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We got a bit of insider information over at androidforums. I'll quote his posts here to provide some interesting info on the Evo 3D

Well it's hard to believe that it's almost another year but here we are. Seems like yesterday I was working the wee hours of the night to put the fit and finishing touches on the wimax radio/making sure qik would play nice with wimax. Then the gold copying of 4G enabled hotspot during the eleventh hour before sending off to Sprint (Good Times). I felt it was time to chime in again and answer some of the pressing questions about EVO 3d. I would like to first congratulate everyone that has been so critical to EVOís success in providing information/tips/tricks etc on the Android Forums EVO 4G threads. I know my company has been reading that thread like a religious book since EVO was referred to a Supersonic. Everything that was EVO and is EVO today is being put into what you the fans want in your EVO of tomorrow. Your knowledge and your talent inspired us to create the best EVO (We hope) ever.
Since I am a fan of the site, I want to share with you information that hasn't been released yet and information that I've been given the green light to release to the thread.
Start off by saying it is a "HTC EVO 3D and 4G" and not "LG" Yes gingerbread and something has not been mentioned Sense UI 2.0 Finally when your EVO is propped up on It's kickstand it will automatically go into landscape on all window screens.
The one thing that you guys talked about was full hdmi out. I admit we got robbed on that one. The price you pay for being first. I didnít have anything to do with that one, but I would admit to be a bit impressed a phone was able to play a movie on a HDTV a year ago. ďOrrebmasĒ your efforts did ping our radar. I am sure you will find nothing but fortunes on the android market with that fine software. Full HDMI will no longer be an issue. We ran it, tested it, on HDTVís and 3DHDTVís. Games, google, pictures, 3DPOV, and yes 3d movies all look awesome right out of the box.
Answer one of the more recent questions yes the new EVO will have a kickstand. I guess that was answered up above, but the new kickstand will be beefier and contoured to the back side of the case. The curved kickstand will allow the EVO to stand better at attention if you will. HTC logo will be on the back like the original EVO, but EVO 3D will be lithographed on the kickstand metal as well. Smart move cause with your protective cover on and the phone face down. Nobody could tell what phone it was. Now they will.
I know there was some flak on the recent GLBenchmarks and we caught hell for it around here as well. I just wanted to let you know that fit and finish on that has been polished out. Memory allocation was only single set data stream and we have now been able to utilize duel data stream with a bump in memory clock speeds. I guess you could use the analogy of SDRAM compared to DDRAM.
Scorpion chip set is very OC friendly; I canít say what we were able to overclock the cpuís to. Please no question on that one. I can say that we were able to almost double our GLbench scores with just the memory fix though.
The larger battery is the real. I canít say what the final battery size is though. I can say from 8am to 6pm under stress test no need to plug in.
HTC EVO 3D does have two processors, which everyone here has seen on GLBenchmark site (Who Knew!) Important thing to mention is they take up less real estate then a single snapdragon processor die..Clue on power consumption.

I guess the last one that guys might like to know is that the front facing camera, is not 1.3mp. The one we have in house is 3mp. The back ones canít be discussed right now, but they do have some cool tricks other than stereoscopic.

I always felt that it would be a cold day in you know what before I turn my EVO over specially after all the customization, ROMS, Tweaking, Benchmarking, and showing my 4.3in screen size to Apples boy like screen size. Update! All those tweaks, they will work on the new EVO with very little effort. Devs can rejoice.

Lastly, the battery form factor is interchangeable, but you are not going to need to though.

Iíll stop in from time to time. I have no clue on release date. I have to admit that one does make me laugh. I remember the original EVO release date was publicly announced and we still had gold work left. It was unlimited OT for almost a month straight. I have to say we did understand what the fans wanted and the time line they wanted it in, but it was/is a product we believed in. I think most can agree we crammed in a good amount fun factor considering it was a year ago. EVO still is one of the finest phones in the market, heck in the world for that matter. I know the same effort is going to be expected by all companies involved this time around too. Please keep putting up your wish list of items, doesnít mean itís going to happen, but doesnít mean we canít squeeze it in (Somehow) Enjoy the show.
@EarlyMon The form factor is almost identical to that of the original EVO accept for few features. The screen is mainly just touch screen. There is no room for the HTC emblem or Sprint at the top of the device, but there is still the EVOish metal grill. EVO 3D feels heavier and that could be attributed to battery. The data ports and jacks are still located at the top and bottom. The EVO 3D is more at home in landscape mode with the kickstand out. I can't go into dimensions, but it's an improvement.

@L8AGIN BGR was close but not quite. There is a twist on how things work inside and hence the lack luster/accidental posting of GLbenchmarks. It is std affair 1gig RAM and 4gig ROM, with cavet. Depending on the needs of the 2nd processor and software applications 4gig ROM will act like RAM. This takes a bit of hardware/software trickery, but it is working. Clock speeds can't discuss, but this too has proven to be OC friendly. I guess you could look at as tri-channel memory like a higher end tri channel memory configuration in a WinVista/Intel 1366DDRAM setup. 1gig RAM will stay Dual Channel, Until the need for Tri-Channel then ROM becomes RAM. So while they will be classified as 4gigs of ROM, Physically speaking there really RAM Silicon. This is a first in the industry, but saves alot on real estate this way. Hope that helps to clear that up. Good luck to a blogsite trying to describe it. It's new hear, but really cool, and pretty sensible.
BSOD (>-_0<)
I just want to reiterate that things are starting to pick up around here and while not fever pitch. While this is good thing for us in the real word cause greater minds are going to start coming together (Colliding) with a purpose and a deadline. Once again, thanks to all who has participated in HTC EVO 4G threads here on Android Forums. I mentioned before, this is where we come to listen and please keep up with requests. I seen allot get done on the eleventh hour with the original EVO, mainly qik, hotspot for 8 devices, seemless transistions between 3G/4G areas (I know, I know). That was/is cutting edge stuff for almost a year ago. This EVO will be another one we'll get put together for the fans in EVOutee land. I have to show the boss my posts and make sure I am being PC. I got into some serious you know what last time we did this
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