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Originally Posted by ccchhhrrriiisss View Post
Hey guys and gals,

My wife and I are considering a move to the EVERYTHING DATA plan and finally moving to better phones.

The device that my wife was interested in (via -- the Motorola Photon -- is now $149.99 (with an additional $50 rebate). However, nearly every other website or store has this device for $49.99 with a 2 year upgrade.


The line up for a rebate is NOT her line. She wants to use MY upgrade to purchase a phone and then activate it on her line. Her line will be out-of-contract in a couple of months, but she is extremely tired of her Treo Pro.

Question: If we purchase a phone using my line's upgrade, will we be able to:

A.) Move this device to her line without a problem or penalty?
B.) Have the $36 activation fee waived?

Are there any other possible disadvantages of buying a phone through a third party vendor like Amazon, BestBuy or Costco?


A) Depends on where you get it, I've done it several times at BestBuy without an issue. Sometimes they'll require me to activate it in store, other times they just let me leave without doing so, and I can go outside, call Sprint put my old phone back on the line (as they do actually attach the ESN to the line you "activated" it on), and give them the ESN for the new phone for the line I want to put it on.

B) Not very likely, won't happen at all at Best Buy, no idea about amazon or costco, but keep in mind with them (at least amazon i believe), it may trigger some kind of penalty charge if you swap the phone to another line before a specific number of days..

All in all, I always prefer best buy (won't buy anything else there cuz I sorta hate the place), but as far as wireless devices go, they're aces.
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