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Originally Posted by alyxx View Post
The issue will be if the plan you have is no longer available/offered - When you cancel the main line, one of the other lines becomes "primary" and the rep has to change the codes - which most likely means a new plan - thats been my problem - i have a main line that hasnt been used in a year - but i have a 59.99 shared plan with 800 minutes for 3 lines - since that is no longer offered i have to pick a new plan for my remaining 2 lines and there isnt a comparablen plan to it being offered right now -
This is what I'm affraid of, however, it could help me in the long run. I dont think my plan is offered anymore, however, I have 2 treo 700wx both with the $20 powervision (i think) but im also paying $10/mo on both to have unlimited txt which i think is now free with the powervision. Right?

My biggest thing is signing a new 2yr agreement. I have no plans to drop Sprint but I dont think I can take another xx months with the Treo 700.

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