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Renew Contract to get Corporate Discount?

This seems to be the new thing..

Can someone confirm?

I called sprint to get my corporate discount changed.. I changed employers and now I can get 23% in lieu of the 15% I recevied before..

The rep submitted a form and mentioned that I'd receive an email with the confirmation.. I asked if it would be to my work email and the rep said no its just to confirm on regular email on file. She did mention that its a change in the policy and that would require a 2 year agreement, but since I've been with sprint long (meaning already completed 2 years long time ago) it wouldnt apply to me..

But in the confirmation email.. It looks like they need me to sign for a NEW TWO YEAR agreement? What the...??

If so, then I dont think I am going to do that.. and I hope my 15% doesnt get taken out in the process..

Here is the email:

Dear xxxx xxxxx,


In order to process your 23% employee discount request, Sprint needs your permission to renew the Service Agreement for each phone and data device associated with your account.

Follow the steps below within 45 days and I will update your account. To consent to a new two-year term and agree to Sprint terms and conditions (see below), follow these steps:

1. Reply to this email
2. Type: “I AGREE” or “I DISAGREE”
3. Press send;

We will send you written confirmation within 14 days.


Your email consent acknowledges you:
1. Have read, understand and agree to Sprint Terms and Conditions of service; visit for details;
2. Understand enrollment in the discount program requires a two-year term commitment (effective immediately) for each line on your account;
3. Agree that except for eligible deactivations under our return policy,you will pay an early termination fee (ETF) of up to $200 for each line of service.

Thank you for choosing Sprint!

Francis S.
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