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Originally Posted by carpediem06 View Post
The problem is more likely your TPU case.

People never realize this, but dust and particles get in between the case and phone and it acts like sandpaper scratching the phone

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I am well aware of this and not in this case. The surface if the device and trim is relatively unscathed. The trim is wavy in spots, like a wire that has been bent out if shape and replaced as well as possible. The gouges are tiny, flat, uniformly placed, and only in the space between the backing and the edge of he trim that touches it.

No, this is because their repair people used a prying tool to open the case, probably metal and not soft plastic like all battery replacement kits come with, and they probably didn't heat the back up, the just shoved a little, metal shim tool in.

Is it overwhelmingly noticeable? No. If it was, I would have seen it weeks ago.

Am I sending it back just for this (or at all if I can avoid it)? no.

What I am worried about, is the question of what happens if I have another warranty issue?. If I send it back for again, and the next technician sees those little pry marks all the way around, I fear he or she will assume it was me, the user who did it. Why? Because that was the first, very accusing question the phone support person asked when I told him what I had found.
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