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EVDO Plan Changes FAQ

Im spending time while at work (sprint customer service) to make this FAQ about a problem that a lot of customer's dont seem to realize when switching their phones to an EVDO model. This will discuss and explain the reasons for plan changes that must be done (in some cases) when changing phones. I will give examples to help simplify the changes for readers. Here we go !

FAQ Explaination:
If you have a regular vision package on your plan (vision pictures pack, vision plus pack, vision premium pack ect.) and you are looking to upgrade or switch your phone to a EVDO power vision phone be aware that the service plan that you currently have could have significant changes. The EVDO phones use the power vision service which is not applicable with the regular vision packages. If you do change your phone to an EVDO phone, your vision package is going to have to be changed to a power vision package which can be significantly more than what you are currently paying. Let me give you some examples to make this easier to understand. Please note that the prices and packages can change at anytime. The services that are listed in this FAQ are "updated" as of 5-13-06.

Ex #1:
John is going to the sprint store to upgrade his 2 phones to the Samsung A900 an EVDO phone. The phone that he currently has is a Sanyo 8200 which uses the regular vision services. In John's plan, he has a 2000 minute shared plan with a vision picture package on both lines which is grandfathered (an old plan that you can still use on your account if u do not change it. these plans are not offered or available anymore). His grandfathered (GF) vision is free included in John's plan and with the package he is getting unlimited web, unlimited picture mail, unlimited text messaging, and a $5 credit off of downloads every month per phone. John loves the package and uses all the service except the picture mail. John is informed that when he changes phones to any EVDO phone, that the GF vision he has on his plan would have to be removed and he would have to change his vision service to one of the 3 EVDO packages offered. Also, since text messaging IS NOT included in any of the packages, he would have to pay additional for his text messaging needs. John uses less than 500 text messages a month and he doesnt need picture mail so he chooses the $15 EVDO package and the $8 text package. Since John browes around on he know's he can email ecare and get the $8 off his bill and he doesnt mind paying $15 for the EVDO services. His wife uses her picture mail on the second line and needs unlimited text messaging and for a subscription line (sub) it will be $10 for the EVDO package and $7.50 for the texting. John takes his phones and cant wait to go home and start calling his family.

Notes: Whether you have a GF vision or not, any vision package would apply to this example. Without a EVDO plan or with just keeping the GF vision, John would be charged $.02 per kilobyte for his web use. This can bring your bill extremely higher than just changing the plan.

EX #2:

Mike has a Sanyo 8200 with a 1250 minute SERO plan. As we all know, the plan includes 1250 minutes, Free mobile to mobile (M2M), free vision/picture mail/video mail, roaming is included. Mike was thinking about getting a Sanyo MM-9000 that he is saw on ebay. He got his phone and called into customer service to switch the phones on his account. Mike was told that in order for him to use that phone he would have to change his plan to the SERO EVDO plan. After getting the details of the plan, Mike realized that the only difference in the plans is one has EVDO and the price for the plan is the same. Mike doesnt mind renewing his 2 year agreement because the phone features are well worth it. Mike renews, programs his phone and is on his way with the 9000.

These are 2 pretty common things that happen or people have questions about doing. Hope this helps.

-Sprint Know It All
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