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Originally Posted by DowntownSLugger View Post
Ok I currently have a Sprint 450 ED plan.

I was planning to join a Family plan with 2 numbers on it and just bring my number over to the plan.

I already spoke to a Sprint person in store and he said I can join the family plan and keep the same number but all I would have to do is bring in my Account number, PIN, and a form of identification.

My dilemma here is

My phone is falling apart and I was looking into getting the Epic 4g.

Could I get the Epic 4g at 249.99 price since the family plan would simply be adding a new line and keep my number at the same time??

Have them add a line and you buy the epic 4g like a new customer. Then port your number over and swap the lines. be warned if you do this do it at best buy radio shack or walmart or you will have MAJOR rebate difficulties
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