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Talking For those with 100% Awake time [FIX]

Helly everybody, I love my htc, and I found the cure to the 100% awake time. I tested each app out myself, and checked the usage and it happens to be voicemail. Well what do you do from here, well it seems sprint has already fixed the issue, you just need to open the voicemail app, and go to setting, then download the new update, that fixes it so the phone doesnt stay awake non stop, before I dled that update my phone was at 100%, not good, but after I sit at around 18%, which is correct for my usage today. So hop on in the app, and fix your problem, It doent make the battery life a whole new world, but instead of being at 20% at the end of the day, I hit around 45%, so it does help. Also get a task killer, and kill those pesky non used tasks :P

I love my hero, stop being picky, not every phone has everything perfect, its a phone, not your son,
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