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Originally Posted by BZap49 View Post
T-Mobile is doing what's best for them to remain a profitable company, or at least close to it. It does suck that people had to lose their jobs over it, but at least they are offering transfers to those who want it. That tells me that they're not out to cut every salary on their payroll...they're more likely trying to minimize overhead costs. If they can utilize these savings wisely, and make others where necessary, and also keep on schedule with their network plans, I think they'll be able to bounce back eventually.

AT&T's finger pointing at the FCC is definitely just a sign of their bitterness. Like the FCC pointed out, AT&T would have cut jobs if there merger had gone through, too, so their claims have no grounds.
T-Mobile may have lost customers just on the fear of being under AT&T's rule in the short term. Many T-Mobile customers seemed to have had bad experiences with AT&T and didn't want to go back, so they switched carriers.

Couple that with no real "hot" phones being released as a T-Mobile exclusive, and T-Mobile being the only national carrier with no iPhone (likely because of the pending merger with AT&T) and the customer losses make perfect sense.

When you lose customers you need less employees. Closing a call center makes perfect sense financially, even if it hurts the workers. Corporations no longer work under the idea that you keep your employees even if business goes down. They used to do this for loyalty to the employee, as well as when the work market was very competitive for employers. With high unemployment T-Mobile knows it can staff any call center it may have to open in the future and will not retain staff waiting for business to improve.
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