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Samsung A920 FAQ

This FAQ was created by user djennison. There is an open thread discussion dedicated to this FAQ at the following URL:

1.) What can the phone do?

It has a MP3 player that works with the transflash card.
It has power vision
It has camera and camcorder
It has 24MB BUILT in memory for ringtones, wallpaper, pictures, camcorded videos etc
It comes with 32MB EXTERNAL memory that your media player acesses for MP3 and 3gp video play back.
You CAN use the USB cable to use your phone as a modem.
You CAN use the USB cable to print your phone pictures DIRECTLY to a printer that supports pic bridge or whatever it is called.
YES! a 1GB Transflash card WILL work in your A920

2.) What doesnt it do?

You CAN NOT assign your MP3's in the transfalsh card as a ringtone. Nor can you make a video you have on your translfash card a screen saver.
You CAN NOT listen to your MP3 player or video player using BT headsets.
If you use a bluetooth adapter (key word ADAPTER, NOT HEADSET), you can listen to them through the bt headset, it takes anything that makes noises on your phone, like the key presses, and ringers, and outputs them to the bt headset paired with the bluetooth adapter, note, you need to unpair the phone from the headset for this to work, as you need to have the adapter and headset paired together. that way you can listen to your streaming sirius through the bt headset like i did when i had the 8300 before i got this a920. but with the a920s mp3 player capability and movie player, you can listen to it through the bt headset as they output sound also. (Thanks to Josh33_unc)
You CAN NOT transfer or access MP3, pictures or video files to your phone using the USB CABLE it came with. You must use a CARD READER to do that.
No video ringers or pmd's

3.) How to's

How to make High Quality Ringers!

How to make Videos for your A920 (to put on transflash card)

How to put stuff on your Transflash card:
1) You need a memory card reader/writer (that supports TF/MicroSD)
2) Put the TF in your phone and go to Media in Card.
3) It'll say there's nothing there (this action just creates some needed folders)
4) Take your TF out of the phone and put your TF in the reader while its connected to your computer.
5) Go to My Computer and look for the memory card drive.
6) Open and look for a folder that says media or something.
7) Copy and paste your MP3's.
8) Safely disconnect your TF and stick it in your phone and ENJOY!

Here's how to use ANY video as a screensaver:
Make it in 3g2 format (Super video converter will do it nicely, using the Sony/Ericsson 3g2 176x144 option), in the \DCIM\100SSMED folder, and you can assign it from pics/videos on the phone. (Thanks to TammyT)

You can use your camcorder to make a video and THAT will work as a animated screensasver!!! (Thanks to jmk32)

4.)ISSUES you might run into!!!

Cant See any of your files you tranfered to your transflash card? Read this!

Sub LCD picture issues?
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Alternate Samsung a920 FAQ

In addition to Laursifer's excellent FAQ, I decided to write my own version with some additional information included. I hope this will be useful for everyone.

Q: When was the Samsung a920 released?
A: December 5, 2005, the same date that the a900 was released. [1]

Q: What does the phone come with?
A: The box includes the phone, standard battery, 32 MB TransFlash (MicroSD) memory card, 2.5mm stereo headset, manual, and USB cable.

Q: Where may I find the manual online?
A: On Sprint's website you may find a PDF manual here. You can also find a converted HTML version here.

Q: What are the specs on the a920? Screen resolution? Memory? Frequency? Etc?
A: The interior screen is a 176x220 18-bit color (262,144 colors) TFT display. The exterior screen is a 128x96 (widescreen) 16-bit color (65,536 colors) STN display. The phone operates at 850MHz/1900MHz digital EV-DO spectrum, and has no analog roaming capbilities. The talk-time is roughly 210 minutes (3.5 hours) on its standard lithium-ion (LiIon) battery. The dimensions are 3.59" x 1.91" x 0.95" (LWH), and has an internal antenna built into the top of the handset. The phone supports English and Spanish languages. The phone has 14 MB of storage space for downloads, and comes with a 32 MB TransFlash (MicroSD) memory card. The a920 also supports GPS and Location-Based Services (LBS), which is capable of giving you turn-by-turn driving directions. [2] [3]

Q: Does the a920 have BlueTooth? Which profiles are supported? Anything else I should know?
A: The a920 does indeed have some BlueTooth 1.1 profiles! Included are the basic printing profile (BPP), the dial-up networking profile (DUN), the file transfer profile (FTP), the handsfree profile (HFP), and the headset profile (HSP). For file-transfer, the FTP profile will only sync contacts, and not images nor audio nor video. For more information regarding the DUN profile, see the tethering section below. [4] [5]

Q: Can my a920 be used for USB tethering? How about BlueTooth DUN (dial-up networking)?
A: Absolutely! However, you must first disable the phone's Modem NAI. To do so, click Menu > Settings (#) > Display (1), then hit the zero (0) key. When prompted for the field service code, type 040793. Scroll down to the last option in this menu, Toggle NAI, then turn the Modem NAI off. [6]

Proceed to Sprint's website, where you need to download the Sprint PCS Connection Manager. Select the correct operating system, and download the application, then install it.

Next, assuming you are using Windows XP, open your Network Connections (found in the Control Panel). Click on Create a new connection. Click Next > Connect to the Internet > Set up my connection manually > Connect using a dial-up modem. For the ISP Name, type in Sprint Power Vision, then click Next. The phone number should be set to #777, then click Next. On the next page, leave everything blank, and you can check both boxes, then click Next, then click Finish.

Make sure your USB cable is secured to the PC and the phone. In the Network Connections window, right-click on Sprint Power Vision, then click Connect. On the connection dialog box, simply click Dial, and you should see the status go from dialing, then authenticating, then connected. Now the speed of Power Vision is in your hands!

Note: there is an almost certainty that you will get charged for tethering, even if you have Power Vision on your handset. The best option is to have a PAM, or Phone-As-Modem, option on your plan. Starting at $39.99 a month, this will ensure you do not get hit up for charges associated with tethering. Please be warned that you are responsible for your own actions!
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