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11-22-2004, 10:02 PM
What does Sprint use to credit score? Is it FICO or some other Proprietary method?

11-23-2004, 07:25 AM
It goes through Equifax if that is what you mean or did you mean the specific software/vendor.

11-23-2004, 08:36 AM
Equifax uses the FICO score. So do the other major credit bureaus. So the short answer is yes, it is affected by your FICO score.

11-23-2004, 09:15 AM
Wirelessly posted (SamsungA680...Uknowit: Samsung-SPHA680 AU-MIC-A680/2.0 MMP/2.0)

does sprint ever review your score other than to raise ASL's or the amount of lines u can have? say u can have 6 lines today, would they ever lower u to 3 or 1?

11-23-2004, 12:06 PM
No you'll never get your line eligibility lowered even if you go bankrupt, one you have the lines, thaey're yours. HOWEVER if you **** sprint over, pay bills late, let your phone shut off by abandoning the bill with a remaining balance, THEN you may not be allowed as many lines the Next time you try to activate a phone. But that will also effect your real credit score too.

11-25-2004, 06:11 PM
sprint credt sucks....

ok this is what i have learned

4 yrs ago..... i had sprint i transfered my service toanother guy... all was good..

service became available where i lived and so jumped on sprint.. well long story short i paid a 250 deposit was not laowed to go over 125$

the time came when i had to get another line they said no... i tried sevral times and fianly came up with this... they had said i had bad credit...

i highly doubted that.. so i protested it with proof of good credit score.. and absolultey only good credit.. of course the supervisor took my info and said hed call me back i suspect he trashed it...

i let it drop for a couple months.. and then tried again.. this time i was adamant..

i actually found a sprtint store.. whose store manager said he could override my credit score and give me the service i requested...

i went there.. and he came out of his space behind the doors with this paper and serious look...

heres what he told me... more info than i ever got out of any sprint rep in th past with 20 hrs easilly invested in this expeirence..

anyway.. the goods..

sprint has its own credit stuff.. in house.. they use experian to gain the public knowledge and then feed that into their own system.. i still dont have any idea how it works but in my case i was getting screwed and i knew it..

well this guy says.. your score is the lowest it can possibbly be.. eh or somethign like that he provied a sheet that "prooved" it was on the botom i asked how this was possible. he said i dunna know lets try and find out..

he spent 30 min on a pc and then said well i dont know it looks like somoene may " have made a mistake" it looks like someone thought you had a write off acct ( didnt pay bill and left sprint) i said thats impossible for 2 reasons.. 1 it would be on my creidt buareu statment wich it isnt acording to this brand new credit report.. and 2 you would be able to tell me stuff about the old acct.. neiter of wich was happening..

he said im verry sorry but there is a hotline phone go ahead and call... lets git it fixxed.. im like ok well 2 reps, 1 supervisor, 120 min of hold , and 1 "lost call" later the mng was hot.. i mean almost livid i couldnt belive it.. he got on his cell called who i think was his boss and told him the story.. he went behind the doors and came back out with this. give me ur number and i will take care of you.. trhu " back door chanles" i provided him with a copy of my whole 3 berauo report and my number and he caled me 3 days later and said cmon lets git that other line...

when i got to the store sevral hours away.. he said ok i took this all the way to the top i guess it was his bossess boss or somthign anyway he got it changed... ( this is only time someone from sprint said and did what they sad they were gonna do) he said now you can only have 1 more line i was like ok...

now evreytime i talk to a rep they "beg" me to get another line.. oh mr _______ i see you only have 2 lines are sure i cant give you another 1 or 2.... lol

ok well anyway.. sprint rates your credit thier own way.. i dont understand it maybe deval could describe better...

ps lightbridge ( thier inhouse company) was 0% help....

hope you arent dumber now... lol...

11-25-2004, 06:50 PM
Wirelessly posted (SamsungA680...Uknowit: Samsung-SPHA680 AU-MIC-A680/2.0 MMP/2.0)


11-28-2004, 12:02 AM
my understanding of the system is this: Sprint uses Experian to gain public info. There is also a wireless bureau called Airwaves or something similar to that. I assume they keep track of strictly wireless accounts (I'll explain this in a minute).

