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Originally Posted by Trekker View Post is one for either one of you. I have a Palm Pre on Sprint's network. I signed up for YouMail which replaces Sprint's voicemail. I have conditional call forwarding set up (*28 + YouMail number) so that if I don't answer my phone, instead of the call going to Sprint's voicemail, it gets forwarded to YouMail.

Here is the problem: From the time that the phone stops ringing (from the caller's perspective) there is about a 5 second delay before the YouMail greeting plays. My concern is that people will hang up without leaving a message because they don't hear the greeting in time.

I've been in contact with YouMail support, who gave me a bunch of different access numbers to try. None of them helped. I called Sprint and asked if there was something they could do to somehow speed up the call forwarding part and was told there wasn't.

YouMail is great but it's almost useless to me with such a long delay before the greeting plays.

Do any of you know if anything can be done via Sprint so that the delay can be decreased?

Thanks for any assistance!
I don't believe it is on Sprint's end. I say this because my Google Voice (free) voicemail "answers" the call immediately after it stops ringing. It soulds like a "YouMail" issue.

You know that google voice is open to everyone now, right? If you have a google account, you can set up your number and the voicemail so it becomes default, just like YouMail. Maybe try a google voice number and see if it changes the delay, which can tell you right away if its an issue with Sprint or YouMail.
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