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Deval 02-22-2003 11:33 PM

How do I create voice ringers from MP3 or WAV files?
"How do I create voice ringers from MP3 or WAV files?"

To do so, you need 2 programs:

* Wavepad, which you can use to edit your MP3 and WAV files, which is found here: http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/

* Qualcom's "PureVoice Converter for Windows", avaliable to download from: http://www.cdmatech.com/products/purevoice.jsp

Once you have both programs installed on your computer, you are ready to create your ringer.

First you need to extract the PVConverter.zip file into a folder on your hard drive. A good location would be "C:\PVConverter\".

Wavepad Instructions
After you download and install the program, you can just open Wavepad, and goto File->Open File..., which will allow you to load up the MP3 file you want to use to create the ringer.

You have now a screen which shows the song in a visual mode, so you can edit it by highlighting which part of the song you want to use as a ringer. Play back the song, and click the part on the screen where you want the ringer to start. Once you do that, there will be a yellow line going down the screen. Now, hold down your mouse over that yellow line, and drag back towards the beginning of the bar graph. This will highlight a section of the song which you do not need. Once you highlight it, press DELETE, and it will start cropping the song.

Now, play the rest of the song till you find a part where you want the ringer to end. Remember, the file can not be more then 30 seconds, or it will roll over to voicemail. Once you find that spot, click on the bar graph, and it will put that yellow line, just like before. Now, click on the line, and drag it all the way to the right, highlighting all the parts of the song which you dont need, and press DELETE.

This will leave you with a short part of the song which you want to make into a ringer. Now, all that is left to do is to clean up the song and remove bass, in order to make the files sound clearer.

Once you are done cropping it, goto EDIT->Select All, and then goto EFFECTS->Normalize, and set that to 80%, press OK, then do EDIT->Select All, and then goto EFFECTS->High Pass Filter. Set the Frequency (hZ) to 160, and press OK. This will play back your file, and remove the bass which would normally distort and cause ringer speaker blowouts on the phone. Once you do that, just goto File->Save As, and name the file whatever you wish to name, and save the file in the PVConverter folder that you created before. When the box pops up, make sure to set the bitrate to 8khz 16 bit mono.

You are now left with a small file, roughly 300-500kb in size, which is your ringer. Now, follow the PureVoice Conversion Instructions, and you are done.

PureVoice Conversion Instructions
Note: The files should be less then 30 seconds in length, because after that, the phone goes automatically into voicemail.

Make sure to save the file into the same directory as the PVConverter is installed, and to give it a name with no spaces. That was actually the hardest and most time-consuming part. Once you have created this small file, you are ready to convert it.

Goto the Windows Explorer and open up the folder where you saved the WAV file. This should be the same folder where the PVConverter is saved. Just drag the WAV file onto the "PVConv.exe" file, and it will automatically create the "*.qcp" file.

Example: I create a WAV file called "TestingForDeval.wav". When I drag this file onto the icon for "PVConv.exe", it will create a "TestingForDeval.qcp" file. This file can be played using the optional player which can be downloaded from the site on the top.

Once this file is created, goto http://www.sprintusers.com/focus , enter your phone number and the path of the file, and you will have your new custom ringer sent right to your phone. Enjoy

Another Similar Method by tpatel76

Steps Making A QCP Ringtone
Tool Download and install the converters:
WavePad (http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/) and
Purevoice Converter(ftp://ftp.eudora.com/eudora/purevoic...nverter3_1.zip)

Step 1 Open an audio file (such as MP3) in WavePad. Let the playing finish or stop the playing. If you don't want to cut your audio, skip steps 2, 3, 4, 5.

Step 2 Click on the wave pattern at the start position of your ringtone. The start position will be marked by a vertical yellow line.
Go to the Edit Menu and click on "Select to Start". The portion before your start position will be highlighted as blue.
Click "Delete" button to remove the highlighted portion.

Step 3 Click on the wave pattern at the end position of your ringtone.
Go to the Edit Menu and click on "Select to End". The portion after your end position will be highlighted as blue.
Click "Delete" button to remove the highlighted portion.

Step 4 Use your mouse to select (highlight) the last few seconds on the WavePad, Go to the Effects menu and click on "Fade Out".

Step 5 Use your mouse to select (highlight) the first few seconds on the WavePad, Go to the Effects menu and click on "Fade In".

Step 6 Go to the File menu and click on "Save File As ...".
Choose Wave (*.wav) for WAV.
Specify file name and directory, then click "Save" button.

Step 7 Set "Format" as PCM and "Attributes" as 8,000 16 bit mono 15kb/sec. Make sure its PCM 8,000 16 bit mono! Otherwise your qcp ringtone will come out to be 0 byte. Click "OK" button. A wav file is saved.

Step 8 Exit WavePad and open Windows Explorer.
In Windows Explorer, drag and drop your saved wav file over the pvconv.exe file (Purevoice Converter)(same as drag a file from one folder to another folder). A black box will pop up then go away. A QCP file is created in the folder where the wav file is. It's done.
Listen to your ringtone before sending it to your phone.
Download PureVoice to play qcp on PC/Mac.

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