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Originally Posted by thekarens View Post
My son's gaming pc kicked the bucket and I want to get him another one. It needs to be under a $1000.00. I know most people will say build it yourself, but let's just skip past that because I don't have the time or inclination for that kind of project right now.

If someone could suggest a decent system (tower only needed) I would appreciate it. He plays Starcraft and Skyrim. It doesn't have to have the fastest fps or be the best, just decent and playable.

All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
If that's your criteria, you don't even need $1000. Just head over to Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy or whatever and grab a cheap tower that's not a Celeron (preferably Duel Core or better) for $300 to $400. Grab a video card that cost around $100. If you need more memory, extra 2GB is around $20. I know you said that you don't have time to build from scratch, but popping in a video card or a couple of memory sticks takes less than an hour even if you have no idea what you're doing (more like 10 minutes if you do).

But how old is your son? If he's in Jr. High or higher, you might wanna make it his project instead of yours and tell him to to do his own research on building his own system from scratch. There are no shortages of such guides online and it'll be a learning experience that will help him for the rest of his life. My dad made me do it (under close supervision) when I was in 7th grade and I never had to ask for help fixing my computer since, because I understood what every component in my computer was and how they were supposed to work. And that's when I started to dial into technical BBS (those were the days before the real www) and got me really interested in computers. BTW, I program for living now.

If you don't have time to look over his shoulders closely or don't have the expertise, just post links to his choice of components and I'm sure people here can point out if it's right or wrong choice, or suggest better alternatives. And if all the components are compatible, it's virtually impossible to f up on assembly unless something is defective.
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