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Looking for .mp3 player app.

Hello Everyone,

I am taking a road trip at the end of the month. I have downloaded several audio books to my Note 4. Unfortunately, one of the books is broken up into only 2 files. The issue I have is that if I try to use any other functions of the phone and the app goes into the background, the play back stops and I have to start all over when I bring it back to the front.

What I am looking for is an app that will let me pause the playback, put the app in the background while doing something else with the phone, and allow me to pick back up where I left off. Can anyone recommend a player that will do this for me? I don't care if it is free or a paid app. Any information, ideas, suggestions, or input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for the time and have a great Friday!

Galaxy Note 4 on Sprint network

Android 6.0.1


George D.
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