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Hello, Missylg!

Your post probably deserves a new thread or should be put into a thread regarding TEP since the topic here relates to repairs through LG rather than Sprint. Anyway, I know it's frustrating to get refurbished rather than new, but as long as the refurbished device comes from the manufacturer, I would expect it to be as good as (or even better than) new.

In most cases, a manufacturer refurbished device has gotten brand new components as part of the refurbishing process and usually undergoes far more testing than a mass-produced new device. This can be different from devices you get from a source other than the manufacturer that are labeled as refurbished. In those situations, the phones are sometimes simply repackaged and sent off in the hopes there's nothing wrong with them, putting the burden on the purchaser to figure out if it's in good shape.

I've never purchased insurance for a phone. I find it expensive both from a monthly fee as well as the high deductible, and it's something I'd rarely use. If I had subscribed to insurance, I probably would have spent about $1000 or more in the last 16 years on the monthly premium. I've had problems with my phone 3 or 4 times that required repairs, which would have been another $200-$400 in deductibles. Instead, I simply paid Sprint $35 each for the first 2 repairs and $115 for a recent, very terrible screen repair on my LG G2 at a non-Sprint shop. At this point, my LG G2 is at the LG repair center and I'll find out how much they'll charge me for a refurbished replacement. If it's over $75, I'll simply have them return it for free and ask Sprint to replace it. They told me it'd be $75 if I do it through them.

Good luck with your refurb!

EDIT: If you pay your monthly Sprint bill using a Wells Fargo credit card, you already have insurance for your phone. $600 coverage with $25 deductible for any type of loss at no extra charge!!! I need to get a Wells credit card!

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