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Originally Posted by Kyp View Post
I know this sounds stupid but how do you reset you phone incase i ever mess something up and need to do that.

Also what does resetting it clear? Can you redownload the apps you've bought. The phone itself is still registered to the sprint account right, i wouldn't have to call/go to sprint to get it working right.
Factory reset is located under security settings, it resets everything as if you just bought it, the only thing that stays the same is the phone number attached to it, so only do it if needed, and back up your contacts, apps can be redownloaded so that is not a problem, you just have to go and find them agian, it will at first show you the ones you had before, but then if you hit one wrong button that screen goes away, dialer also looks to be an issue with the phone staying on, its one of my top uses, I love the phone to death, but how did they manage to get 15 days on standby with it during tests? ha ha, it will be fixed eventually with donut 1.6, but we have no clue when it will come out for the hero, my VM version is VN., list yours if different
I love my hero, stop being picky, not every phone has everything perfect, its a phone, not your son,
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