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Originally Posted by w7excursion View Post
Well hopefully you won't have to send it back a second time. If you do, consider not buying their phones again. Obviously a terrible job was done and keep all possible records of the transaction so you can forward them if necessary. Carp I'll have to disagree with you on the case thing. I'm a tpu guy and have no problems with them damaging the edges.

I also don't plan on buying a new phone on Sprint again. Among other reasons, Sprint has not offered true, 1 year warranty coverage in their stores for some time. If you don't carry insurance as well (which I prefer not to) they now charge $75 per visit. And, if you do carry insurance, you get 2 free warranty visits, then the rest are $25 per.

As far as I know, AT&T honors first year warranty coverage, in store, without insisting upon an additional fees or insurance contract. So, for a variety of reasons I think I will go that way next time.
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