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Originally Posted by SprintSALES1934 View Post
I agree, i loved when people came in, *****ing, id look up there account and see all the "iriate customer" "retentions call" in the notes, most of the time i wouldnt even help them unless is was for a REAL reason.

You do realize that your company has major problems in CS and many people call retention because they are fed up with being transferred 100 times and just need someone who has the ability to fix their account?????

I was migrated to ensemble on Dec 31, 2008...I have called and talked to Sprint at least 10 times since that date including 4 times with retention asking why my husband line is being charged 109.99 for my new plan and my line the original primary is being charged my old plan $100 which I was told no longer existed, or asking why my sons centro is running slow to find he has phone as a modem instead of vision.

I then asked the rep can you please check my other lines of course the rep doesnt do it because my husband comes homes and the same thing is happening to him, wrong code...icing on the cake my touch is switched out on Friday....when I go into the store the rep doing my exchange states ma'am I need to get another department on the phone because the code for vision is JACKED UP ON YOUR LINE. 4 calls/ 1 visit to the the store for 3 lines of vision....

In the last 23 days with sprint I have spent more than enough time on the phone trying to get my account fixed where my contracts have been renewed, vision codes wrong, having two primary plans on what should be one family plan, being charged twice for one line, etc etc I think retention reps need to know you have some customers who dont call for more freebies but need a seasoned rep to help them on their account...Now get the cs reps out who dont know their job then abuse as you call it wouldnt happen so often...

Finally on Sunday an Executive Services rep called me even though their office was closed because my account was escalated to their office....they offer me two months of free service and a phone of my choice for free because of all the trouble that had documented on my account.

Instead of taking her up on the offer I said I am happy with my touch and she laughed at me asking if I was sure and that the pink centro is nice and would be free to me...I told her just as long as my account is fixed I am happy. I thanked her for her offer and she said well I am still going to give you 2 months of service free and said she will call me at the end of my billing cycle to check up everything was applied correctly not every customer want free phones and stuff just some empathy and their account fixed...END OF RANT

As the OP issue, wait until your contract ends as previously said and then say you are looking to reduce your monthly services fees and you wanted to see what was available. I would look at other carriers and what they are offering for new acts and go to the store to see what phone I wanted before thr your nice and polite and you will get something better than the other offer.
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