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Sharp aquos phone

i gotta say... sharp impressed me in many ways.

1st - the screen... omg this screen is perfect in accuracy and color. the whites are white and barely if any tint to it. blacks come out very nice too. this was the major thing to point out for a 265 dollar phone. if you look below... there is a comparison with both screens at max brightness. the larger one is the sharp aquos and the bottom is a galaxy nexus. why the nexus? because they are both 720 with very good screen tech. its as good as a comparison as you can have

2nd- the sound. it has Harmon Kardon and it sounds amazing. music pops in everyway... infact i was watching Amazon prime movie Bad Grandpa and was so rich in colors and sound i was thoroughly impressed.

The battery lasted a long time while watching the movie. 3 hours of screentime and i still have battery left over to play with. i forgot to charge it that night and woke up to it still alive but like 4% left. i forget how much i left it with before bed.

Signal was pretty good too. i wasnt locked to just 1 signal, it connected to 2.5 and 1.9 easily. i get maybe a bar or 2 of 2.5ghz and got 28mbps in miami.

Camera... now here is where the complaints are valid except at night. the camera sucks horribly at night. even changing the ISO to 50 during day time created a phone that was very white and washed out...however during the night it captured beautifully (as attached below). indoors took ok too.

overall... if you dont mind not having a camera during the day... this isnt a bad phone at all to use. but i have to say... i was thoroughly impressed at this 269 dollar phone but atleast it will hold me up till the xperia z3
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