button) or by going to Options/Flash. Some other options in the appropriately-named Options menu: Self Timer (Off, 5 seconds, 10 seconds); Color Tone (Normal, Black & White, Negative, Sepia); Image Controls (Brightness, White Balance); Settings, which includes Resolution (960x1280, 480x640, 240x320), Quality (Fine, Normal, Economy), Shutter Sound (4 sounds and an Off option), Full Screen and Image Enhancer; Review/Send Media and Camcorder Mode.

Q: Does the camera have zoom?
A: Yes, and it works pretty well. In 480x640 and 240x320 mode you can zoom 15 times. In 960x1280 you cannot zoom.

Q: You mentioned an option for Image Enhancer. What is that?
A: Well, the manual says it enhances image resolution from -2EV to 2EV. But if you ask me it doesn't do a thing.

Q: Can you store pictures on your memory card?
A: Yes you can. You can set the phone to auto-save to your memory card from Menu/Pictures/Settings & Info/Auto-save to.

Q: How much room do you get for downloads?
A: About 23MB. You can check your memory status by going to Menu/My Content/Options (scroll to bottom)/Memory Status.

Q: I heard somewhere this phone supports themes. What are they?
A: Themes are like skins for your phone, sort of. For example you can buy a Rainforest theme that would give your main screen a rainforest wallpaper, create "shortcuts" on your main screen for On Demand, Main Menu and two items related to your theme (normally these are fun fact pages on Vision and a shortcut to wallpaper choices for that theme). With themes you get a nice new menu layout option called Wheel View. Your Favorites menu will also be skinned with your theme. In the future I suggest there be more to these or else they'll be short-lived. A theme should include ringtones as well, IMO, especially for that price. But we're not here to talk about me.

Q: Can I hook the phone up to my computer and transfer content to the memory card that way?
A: You sure can. You probably need the drivers, though. Once it's plugged into your comp, go to Menu/Tools/USB Flash Drive. Your computer should see it as a Removable Disk and you can drag 'n drop your files to the memory card.

Q: What's the biggest memory card available?
A: microSD currently comes up to 1GB and the phone does support a card of that size. You can pick these up at Best Buy-type stores, but I suggest trying to find a good deal online as BB overcharges for them. Those of you fortunate enough to have Fry's in your area can probably find a good deal there.

Q: So how about videos on the 550?
A: They don't look too badly. There's an Image Enhancer option when playing video, just like the camera, but I still don't think it does anything. If you go to Options/Screen Size you can change to Full Screen which will change the video to landscape mode and take up the ENTIRE screen.
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