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Just an update...

Before going to sleep last night I rebooted my phone and then immediately hit the power button to put the phone to sleep. After being off for 8 hours I turned it on, did just a couple things and then checked the wake time. It was down to about 12%. So, maybe this means I'm not having as much of a problem with wake time as I originally thought. It could be that my high wake time percentage was due more to my playing with the phone all the time and using it to stream Pandora even when the screen is off. Even so, my Dialer is still far and away on top of the list when I check Partial Wake in Spare Parts, no matter if I sort the list since 'last boot', 'last unplugged', or 'total'. The next closest thing in the list is Android OS, and it's barely a sliver of blue.

Originally Posted by mobilehavoc View Post
I think we just need to make sure Sprint/HTC know about this so they can fix it in a software release.
I think they already have, and it's called Donut. The real question is, when do we get it?


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