Wireless cos do not report to normal bureaus in a timely manner. A few months ago I went to buy a house and a T-mobile acct from 4 years ago showed up on my credit report 9/2004. I was unaware I left T-mobie with a balance, but that's what happened. Alternately people have said their Sprint write off account has never shown up on their credit report, but they cannot get wireless service without a deposit anywhere without a deposit; despite their otherwise great credit. In RFRA's case, sounds like when he did his xfer of liability there was a balance left and it went to write off ($250 dep/$125asl). That last bill sometimes messes with people. Anything more than 6 months old gets archived and store employees and reg. cc reps dont have access; only collections can access this. Now pretty much everyone can have more than 1 line of service. This makes sense.
When a customer is set up on an ASL account ($125 spending limit) a letter is automatically generated saying information from "airwaves..." was used in making this decision. A few customers have come in with these letters.
I'm assuming that if you have never had a wireless account, your FICO from Experian is the score that is used. Sprint is pretty easy going with its credit standards compared to other companies.

11-28-2004, 12:07 AM
If you start with any sort of spending limit, it may be stuck for life. I know people say you can get it re-evaluated after 1 year, but they never do it.

And if do, most of the times, they come back and say oh, you have the same credit score so no changes happen. I wonder if they even check? No one knows.

11-28-2004, 12:40 AM

And if do, most of the times, they come back and say oh, you have the same credit score so no changes happen. I wonder if they even check? No one knows.

Anytime your credit score is checked (with one of the 3 major bureaus)
it will show up as an inquiry on your report. You can ask the rep if they
used one of the credit bureaus to run your credit. In most states, you
are entitled to the name of the agency they used and to review the
information your report contains (Sometimes there's a small fee, around $8).

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

- XiliX

11-28-2004, 12:14 PM
I have been a customer with Sprint PCS since 1997, going back to the days of COX in southern California. At the time I signed up for service at a company-owned store (then operated by COX), I was given the option of whether or not I wished to provide my Social Security number.

I asked what is the difference? It was explained to me at the time that if I gave my Social Security number, COX would run a credit check using Lightbridge and that would determine my eligibility as to the number of lines I wold receive. If I declined to provide the number, but instead used positive I.D. (in this case my passport), I would receive an ASL of either $125.00 or $250.00 deppending upon what the Lightbridge system generated.

I elected not to provide my Social Security number, and was provided with an ASL of $250.00. I never had to provide a deposit, nor has my phone ever been shut-off for going over my balance or for not making the payment on time. I was told that my credit class is "Z" and the actual code is "ZY", and that Sprint no longer offers "Z" class to new customers.

From time to time, I have been offered the option to add additional lines, but because of my credit class, I am only allowed to add one additional line for a total of two. For the second line, I was told I did not need to pay any deposit.

When I have spoken to various Sprint PCS reps through the years I have never been asked to provide my Social Security number to update my account, just my phone number and password.

I was advised by technical support that in order to use the features of *4 to obtain balance and minutes used I would have to provide my Social Security number as that system is driven by that number, without it it does not work.

If I need to obtain that information and I don't have access to a computer, I just call *2 and a representative answers my question.

I don't think I have a fancy plan, but for now it seems to work fine:

300 anytime minutes
180 anytime minutes (retention)
First Incoming Minute Free
Unlimited PCS to PCS
No charge for Long Distance
Unlimited Nights and Weekends with 8pm start time
No contract
$29.99 per month, less 25% discount from employer.

As far as the phone goes, I go back to when Sprint/COX offered Sony phones (made by Qualcomm), then I had a Nokia (the first time Nokia was with Sprint...that phone was awful), then two Qualcomms, then a Kyrocera, then the Sanyo 4900, and in July when my 4900 died, but under warranty, the gracious store manager replaced my phone with the Sanyo 4920 at NO CHARGE! He said he was doing this because of my loyalty to Sprint and I did not have to sign a contract or apply an instant rebate. They were also out of 4900's. He did try to upgrade me to a flip and I was not interested.

Watching and listening to many of you, I believe I have had a favorbale experience with COX and now Sprint. From the information gathered on here, I just helped a fellow employee change his "lousy" plan (even though he does receive the 25% discount) to a better plan on par with those offered by Sprint's competitors.

