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Comcast digital channel basic package plus DVR and Internet runs me about $120 a month. I miss HBO.

The alternative is DirecTV/DSL through Qwest and that's it out in the boonies that I am aware of and I think it would cost about the same give or take $10. We prefer Comcast to Qwest.

No landlines. I have a T Mobile pre paid phone that I put $25 on every six months and the minutes are good for a year. Then I have three lines on my at&t wireless account that runs me $140 a month.

So, that's my entire communications cost, $260 a month total. I tried to woo Comcast into offering me a less expensive package but I didn't think to threaten to leave. Hmm. *scratches chin* I may employ this tactic in the future. LOL.
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