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GoldenBlaze 03-12-2010 01:47 PM

ESPN Mobile TV Launches on Sprint TV
Now these NFL app whiners, please be quiet. :D


March 12, 2010 01:19 PM Eastern Time

ESPN Mobile TV Launches on Sprint TV
Fans Can Watch Live Professional and College Games on Their Sprint Mobile Devices

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. & BRISTOL, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ESPN and Sprint (NYSE: S) are teaming up to give Sprint customers the ultimate sports experience – in the palm of their hands – with ESPN Mobile TV available on Sprint TV®. Beginning today, ESPN Mobile TV will offer Sprint consumers unparalleled live sports programming and entertainment from ESPN via Sprint handheld devices.

“Mobile has become an invaluable screen to the digital consumer”
ESPN Mobile TV coverage during March and April will feature more than 100 live events and over 250 hours of coverage for Sprint customers with this new agreement beginning just in time for fans to watch the Big 12 and Big East Conference Championship basketball games on Sprint mobile devices. Programming and live events through April include:

23 Live Men’s NCAA Basketball Games (including Conference Championship games)
19 Live Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship Games
9 NBA Playoff Games
15 Regular Season NBA Games
30 Live NBA Fastbreak Shows
10 Regular Season MLB Games
50 Live Baseball Tonight Studio Shows
3 College Football Spring games
3 Live Friday Night Fights
3 Live NCAA Hockey Championship Games
5 Live MLS Matches
“Mobile has become an invaluable screen to the digital consumer,” said Matt Murphy, senior vice president, Digital Video Distribution, Disney and ESPN Media Networks. “To super serve sports fans, you have to provide live coverage on the go, and we are excited to be working with Sprint to provide this offering to its customers.”

“We are very pleased to offer ESPN’s world-class sports news and entertainment video content,” said Len Barlik, Sprint’s vice president of wireless and wireline services. “This collaboration is about giving great programming to our customers who are sports fans. Sprint is committed to delivering the best mobile video experience, which will continue to be enhanced with the deployment of our Sprint 4G services.”

More than 800 live events this year – including the 2010 FIFA World Cup, MLB, NBA, Grand Slam tennis, college football and basketball – will be available on the majority of Sprint’s device lineup, including the popular HTC Hero, Samsung Moment, Samsung Instinct, Palm Pre and Blackberry Curve. ESPN Mobile TV is part of the Sprint TV package, which is included as a part of Sprint’s Everything Data plans at no additional charge. With Sprint TV, customers get access to everything from news, weather, sports, children’s programs and comedy, including Disney Channel and ABC.

In addition to the 24/7 mobile sports television network, ESPN Mobile provides easy access to sports news, information, commentary, analysis, statistics and ring tones as well as streaming audio and video.

About ESPN Mobile

ESPN Mobile is devoted to extending the ESPN brand and content over the wireless medium. ESPN content and applications on mobile platforms can be accessed any time, anywhere via licensing agreements with every major domestic carrier. ESPN's first wireless offering launched in 1995 with the ESPN To Go pager for scores, and including ESPN’s industry-leading collection of mobile web sites, mobile apps, mobile games, mobile alerts and mobile video (ESPN Mobile TV and Video on Demand clips).

w7excursion 03-12-2010 02:02 PM

Not a fan of sprint tv but anything is better than nothing I guess. Now you can stop crying about the whiners complaining.

GoldenBlaze 03-12-2010 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by w7excursion (Post 2301560)
Not a fan of sprint tv but anything is better than nothing I guess. Now you can stop crying about the whiners complaining.

:laughing: Too funny!

w7excursion 03-12-2010 02:12 PM

no doubt :p

Sk3lleton 03-12-2010 05:34 PM

Cool... hope they show some mlb.

Dubspoon 03-12-2010 06:24 PM

No Monday Night Football, dang vzw. Hope we can keep the NFL Network.

goodiemob 03-12-2010 07:37 PM

the picture is horrible on my gen 1 lotus lol.

Sk3lleton 03-12-2010 08:00 PM

Of course, it wasn't meant to play quality video. But my scp-3200 doesn't even run it!

Beer Abuser 03-12-2010 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by Dubspoon (Post 2301642)
No Monday Night Football, dang vzw. Hope we can keep the NFL Network.

I've been wondering about this myself, application wise its still on my phone and still playing videos.

I guess when the time comes, they'll hit the switch and nothing will come in...maybe xda will find a way ;).

Twohype 03-12-2010 09:28 PM

ESPN Mobile TV free, that's pretty smart by Sprint no one should be mad about losing NFL network now (well most of the time).

goodiemob 03-13-2010 01:02 AM


Originally Posted by Sk3lleton (Post 2301661)
Of course, it wasn't meant to play quality video. But my scp-3200 doesn't even run it!

the nfl network is clearer than espn mobile,just compare the two.will we have sportscenter,pti,around the horn and jm rome on the channel as well?

Sk3lleton 03-13-2010 07:41 AM

No, the scp-3200 just can't run video of any sort... youtube, flash, sprint tv, I got none.

boomhower 03-13-2010 08:06 AM

IMHO this has the potential to be better than NFL. Year round sports as opposed to half the year. I'm a big sports fan in general so I'll take quantity over quality so to speak.

Sk3lleton 03-13-2010 08:11 AM

That's only true if you like a sport at that time.

JeffDTD 03-13-2010 09:19 AM

I'm proud of Sprint... turning lemons into lemonade.

If they will fancy up the app a little bit, and ADVERTISE IT its a BIG PLUS!

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