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From Howard Forums

Dear XXX,

Thank you for writing back to us.

Yes, the SERO (Sprint Exclusive Referral Offer) plan will be expired on
July 12, 2008. The details of the new plan are as follows:

The charge of the plan is $49.99 and it includes:

- Domestic Unlimited Messaging (Text, Picture, Video, and Audio)
- Domestic Unlimited Direct Connect and Group Connect
- Domestic Nationwide Long Distance and No Roaming Charges
- Unlimited domestic web access
- Access to Music Premier and TV Premier
- Unlimited Navigation
- E-mail including ActiveSynch or BlackBerry BIS access (for BlackBerry
- NFL Mobile and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile
- Unlimited Nights Starting at 7:00 p.m.
- Unlimited Sprint Mobile to Mobile Calling
- 500 Minute Plans: Additional minutes $0.45 overage rate
- 1000 Minute Plans: Additional minutes $0.40 overage rate
- Plans do not pool or share minutes.
- Call Forwarding is 20 cents per minute.

If you want to get the existing SERO plan for $30.00 then, you need to
port-in before July 12 otherwise you can port-in anytime after July 12,
2008 and get the new plan.

Thank you for using eCare. Have a great day.

Hellena S.

As an update to my original post, I talked with another rep tonight-she said the rate was actually $59.99, not $49.99 as the ecare rep said. Also the new pricing goes into effect on 7/10, not 7/12.

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