11-29-2004, 10:06 PM
The company is Lightbridge, not airwaves :) Their business is strictly keeping track of ALL wireless users and making sure that someone who stiffs one provider never gets service at another provider (or puts down a large deposit/small ASL)! I know someone who was involved in developing and maintaining their first database program back almost 12 years ago.

I've never supplied my SSN for cell service or credit cards! That has never been an impediment in getting service (except one instance with AT&T and a letter to the CEO solved that in a heartbeat . . . it was NOT their policy to deny customers who didn't give SSN, just a supvr at their credit department . . . don't know if it was AT&T or Lightbridge).

My first cell service was with Cellular One (Cingular today) as a "corporate acct" (personal responsibility for bills however) as a DEC employee back ~1993 at a whooping $11/month x 2 lines (all minutes at ~$0.50/minute).

When I left there, I went with a group account (Bell Atlantic service) resold by Nationwide Cellular (later became MCI :eek: ) and no problems.

When I quit MCI/Nynex (changed from Bell Atlantic), I went direct to Nynex and dealt with the store manager, who just happened to have been our quartermaster for the Reserve PD we both belonged to. I recall hearing him vouch for me personally when going thru the credit department (he had known me for maybe 10-12 years by then). I didn't have any problem.

When I jumped to AT&T, the store manager told me that she wrote new accounts for a few people/week who refused to give SSN and had no issue with it. When she called the credit people they absolutely refused to let her setup the account even though both they and she were looking at my credit info and kept commenting that I was an excellent account (I ALWAYS have been on auto-pay by cc, so no forgotten/late payments ever). The store manager was more upset than I was! I went home and sent a polite letter to the CEO of AT&T Wireless, basically stating that as a stockholder since 1971 (when there was only ONE phone company) that denying service based on refusal of providing SSN when credit reports show person is a good potential customer was a bad business decision. I received a call from Executive Services with an offer to fix problem with him, the store manager and me on the phone together . . . and so it was done.

Since I always am up-front with my rule that I will not give out my SSN, when Sprint asked me to sign up (and offered me the 8100s for free), I explained the "no SSN" rule and they said no problem. They warned me that credit may demand a deposit and I said let's see what happens. When they brought the credit screen up the guy was shocked, I was approved for 5 lines and NO deposit! But I only need two and that's where we are today.

So the credit rules may be strange company to company, but my advice is to set up an auto-pay arrangement (credit card or bank account) and thus build up a reputation with them for NEVER being late on payments. This certainly will not hurt your credit standing with cell companies! Also worth noting: with credit card payments you have a fall-back if you are wrongly charged, and you get an additional 20-30 days to actually pay the bill!

11-30-2004, 12:01 PM
Starting tomorrow (12/1/04), credit reports are going to be free (courtesy of a new law from the federal government).

Here is an article about it:
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=677&e=6&u=/usatoday/20041130/bs_usatoday/sandrablockyourmoneynewweapontobattleidentitythiev esunsheathedthisweek

And, here is a direct link to the free credit reports (setup by the FTC):
just go to: annualcreditreport.com

Have fun!

11-30-2004, 12:28 PM
annualcreditreport.com has no web page there... is it .org?

11-30-2004, 12:54 PM
annualcreditreport.com has no web page there... is it .org?

It works, you just have to type in www . annualcreditreport . com (this site is owned by the FTC, and they do not allow you to refer (ie: link) to it from another website. Just type it in manually, without the spaces that I put in.

(Note: The free credit reports are being phased in for the country. The first phase is the west coast states and that starts tomorrow. It then spreads east across the country over the next 9 or so months).

11-30-2004, 06:53 PM

In RFRA's case, sounds like when he did his xfer of liability there was a balance left and it went to write off ($250 dep/$125asl). That last bill sometimes messes with people. Anything more than 6 months old gets archived and store employees and reg. cc reps dont have access; only collections can access this. Now pretty much everyone can have more than 1 line of service. This makes sense.

ok when i left sprint after the transfer of service i got a refund check it was like 100 bucks or somthing... anyway i asked the 1 cc rep i was able to talk to about this and they coullndt even find my acct.... anyway.. how could i owe if f got a refund??

oh well its over now....

wish i knew the excutive srevices number back then....

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