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  1. Verizon Galaxy S III now available in black and brown..
  2. Verizon and the HTC Droid DNA
  3. HTC 8X for Verizon shipping unlocked, works with AT&T and T-Mobile SIMs..
  4. Thousands Petition Verizon to Nix Wireless Contracts
  5. Verizon Galaxy S4, who's in
  6. NSA Secretly Collecting Phone Records From Every Verizon Customer
  7. Verizon turns on Alaska 4G LTE network...
  8. Verizon Wireless joins AT&T,Mobileplan offer
  9. Verizon 'Max' Offer....
  10. Verizon close to $130 billion deal for Vodafone stake..
  11. Any Special Old Verizon Plans?
  12. Verizon Admits LTE Users Kicked to EVDO in Congested Cities..
  13. New #More Everything Plans coming
  14. Best Verizon deal for data now?
  15. Verizon slashes service plan pricing to match AT&T..
  16. Used phone
  17. Verizon to start throttling data on unlimited LTE plans..
  18. Verizon now offering $60 single line plan with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data..
  19. Verizon takes top spot in network quality report, T-Mobile gains ground..
  20. considering leaving Sprint to Verizon for the new $60 plan
  21. Verizon offers iPhone 6 for free..
  22. Verizon increases data limits on certain shared data plans
  23. Verizon discount
  24. Porting
  25. MMS on Vzw Hangouts w/Sprint GV#?
  26. Verizon $150
  27. Sprint To Verizon Google Voice Problem
  28. What are the best forums for Verizon Wireless?
  29. Verizon refarming its Big Apple PCS spectrum, replacing 3G with 4G LTE..
  30. Verizon customers will have to pay more to upgrade or add a new line..
  31. Verizon adds 1GB of data to some plans, extends Edge discounts..
  32. Verizon customers: crooks ordering phones, shipping them out of state..
  33. Old phone question
  34. Sprint Galaxy S5 to Verizon?
  35. Verizon Bids Good Riddance to Customers Leaving for a Cheaper Deal..
  36. Verizon resurrects activation fees because you're not already giving it enough money.
  37. Old telephone address
  38. Verizon
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