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Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I tried some searching, but didn't find what I'm looking for, and hope you can help.

I have a Samsung Moment, that I got when it came out last November. I have the $59 plan, so I am not Premier. This means I'm not due for an upgrade until November 2011.

The Moment is very faulty. It has problems with inaccurate GPS location. Also, sometimes the proxemity sensor stops working, and I press buttons with my cheek while I'm in calls, often accidentially three-way dialing random other people.

The biggest problem is the way the radio locks-up every few days. The phone shows that it has service, but really doesn't. Incoming calls don't get through, and I have no way of knowing that I'm missing them unless I try to make a call and see that it doesn't go through. The only solution is to re-boot the phone. I work remotely, and this phone is how my office contacts me, so I'm going to get in trouble with work because of this.

I've also had the radio lock up while using Google Navigation. Basically what happens is, I don't get notified of the loss of service, but Maps doesn't update my location. So I end up driving down the highway, not being notified that I need to turn, etc. Again, the only solution is to reboot the phone which takes several minutes, then open Maps again, and re-enter my destination, and wait for it to calculate my route. This is REALLY inconvenient when I'm trying to drive, and have to get somewhere on time.

So I want to replace my phone. All of the issues I'm having with my Moment are well known, and common. I don't think replacing it with another Moment will solve the problem.

At this point, I want to be able to get the Epic when it comes out. I'm willing to pay for it, but I won't want to pay the $500 to get it un-subsidized. I just want to pay the same $250 that a new customer would pay. I also don't think it's fair to have to pay a $200 early termination fee for a phone that Sprint should reasonably know is faulty.

Is there any way to get Sprint to let me do this?
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