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Aparently people are not reading the rules or do not understand the if you have any questins on the rule pm me or Nino with them.

Here are the rules again.

25 SU$ Ante: All the antes will be donated to SUers who wants to become Premier members. All antes will be sent to NINO63004 to be divided up to basic member SUers as he sees fit.

All Wagers: Must be posted in this thread and accepted by all parties involved in that wager. When the results are in (1) Losers you will pony up your SU$ to the winners (2) Winners it is recommended that you donate a portion of your winning to SUers who wants to become Premier members.

Wagers: Must be related to the BB 8330 Curve only. Example wager on the firs color released, the date released etc.....

You can bet any amount you and the person or persons you are betting with agree on

The ante is totally separate form the bet as it is called a ante and will be sent to NINO63004 do donate as he sees fit.
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