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Deval 11-28-2004 09:04 PM

All you need to know about Total Equipment Protection
This is a small FAQ about the new Total Equipment Protection or TEP package offered by Sprint.

This is the new form of insurance which is offered by Sprint to protect your phone, which includes both an extended warranty feature and an equipment replacement plan.

You pay $7 a month, and you are covered for anything that happens to your phone.

If its within 1 year, and you have a warranty issue with your phone (non-water damage, physical damage, lost, stolen, toliet, shower, etc), the store will order you a replacement, as long as the issues with the phone are covered under warranty, ex. A460 blank screen, Sanyo 8100 hinge, etc. This replacement phone may or may not be the same model, but it is based on the same features, so you can not go by how much the phone cost, etc. The phone has to be defective, and the reason behind it has to be something which would be covered. If you were talking on the phone and dropped the phone in the toliet, that is not covered, and you would need to call LockLine.

If it's outside of the normal warranty period, and you have a problem with the phone which would have been covered by the normal warranty terms, the store would charge you $10 and order you a comprable replacement phone. The same terms about features, etc. apply.

Any time durning your term with Sprint, if you lose the phone, drop it in the toliet, break it, run it over with your car, your dog eats it, your ex steals it, etc. you pay $50 and go through LockLine.

You are still limited to 2 claims a year, but now you need to make sure to file the claim within 30 days, or your claim will be rejected.

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